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CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 09 November 1978 - 11 January 1979

  • VT R-7550
  • Item
  • 1978-1979

News Clips: 1) Pictorial history of Regina for its 75th anniversary; 2) People are offended by feminine hygiene commercials; 3) Uncertain future of the quality of life in rural Saskatchewan; 4) Discussion on the high price of turkey and people on the street are asked if they are buying one for Christmas this year; 5) Proposed Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Act; 6) Problems and cost of Regina's snow removal program; 7) Using credit cards on holidays in the United States can cost Canadians more because of the dropping dollar; 8) New fee schedule for doctors in the province and direct billing; 9) Beer commercials on Cable Television; 10) What do people do on cold winter nights? According to statistics they "make babies".


CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 17 November 1978 - 30 January 1979

  • VT R-7486
  • Item
  • 1978-11-17 to 1979-01-30

News Clips:1) & 2) Opening of the New Democratic Party (NDP) convention; 3) Fire at the Prairie Inn; 4) to 7) The need for a review of the storage, containment, and disposal of PCBs; 8) News conference held by Dick Collver; 9) PCB spill in Regina; 10) Swearing in of the Progressive Conservative (PC) MLAs; 11) Appointment of Ed Schreyer as Governor General; 12) A news conference held by the SFL with regards to the PCB spill; 13) Scenes of the new Police Building; 14) Indian land claims negotations; 15) NDP cabinet shuffle; 16) Christmas carolers at the Regina airport; 17) Movement and handling of grain; 18) Upgrading of the Plains Hotel; 19) & 20) Movement and handling of grain; 21) SFI land claims; 22) Cost and services of Legal Aid; 23) Layoffs at CPN; 24) The vice-president of the Royal Bank commenting on interest rates; 25) Sexist television ads; 26) Switching of feed grains; 27) Police surveillance of the labour movement; 28) Scenes of the CPN station.


CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 21 October 1981 - 11 November 1981

  • VT R-7535
  • Item
  • 1981

News Clips: 1) Allan Blakeney making comments on the new constitution; 2) Scenes of different Saskatchewan Roughriders football games; 3) Scenes of a snow storm in Regina; 4) VIA cancels their super continental run and there is protests in Melville; 5) Saskatchewan government wants to pay to have the beer commercials on American channels blocked out; 6) City Council meeting, a) Flyover; b) New Bank of Montreal Building; c) New grants for community groups; 7) City police contract; 8) Mortgage deferral program; 9) Due to a strike of civic workers in Moose Jaw, including grave diggers, no one is getting buried; 10) Carling Place development proposed; 11) Jack Gallagher of Dome Petroleum speaking at a dinner; 12) Scenes of garbage piling up due to the strike of civic workers, including garbage collectors; 13) to 17) Bob Strumm talking about different aspects concerning the Regina Pats; 18) & 19) Regina is leaking into the ground water; 20) McCallum-Hill building is to be destroyed, but some want to see it declared a heritage building; 21) Scenes of people enjoying record high temperatures in November; 22) Mental health; 23) Government turns down an expansion preposal of a potash mine owned by Central Canada Potash; 24) People are asked about the resolution of the constitutional conference; 25) Natives feel that they have been neglected in the new constitution; 26) High school football championship between Miller Comprehensive High School and Campbell Collegiate; 27) Allan Blakeney commenting on the native clause being left out of the new constitution; 28) Strike in Moose Jaw of the civic workers; 29) VIA rail hearings; 30) Royal Canadian Legion membership.


CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 23 April 1981 - 18 May 1981

  • VT R-7607
  • Item
  • 1981

News Clips: 1) People should be encouraged to conserve energy; 2) Government giving grants to assist oil companies; 3) Henry Baker commenting on why Regina is the logical place for the oil upgrader; 4) Bob Andrew commenting on grants to oil companies; 5) Problems at the Meadow Lake lumber mill; 6) Sheltered workshops for the handicapped are paying very low wages; 7) Walter Smishek commenting on a possible inquary into land sale in Kamsak; 8) S.G.I. law suit over the sale of their old building; 9) Husky oil is closing wells in Saskatchewan because it wasn't worth running them due to the provincial royalties structures; 10) Beer commercials on cable t.v.; 11) S.G.I. ; 12) Scott Burger a new member of the Saskatchewan Rough Riders; 13) Government drought relief plan to go to the fall; 14) Building trades dispute; 15) High interest rate and high inflation rates; 16) Saskatchewan Construction Association does not lie the governments hiring policies in the north; 17) Saskatchewan residnets need help dealing with high inflation; 18) Allegations of impropriety at Kamsac; 19) Business opportunities foundation; 20) Scenes of drought conditions; 21) Scenes of farmers seeding their feilds; 22) Bunny the circus elephant; 23) People on the street are asked about the shooting of Pope John Paul II; 24) P.C.'s want the government to call an economic conference; 25) Trial over whether Ralph Goodale had the right to run in the Estevan by-election; 26) Interview with a women who is a practicing psychic; 27) Miller highschool uses computers for their student council election; 28) Closing of the legislative session.


Group Medical Services

Film contains footage of:

  • A girl leaving in a packed car (several takes and angles).
  • Parents helping to load car.
  • Parents reacting with surprise.
  • Car driving away.
  • Suitcase falling off of car.
  • Car brake lights.
  • Girl waving goodbye.
  • Parents placing suitcase back onto roof of car.
  • Suitcase falling.
  • Suitcase laying on the ground.
  • View of a residential street.

Camera rolls 1, 2.

Partners in Motion fonds

  • F 536
  • Fonds
  • [198-?]-2009 (predominant: 1993-2006)

This fonds consists of records created, accumulated and used by Partners in Motion, a film and video production company based in Regina, Saskatchewan, between 1993 and 2006. It primarily consists of original camera negatives, but also includes master dubs, master copies, and audio voice-overs for various productions created by Partners in Motion.

The fonds also consists of film and video productions from the mid-1980s to 1993 that current employees of Partners in Motion were involved in creating. These films and videos were produced by CKCK Creative Services, Sunspirit Productions, and Halfbreed Inc.

Two series have been identified in the fonds: Crime Stories, and Disasters of the Century. These series were created due to the large volume of records belonging to these two television series produced by Partners in Motion. The numerous other productions have been described at the item level.

The types of records included are: film reels; video reels; video cassettes; audio cassettes; negative and processing reports; print advertisements for productions; and a product catalogue.

Partners in Motion Pictures Inc., 1993-

[SaskTel Advantage]

Commercial: Advertisement for SaskTel's Advantage telephone service savings plan. Includes interview of Brent Raddysh of Sweeprite Manufacturing, promoting the benefits of the plan.