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"Farmer John and Jane"

  • S-B8396
  • Item
  • 1961

"Farmer Jane" drawing on "Farmer John's" pipe at their home in the D'Armour district near Leask, 1961.

Title supplied from content.

Butt Out! 1

Footage for a public service announcement showing an aboriginal clothing designer and female child looking over designs in a studio.

Butt Out! 2

Footage for a public service announcement relating to smoking during pregnancy. Footage shows an aboriginal woman smoking and a female child mimicing her. The woman then butts out her cigarette.

Butt Out! 3

Footage for a public service announcement on pregnancy and smoking. Footage includes a close-up of a sign for Toto Design Inc. and a woman walking back and forth.

Butt Out! sub-series

Records relating to Butt Out!, a 30-second public service announcement produced for Health and Welfare Canada that encourages pregnant aboriginal teenagers to stop smoking. Produced by Live Wire Film and Video in conjunction with the Pregnant Women and Smoking Education Project, Regina. Records include raw footage, the vocal narration, and a copy of the final product.

CBC (Saskatoon). News clips. 09 Jan. 1976 - 13 Jan. 1976

  • FILM R-1889
  • Item
  • 1976-01-09 to 1976-01-13

NEWS: (1) Native educators discusses the need for more information about Native culture. (2) Fleurette Osbourne from Human Rights Commission discusses the misrepresetation of natives in school text books. (3) Native educator discusses the type of curriculum that will best suit Native culture. (4) Organizer of Farm and Home Week in Saskatoon discusses rural/urban growth patterns. (5) Report on the effects of smoking (3 separate reports). AD Test Strip reading 1.0 - deterioration has begun. 18/10/00.

CBKST (Television Station : Saskatoon, Sask.)

CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 04 December 1984 - 18 December 1984

  • VT R-7589
  • Item
  • 1984

News Clips: 1) Plan to encourage more natives to become nurses; 2) Commercial for Bennett-Dunlop Ford; 3) Twisted Sister, a heavy metal rock group, causes parents some concen over their effect on children; 4) Chilian natives study Canadian natives; 5) Children are carrying weapons that are part of the heavy metal culture; 6) & 7) Farmers asked to donate wheat for Ethiopia; 8) Women to be guards at maximum security prisons; 9) Commercial for Bennett-Dunlop Ford; 10) Fluoride treament for children and floridation of Regina water; 11) Weather buffer; 12) Urban Native Reception Centre to help natives moving to the city; 13) Not enough subsidized housing for natives and what there is is in very poor condition; 14) Giving phones as Christmas gifts; 15) People on the street are asked about unemployment in Saskatchewan; 16) Police spot checks set up for the hoiliday season; 17) Michael Jackson look-a-like performs in Regina; 18) Newsday promo; 19) Silversides; 20) Arrest of Cassidy; 21) Newsday promo; 22) A business that does grocery shopping for people who are at work or who just do not like to shop; 23) Ammonia leak at the Dairy Producers Co-operative Limited; 24) Farmers suffering economically even though their income is up; 25) Ammonia leak at the Dairy Producers Co-operative Limited causes burns to some fire fighters because there are not enough suits to protect from chemicals; 26) CBC suffers from budget cuts; 27) People on the street are asked whether people should be allowed to smoke in restaurants; 28) Some people display the Christmas spirit all year round by being a volunteer; 29) Farmer facing foreclosure; 30) Proposed native housing and centre; 31) Sveinson accuses Harry Baker of threatening his family.


CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 11 January 1980 - 01 FEBUARY 1980

  • VT R-7514
  • Item
  • 1980-01-11 to 1980-02-01

News Clips: 1) Portland Hawks hockey team; 2) Winners of the provincial lottery; 3) Solar wind power; 4) The New Improved Rhinocerous Party; 5)Preservation of old buildings in Saskatchewan; 6) Joe Clark campaigning in Southey; 7) Pierre Trudeau campaigning in Estevan; 8) Anti-smoking hotline for Saskatchewan Non-Smoking Week; 9) Doctor in Spalding; 10) Humboldt-Lake Centre constituency report; 11) Fur sale; 12) Ed Broadbent campaigning in Saskatchewan; 13) Saskatchewan author Verna Barkely has had her book on the Cree rejected because publishers say it will not sell; 14) Communist party in Saskatchewan and the candidates running in the Federal election; 15) Destruction of the Grenfell Apartments; 16) Enumeration of new area in Regina; 17) Scenes of a boxing match; 18) Campaign report on the North Battleford - Meadow Lake riding; 19) Automation of the Regina Public Library; 20) Liberal proposed farm program; 21) Dealing with a hyperactive child; 22) Closing of the pediatrics ward at the Pasqua Hospital.


CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 11 January 1980 - 23 January 1980

  • VT R-7513
  • Item
  • 1980-01-11 to 1980-01-23

News Clips: 1) The people and culture of Afghanistan; 2) Canadian arts and crafts store; 3) Regina Plains Community College is offering two new courses focused on career planning for women; 4) The grain embargo against the USSR and its effect on the price of grain; 5) Regina City Council meeting: a) Regina daycares want a change in bus fares; b) Meat packing plant proposed for the Ross Industrial Park; c) Argyle Park Shopping Centre proposed; 6) Placement of Wascana dental nurses; 7) People are asked about whether there should be a boycott of the Olympic games in Moscow; 8) Geese in Wascana Park; 9) Interview with Ed Broadbent touching on such topics as inflation, unions, medicare, and Federalism; 10) City Council meeting, a)Proposal to study the air quality in public places with a possiblity of passing a by-law banning smoking; b) Regina's credit rating should be upgraded; c) Sewer tax rebate for all senior citizens; d) Old City Hall renovations; e) Traffic by-laws.


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