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Alida (Sask.) 17
Alingly (Sask.) 3
Alkali Lake (Sask.) 1
Allan (Sask.) 64
Allan Hills (Sask. : Hills)
  • Use for the geographical feature (hills) and to differentiate from the nearby unincorporated place/locality named Allan Hills that is also located within Saskatchewan.
Allan Hills (Sask. : Locality)
  • Use for the unincorporated place and to differentiate from the nearby geographical feature (hills) named Allan Hills that are also located within Saskatchewan.
Allan Hills (Sask.)
  • Should be used when unable to distinguish between the geographical feature (hills) and the unincorporated place/locality of the same name located within the same rural municipality of Saskatchewan.
Allen Gardens (Toronto, Ont.) 0
Alloway (Scotland) 6
Alsask (Sask.) 26
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