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SW 30-36-20-W2 0 0
Parkbeg (Sask.) 1 0
Neilberg 0 0
Neilberg 0 0
Togo (Sask.)

Use for: Village of Togo (Sask.), Togo (Sask. : Village), Pelly Siding (Sask.)

  • Incorporated as a village in 1906.
  • It is currently undetermined as to how long the community was known as Pelly Siding prior to changing its name to Togo.
55 0

Use for: Republic of Togo, République Togolaise, Togolese Republic

0 0
Paul Bunyan Park (Minn.)
  • Use when the specific tourist facility named for Paul Bunyan and located in Minnesota has not been identified.
1 0
New Castle (Pa.)

Use for: City of New Castle (Pa.)

0 0
Pittsburgh (Pa.)

Use for: Steel Town USA

1 0
Wanuskewin Heritage Park (Sask.) 1 0
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