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Sears, Bert

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Sears, Bert

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  • FILM S-2351
  • Item
  • 1974

Interview: 1) Saskatoon Mayor Bert Sears accepts, from Senator Sid Buckwold, a cheque from the federal government which will help finance the building of a swimming pool for the 1971 Canada Winter Games, 2) Footage of large earthmovers working at the Mount Blackstrap construction site (silent), 3) Footage of people, working with hand tools, cleaning up the Mount Blackstrap construction site (silent), 4) Footage of John Monroe inspecting the Mount Blackstrap construction site. Includes a portion of a speech by Monroe on the importance of the games to help unite the country, 5) Footage of the last work at the Mount Blackstrap construction site. Includes shots of two men, in alpine climbing attire, "climbing" Mount Blackstrap, summating and planting the Canada Winter Games flag (silent), 6) Portion of a speech by Sid Buckwold about Mount Blackstrap at the time that it is "topped," 7) Mayor Sid Buckwold announces that Saskatoon will make a bid to host the 1971 Canada Winter Games, 8) Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster raise the Canada Winter Games flag at ceremonies in Saskatoon that start the countdown to the games, 9) Footage of the erection of a wooden model of Mount Blackstrap on the front lawn of an unidentified house (possibly Mayor Sid Buckwold's) (silent), 10) Footage of a party at Saskatoon's Centennial Auditorium celebrating the Canada Winter Games (silent), 11) Footage showing the festivities celebrating the passing of the torch, carrying the Canada Winter Games flame, through the town of Roblin on its way to Saskatoon (silent), 12) Footage of athletes, which will be participating the Canada Winter Games, arriving at Saskatoon's airport (silent), 13) Footage of Governor General Roland Mitchner arriving at Saskatoon's airport to attend the 1971 Canada Winter Games and attending volleyball and wrestling competitions (silent), 14) Interview with a man identified as "Doug" about the upcoming 1975 Canada Winter Games to be held in Lethbridge, Alberta (colour).


CBC (Saskatoon). News clips. 01 Feb. 1972 - 03 Feb. 1972

  • FILM R-1686
  • Item
  • 1972-02-01 to 1972-02-03

NEWS: (1) Report on the results of a strike by air traffic contollers (2) Report on computer training program for the blind (3) Ralph Goodale for AFTER DARK reports on a Saskatoon Symphony fund raiser (4) Report on the Saskatoon Kinsmen Skatorama (5) Opinion on the use of National Research Council research (6) Report on new rates for trades people and dealers from Saskatchewan Government (7) Report on grain transportation (8) Representative of an Irish organization explains their purpose for exiting (9) Representative of the Wild Federation discusses the need to better allocate the funds for the preservation of wildlife (10) Report on a new system for Federated Cooperative Limited (11) Herbert Sears speaks on Saskatoon's transit-system (12) Report on school building improvement (13) Representatives from the student organization called HELP explain their organization.


CBC (Saskatoon). News clips. 02 May 1975 - 03 May 1975

  • FILM R-2166
  • Item
  • 1975-05-02 to 1975-05-03

News: (1) Scenes from the Liberal convention focusing on a speech by David Steuart (2) Press conference held by David Steuart (3) Scenes of poison (4) Report on upcoming agenda of Saskatoon City Council (5) Interview with Herbert Sears (6) Saskatoon man gives fifty dollars to Prime Minister Trudeau to go towards the building of a swimming pool.


CBC (Saskatoon). News clips. 03 Apr. 1972 - 05 Apr. 1972

  • FILM R-1977
  • Item
  • 1972-04-03 to 1972-04-05

NEWS: (1) Scenes from a shopping mall in Saskatoon . (2) Possbile election. (3) Land development in Saskatoon. (4) Report on syncronized swimming. (5) Saskatoon Blades game. (6) Teachers negociate with Saskatoon School Board. (7) Infergarten education. (8) Scenes of beginning figure skaters. (9) Mayor Sears discusses the problems with establishing Romanian Tractor Factory to Saskatoon. (9) Detached youth workers program. (10) Problems during nominating a candidate. (11) Program to prevent child abuse in Saskatoon. (12) Interivew with Don Jonas. A-D Strip vinegar syndrome test result = 0.0 - January 31, 2006.


CBC (Saskatoon). News clips. 04 Feb. 1972 - 11 Feb. 1972

  • FILM R-1687
  • Item
  • 1972-02-04 to 1972-02-11

NEWS: (1) Report on Kinsmen Skatorama (2) Report on a driver-safety course in Saskatoon (3) Report on renovations at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon (4) Scenes from the new Western Development Museum in Saskatoon (5) Report on the negotiations between Saskatchewan Government Insurance office and the auto body trades people (6) Scenes from a winter driver-safety course in Saskatoon (7) Scenes from an indoor track and field meet in Saskatoon (8) Report on the farmer's task force grain policy hearings (9) Opinion on Canada's trade policy with the United States (10) Opinion on grain policy hearings (11) Scenes from a construction site (12) Report on a Saskatoon businessman going to Romania and France (13) Report on the airport electronic technicians strike (14) Report on gun instruction in school (15) Report on a book seizure at a Sask atoon store (16) Report on the release of bisons at Buffalo Pound Provincia l Park (17) Report on Saskatoon Police's Youth Squad (18) Report on the nee d for mental health centre for criminals. (19) Herbert Sears at a opening ceremony.


CBC (Saskatoon). News clips. 05 Jan. 1972 - 07 Jan. 1972

  • FILM R-1681
  • Item
  • 1972-01-05 to 1972-01-07

NEWS: (1) Conversation with John Climer, curator of Mendel Art Gallery about Saskatchewan born artist Ronald Kostiniuk (2) Report on the facilities at the Western Development Museum in Saskatoon (3) Obituary for Professor Edward McCourt (4) Report on a banquet honouring Senator Sid Buckwold (5) Report on the establishment of the legal aid system in Saskatoon (6) Interview with Herbert Sears, new Mayor of Saskatoon (7) Scenes of people voting in a local election (8) Report on resource materials for teachers (9) Report on the crisis centre in Saskatoon (10) Report on the new bail reform law.


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