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Saskatoon - Water-supply

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CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 20 May 1975 - 22 May 1975

  • FILM S-467
  • Item
  • 1975-05-20 to 1975-05-22

News: (1) People interviewed about problems they experienced due to a water break in a residential area. (2) Shots of repair work on the broken water line. (3-4) Mrs. McKay about refresher courses offered to nurses to upgrade their knowledge. (5-6) New Democratic candidate John Brockelbank about election issues. (7) Morris Chernesky about the ward system for Saskatoon. ((8) Tom Quigley on the city expansion of residential areas. (9-10) Ms. Parchewski on issues of concern for nurses. (11-12) Liberal Party election candidate John Olsen about issues of concern for Saskatoon Mayfair constituency. (13) Shots of Greyhound Bus lines arriving at Saskatoon Bus Depot and of people disembarking. (14) Bill Summerville about capital punishment and the suspension of an unidentified act of parliament.

CFQC-TV Saskatoon


  • FILM R-1602.1
  • Item
  • 1977?

Film report: (1) Scenes from Lake Diefenbaker reservoir showing low water levels following spring run off. (2) Report on possible water rationing in Saskatoon.


[Saskatoon Location Photos]

Photographs originally taken while scouting locations in Saskatoon for the film entitled Going to Extremes.

(1)-(9): Interior views of the Saskatoon Airport showing the Air Canada and Pacific Western ticket area, second level departure area, lounge and baggage claim area.

(10)-(12): Interior views of the bowling alley in the Grosvenor Park Shopping Centre.

(13)-(15): Exterior views of the H. McIver Weir Water Pollution Control Plant.

(16)-(17): Exterior and interior views of St. John's Anglican Church on Spadina Crescent.

(18)-(22): Exterior views of the residence of the Dean of the University of Saskatchewan. Includes view of private road leading to the residence.

(23)-(41): Exterior and interior views of the veterinary medical building on the University of Saskatchewan campus. Includes views of the small animal clinic.

(42)-(48): Exterior views of the old Saskatoon Sanitorium, the tuberculosis facility. Includes view of houses across the river from the sanitorium.

(49)-(52): Exterior views of a property located 5 miles outside of Saskatoon. The two-storey house is white with a black roof and surrounded by a white fence.

(53)-(57): Exterior views of a property located 5 miles out of Saskatoon. The two-storey house is olive green with verandas on the first and second floor.

(58)-(60): Exterior, rear views of a red brick apartment building located at 24th Street West and Avenue B North with a stairwell and vehicles in the foreground and an exterior view of the Prairie Heights apartment complex.

(61)-(66): Interior views of the Adonis Family Restaurant, the Artful Dodgers, the Sheraton coffee shop, Dog and Suds and an exterior view of the Corner Coffee Bar on 25th Street East and 5th Avenue North.

(67)-(72): Exterior views of two-storey houses on various streets, including Spadina Avenue, Saskatchewan Drive, and on the corner of Central Avenue and 115th Street.

(73)-(87): Exterior views of properties with houses and barns located outside of Saskatoon.

(88)-(94): Various images including an exterior view of the red brick Saskatoon City Hospital and vehicles on Spadina Avenue across the river from the University of Saskatchewan.