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Buchanan Rural Municipality No. 304 (Sask.)

Usar para: Rural Municipality of Buchanan (Sask.), Rural Municipality No. 304 (Sask.), RM of Buchanan (Sask.), RM No. 304 (Sask.)

Akureyri (Iceland) 1
Iceland (1)

Usar para: République d'Islande, Republic of Iceland, d'Islande, République, Iceland, Republic of

  • Iceland was united with Norway from 1262 to 1397, formed part of the Kalmar Union (as a dependency of Norway) from 1397 to 1523.
  • Was controlled by Denmark from 1523 to 1918.
  • Danish-Icelandic Act of Union from 1918 established Iceland as a sovereign and independent state in a personal union with Denmark.
  • A plebiscite vote in 1944, led to the termination of the personal union and the establishment of a republic.
Yemen (1)

Usar para: Al-Yaman, Al Yaman, Republic of Yemen, Yemen, Republic of, Yémen, République du Yémen, Yémen, République du

Aden (Yemen) 4
Aberdeen Rural Municipality No. 373 (Sask.)

Usar para: Aberdeen R.M. No. 373 (Sask.), Rural Municipality of Aberdeen (Sask.), RM No. 373 (Sask.)

Kenya (1) 0
Nairobi (Kenya) 11
Transvaal 1
South Africa (1) 17
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