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  • FILM R-253
  • Item
  • 19--

Film report: The film depicts the inauguration of the Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee year, 1965, and includes speeches by Canada's Governor General, George G. Vanier; Ross Thatcher, Premier of Saskatchewan; and Wilf Klein, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee Committee.

Allan Blakeney June 21, 1989 Regina, 9/24 AEB

An interview with Allan E. Blakeney, in Regina. This interview was conducted by Dennis Gruending for his book on Blakeney called, PROMISES TO KEEP. The Blakeney government, Ross Thatcher, the Woodrow Lloyd government and the Waffle manifesto are discussed. Copied to ACD R-15541.


  • FILM S-2348
  • Item
  • 1971

News compilation: 1) Portion of a speech in which Jeff Charlebois, president of the 1971 Canada Winter Games, states that Saskatoon will remain within its budget despite the rising construction costs for building Mount Blackstrap, 2) Jeff Charlebois outlines the construction time line for building Mount Blackstrap and other facilities for the Canada Winter Games, 3) Mayor Sid Buckwold announces that the budget provided by the city of Saskatoon for the games will be $200,000, 4) Jeff Charlebois describes what the role of specially appointed Canada Winter Games youth ambassadors will be, 5), 6) and 7) Footage of John Monroe presenting a $200,000 financial contribution, from the Canadian federal government, to the Canada Winter Games, the unveiling ceremony of a large sign which will count down, from 365, the number of days left until the start of the games and an interview with Monroe in which he reaffirms the federal government financial support for the games and describes the benefits of the games for Canada as a whole, 8) An event at which Mayor Sid Buckwold and Premier Ross Thatcher speak about the Canada Winter Games. Also included is footage of an unidentified man, at the same event, unveils a model of the proposed Mount Blackstrap, 9) Footage of Nancy Green Rain making the inaugural ski run down Mount Blackstrap (colour) (silent), 10) News report on the opening ceremonies at Mount Blackstrap. Includes comments by Nancy Green Rain after her inaugural ski run down the Mountain, 11) Interview with Mr. Sebestyen in which he states that the grid road to Mount Blackstrap will be keep open in the winter, 12) Footage of people skiing on Mount Blackstrap (silent), 13) Interior and exterior footage of the Saskatoon Board of Trade Visitor Information Centre with signage promoting the Canada Winter Games (silent), 14) Footage of Mount Blackstrap with views of the restaurant, snow making and grooming machinery, ski lifts, and a panoramic of the surrounding area from its top (silent), 15) Footage of the Canada Winter Games torch, carrying the flame to light the games flame, arriving in Saskatoon by snowmobile, 16) and 17) Footage of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and various federal government ministers arriving at the airport in Saskatoon to attend the winter games, 18) Footage of judo matches between members of the Saskatchewan and Quebec judo teams competing at the games (silent), 19) Footage of a reception hosted by Health Minister John Monroe to celebrate the beginning of the 1971 Canada Winter Games (silent), 20) Footage of unidentified synchronized swimming teams competing at the winter games (silent), 21) Footage of a basketball game between Saskatchewan and Ontario womens teams competing at the winter games (silent).


CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 15 Dec. 1966 - 31 Dec. 1966

  • FILM S-1725
  • Item
  • 1966-12-15 to 1966-12-31

News: (1) Albert Flavelle on the planned Saskatoon Board of Trade trip to Expo '67, Montreal. (2) Sid Buckwold on the Property Development Fund. (3) Mr. Prasaznuk on the "Fire Festival" (magnetic sound). (4) Saskatoon Board of Trade Data Seminar (silent). (5) Co-op Parkade opening (silent). (6) Bob Unger on an Air Canada Viscount airplane engine failure (magnetic sound). (7) News item on the Christmas mail rush; coverage of the Saskatoon Post Office (magnetic sound). (8) Ice sculptures in front of City Hall (silent). (9) Wet, snowy streets (silent). (10) N. Semenoff at work in his jewellery workshop (silent). (11) R. Clark on a performance by public school students, and displays, for the Centennial (magnetic sound). (12) J. Bruce on the kickoff for Saskatoon's "Centennial Year" celebrations, on January 2, 1967 (magnetic sound). (13) Foster Matheson on Saskatoon's economic development in 1966. (14) Fire Chief Tommy Lennon's Christmas message. (15) People arriving and departing at the Canadian National Railway train station. (16) Police Chief James Kettle's Christmas message. (17) Fort San exteriors, near Fort Qu'Appelle (silent). (18) Major Carter of the Salvation Army, and his Christmas message. (19) Mayor Ernest Cole's Christmas message (colour) (magnetic sound). (20) Dr. Louis Brand, Member of Parliament, and his Christmas message (colour) (magnetic sound). (21) Premier W. Ross Thatcher's Christmas message. (22) Children on toboggans; children playing with walkie-talkies; Boxing Day dinner (silent). (23) Christmas house decorations, night; cleaning up vandalism to decorations, day (silent). (24) People tour Montreal's Expo '67 site, under construction (silent). (25) Federal- Provincial Grants Division Office, Canadian Building, unspecified city; planning for Centennial Year events (silent). (26) Panteluk family Christmas (silent). (27) Mayor Ernest Cole on his employment following his tenure as mayor. (28) Hoar frost on trees in Nutana district (silent). (29) George Trapp announces the Centennial Athletic Awards Program. (30) Will Klein on Centennial Year celebrations. (31) Premier W. Ross Thatcher on the Saskatchewan economy in 1966. (32) City signs commemorating Canada's centennial (silent). (33) Wilf Gardiner on events planned by the Centennial Corporation. (34) Premier W. Ross Thatcher's New Year's message. (35) Rotary Club dinner and speeches (silent).

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.)

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. Mar. 1969

  • FILM S-1794
  • Item
  • 1969-03

News: (1) Cliff McIssac on education issues (optical). (2) Printing Pressmen strike. (3) Tom Milne on water users charge. (4) George Taylor on farm land in city limits issue. (5) Friendship Inn in Saskatoon. (6) Robert Olley on consumer credit issue. (7) Stirling McDowell on teachers issues. (8) Letterman's awards banquet at University of Saskatchewan. (9) Rob Garden on students issues. (10) H. Jones on Transair service out of Saskatoon. (11) Students (mock) United Nations assembly. (12) Ross Thatcher on his health problems. (13) Mr. Murphy on mill-rate issue. (14) Roy Romanow on code of human rights. (15) Tom Milne on location of sewage treatment plant. (16) Mr. McCloy on new national farmers union. (17) Douglas McFarlane on grain drying. (18) United Appeal awards meeting. (19) University of Saskatchewan nurses awards banquet. (20) Stirling McDowell on teachers contract issues. (21) Cliff McIssac on teachers contract issues. (22) Saskatoon Police graduation. (23) Easter Seal banquet. (24) Unidentified conference. (25) Spring weather, children playing, etc. (26) Mr. Heald on consumer protection issue. (27) Mr. Keith on teachers salary issue. (28) Cliff Wright on public housing. (29) H. Playle on student summer employment. (30) Mr. Ward on building man-made mountain for Canada Winter Games. (31) Dom Somers on need for new airport terminal. (32) B. Purdy on teacher salary issue. (33) Merv Wilson on consumer trade issue. (34) Glen Penner on teacher salary issues. (35) George Taylor visits strike scene at Smith-Roles. (36) Handicraft display. Children performing on stage. (37) Mr. Laird on Dominion Drama Festival. (38) Don Koyl on taxing mobile home owners. (39) Mr. McIntyre on new computer at Air Canada.

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.)

Constitutional Conference

Formal portrait of the February 5, 1968 Constitutional Conference attendees, Ottawa. Thatcher in back row, second from left. Accompanied by typed note, signed by Pearson and dated April 29, 1968.

Crooked River #2: Sheep

  • FILM R-1024.4
  • Item
  • 1979 or before

Film Report: Contains scenes of opening ceremonies at the Crooked River Provincial Community Pasture for sheep and cattle with shots of speakers including Ross Thatcher and scenes of sheep and a sheep dog demonstration. By: ?

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