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Map of the southern part of the province of Saskatchewan, Canada

  • B8.2 (S)
  • Item
  • 1912

Indicates school inspectorates of 1917, organized rural municipalities, unorganized rural districts, rural education associations, and some schools referring to them by number of school district. Corrected.

Saskatchewan. Dept. of Public Works

Muirland School District No. 2196, 1909-1958

History of Muirland School including lists of names of teachers; trustees; students; homesteaders and early settlers; and grain elevator agents in Marriott in 1928. Includes reminiscences of former students and teachers and brief histories of families in the Muirland district. The school was located in the Marriott/Zealandia, Saskatchewan district.

Sectional maps for various Saskatchewan locations

Topographical survey sectional maps, produced by the Topographical Survey of Canada (1); the Department of National Defence, Mapping and Charting Establishment (2 to 6), and the Department of Mines and Technical Surveys, Surveys and Mapping Branch for the following areas withing Saskatchewan: (1) Bromhead, 1953; (2) to (3) Townsend Lake (Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan-Manitoba), 1967; (4) Thunder Hill, 1967; (5) Bjorkdale, 1964; (6) Govenlock, 1965; (7) Fulda, 1967; (8) Bremen, 1967; (9) Watrous, 1959; (10) to (11) Marsden, 1966; (12) Wilkie, 1965; (13) Rockhaven, 1965; (14) Neville, 1962; (15) Leader, 1962; (16) Stewart Valley, 1964; (17) Glidden, 1963; (18) Rosetown, 1960; and (19) Hawarden, 1959. Map details include: roads and trails; railways; buildings; schools; churches; post offices; cemeteries; mines; power transmission lines; bridges; and bodies of water.

Village of Alvena

  • R-P73.0002
  • Item
  • 1997 or before

Items consists of sewage and water plans and other community improvements for the village of Alvena, including the following:

Project: Arena Site Survey and Utility Extension; Drawing Names: Community Centre and School Grounds Improvement [S487-C0]; and Community Centre and School Grounds Improvement [S487-C1].

Project: Sewage Collection System; Drawing Name: Title Page.

Project: Sewer Extension; Drawing Name: Plan Profile - Poplar Ave from MH No.7 to MH No. 29 [SB61-C1].

Drawing Name: Preliminary Sketch.

Drawing Name: Proposed Sewage Collection System [6113-SM-P].

Drawing Name: Sewage Collection System [6113-SM-1].

Drawing Name: Sewage Lagoon [6113-SD-1].

Drawing Name: Sewer Main Crossing Canadian National Railways [6113-RR-1].

Drawing Name: Sewer Profiles - 3rd St. W, 2nd St. W, 1st St. W, Main St, 1st St. E [6113-SP-3].

Drawing Name: Sewer Profiles - Outfall Main [6113-SP-1].

Drawing Name: Sewer Profiles - Railway Ave.-Railway Crossings, Poplar Ave. [6113-SP-2].

Drawing Name: Water Distribution System [6113-WM-1].

Associated Engineering Ltd.

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