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Wesson, John Henry

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Wesson, John Henry

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Baker, Everett

  • R-561
  • File
  • ca. 1864 to 1975

Records relating to Everett Baker's involvement in Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society; assistance to Sudetan-German refugees; marking of historic trails and sites. Also includes material re co-operatives, Saskatchewan Wheat Pool and school districts in the Shaunavon area.

Banquet attended by the Pakistan delegation

Banquet attended by Pakistan delegation, civic officials, Wheat Pool representative, government representatives, etc., in Regina. (4) John Henry Wesson with the Pakistan delegation at the time of their visit to the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool to study handling storage inspection and grading of food grains.

Biog. - Wesson, John Henry

  • Clippings File - Biog. - Wesson, John Henry
  • Item
  • 1965

Leader-Post obituary for John Henry Wesson, who served as president of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool from 1937 to 1960.

Biographical sketch on John Henry Wesson whom Wesson Island was named after.

Delegates of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool's "March-on-Ottawa" delegation

Various photos of the members of the delegation led by the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool President, J. H. Wesson, on the train to Ottawa and while in Ottawa presenting their case, etc.

Specific photos have been identified as follows:
11 : Director Glaze and Wes Busby, "one of the 1910'ers".
16 : Interior of the Chateau Laurier hotel where meetings were held.
20 : Saskatchewan Wheat Pool President J.H. Wesson and two delegates of the delegation.
30: Regina's Mayor Charles Cromwell Williams posing with members of the delegation.
48: Group of men from the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool's delegation at the Parliament buildings, Ottawa.
52, 55: William Lyon MacKenzie King standing beside Parliament buildings (?), Ottawa, hat and coat on; talking to delegates.
54: J.H. Wesson presenting Prime Minister W.L. MacKenzie King with the petition of the delegation from the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool.
56: John McCaig, J. W. Hutchinson, and John Churn talking about the events of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool's delegation.
63: W. A. S. Tegart and Hector L. Roberge on the train carrying the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool's delegation.
67: Agnes C. Macphail talking to some of the delegates.
68-72: Members of the delegation laying a wreath and a badge on the war memorial in Ottawa.
78: George Oliver and J. E. Lidgett of Fir Mountain and M. O. Howe of LaFlèche in the Union Depot, Regina, waiting for the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool's delegation train.
79: Saskatchewan Wheat Pool director John Burrill boarding the train carrying the delegation.
84: George W. Robertson with Father Baudoux in Ottawa.
85: Dr. Motherwell addressing his "fellow Privy Councillors".
86: Mr. Gardiner speaking in Ottawa.
88: J. G. Gardiner, Harry Marsh and J. H. Wesson, talking together at the time of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool's delegation.

Dr. C.F. Wilson signing International Wheat agreement

Items are images showing Dr. C.F. Wilson, Director, Wheat and Grain Division, Department of Trade and Commerce, signing (for Canada) the International Wheat agreement at Washington, D.C.; N. E. Dodd's signing for the United States. J.H. Wesson, Charles Boxer, Paul Furnalls, F. Arnold, and G.W. Robertson looking on.

W. L. West Studio, Regina

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