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Knight Bridge (Ga.) [historical]

Usar para: Knights Ferry Bridge (Ga.), Knight Bridge (Brooks County and Lowndes County, Ga.), Knight Bridge (Lowndes County and Brooks County, Ga.)

  • The USGS Geographic Names Information Service indicates that the Knight Bridge with a variant name of Knights Ferry Bridge (which was indicated on the record description from which the access point first appeared) the structure is now historical.
  • The USGS Geographic Names Information Service designation of historical means that it is no longer visible on the landscape (in this case destroyed/demolished).
Tulsa (Okla.)
  • Used when unable to differentiate between the city, township, county, division, locale and populated place in Oklahoma that use the name Tulsa.
Alabama (1)

Usar para: Ala., AL

South Carolina (1)

Usar para: S.C.

Massachusetts (1)

Usar para: MA, Mass.

Milwaukee (Wis.)

Usar para: Mil-wah-kie (Wis.), Juneautown (Wis.), Kilbourntown (Wis.), Mahn-a-wau-kee Seepe (Wis.), Mahn-a-wauk-ee See-pe (Wis.), Mahn-a-waukee Seepe (Wis.), Mahn-a-waukie (Wis.), Mahn-ah-wauk Seepe (Wis.), Mahnawauk (Wis.), Man-a-wau-kee (Wis.), Man-a-wauk-ee (Wis.), Man-na-wah-kie (Wis.), Mana'wa (Wis.), Manawaki (Wis.), Manawaukee (Wis.), Manayaukee (Wis.), Maunahwauke (Wis.), Mee-lee-waug-ee (Wis.), Meliki (Wis.), Melleoki (Wis.), Melwarik (Wis.), Meneawkee (Wis.), Meolaki (Wis.), Milioke (Wis.), Millewacki (Wis.), Millicki (Wis.), Milo-aki (Wis.), Milouagui (Wis.), Milouakik (Wis.), Milowages (Wis.), Milvoki (Wis.), Milwacky (Wis.), Milwahkie (Wis.), Milwalka (Wis.), Milwalky (Wis.), Milwarck (Wis.), Milwarik (Wis.), Milwaucki (Wis.), Milwaukie (Wis.), Minewaki (Wis.), Miniaki (Wis.), Minnawack (Wis.), Winnipesaukee (Wis.)

  • Name is thought to have derived from Mil-wah-kie, a term of the Pottawatomie First Nation that has beeen translated as good land.
North Dakota (7) 3
City of Kenmare (N.D.) 0
Kenmare (N.D.)
  • Use when unable to identify the specific place named Kenmare located in Ward County, North Dakota to which the reference applies.
Whidbey Island (Wash.)

Usar para: Whidby Island (Wash.), Tscha-kole-chy (Wash.), Whidby's Island (Wash.), Whitbey Island (Wash.), Whitbey's Island (Wash.), Whidbey's Island (Wash.)

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