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A nurse taking a baby from its mother just after feeding; a nurses aid reading to children; a nurses aid being introduced to the diet kitchen; a nurse and a nurses aid helping older men to drink and take their medications

  • R-B6249 (1)-(5)
  • Item
  • 1954

A nurse taking a baby from its mother just after feeding; a nurses aid reading to children; a nurses aid being introduced to the diet kitchen; a nurse and a nurses aid helping older men to drink and take their medications. City Hospital, Saskatoon.

Articles written by Noelle Grosse

A series of articles in the Looking Back section of the Regina Sun written by Noelle Grosse of the Western Development Museum, dated from October 4, 1998 to February 29, 1999. Titles of the articles are as follows: Flying over the frozen plains; A daredevil at the controls; SAM was a saviour; Inventors never saw a dime; They were the soaring four; It gave them a breath of life; A suitcase was all she had; Searching for 'black gold'; 'Sentinel' still on guard.

CBC (Saskatoon). News clips. 14 Dec. 1971 - 20 Dec. 1971

  • FILM R-1972
  • Item
  • 1971-12-14 to 1971-12-20

NEWS: (1) University of Saskatchewan Hospital expansion. (2) Report on the application to construct a Romanian Tractor assembly plant. (3) President of the National Farmers Union, Roy Atkinson, discusses the success of the union. (4) Report on the Knights of Columbus Indoor Track and Field Meet. (5) Report on growing Marijuana. (6) United Appeal poster in Saskatoon. (7) Report on a church sponsored volunteer organization in Saskatoon. (8) Air Canada employees start a "work to rule" campaign . (9) Report on the increase of venereal disease. (10) Air Canada Silver Broom committee visits Saskatoon. (11) Company moves from Saskatoon. 12) Project gets put aside by Saskatoon City Council. (13) National Farmers' Union moves their head office to Regina. (14) Salvation Army Kettle Fund. A-D Strip vinegar syndrome test result = 0.0 - January 31, 2006.


CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 05 Feb. 1974 - 08 Feb. 1974

  • FILM S-284
  • Item
  • 1974-02-05 to 1974-02-08

News: (1) Alderman Chernesky on improvements needed at Mount Blackstrap. (2) Owen Buss interviews Don Nieman on the national species conservation survey; men sit around tables, examining bird wings and tails. (3) SED Systems Limited exteriors; building, satellite dish; interiors, electronics workers; Owen Buss interviews Mr. Manuel on satellite programs. (4) Ed Kelly interviews Ray Fast on educational cable television. (5) Ed Kelly interviews Mr. Prud'Homme on the D.R.E.E. program agreement between the federal and the Saskatchewan governments. (6) Mr. Prud'Homme on regional economic fairness, and on the freight rate. (7) Semi truck outside the Scott National Building; interior, warehouse; exterior, truck driving away (silent). (8) Ed Kelly attending a press conference; E.I. Wood announces capital grants for street repair. (9) North Battleford Union Hospital exteriors; construction crews work on an expansion (silent). (10) Unidentified man on the expanded facilities at Union Hospital.

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 07 Dec. 1971 - 22 Dec. 1971

  • FILM S-88
  • Item
  • 1971-12-07 to 1971-12-22

News: (1) Mexabition agricultural trade exposition; people looking at displays (silent). (2) Unidentified men [news item: "U.N. petition"] (silent). (3) Saskatoon Post Office; front counter, sorting room (silent). (4) House fire on Park Avenue; fire fighters on scene (silent). (5) House decorated with Christmas lights; neighbourhood decorated with lights (silent). (6) Presentation of a television by the general staff to the City Hospital's pediatrics ward. (7) Board of Trade luncheon and speeches (silent).

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 08 Feb. 1972 - 12 Feb. 1972

  • FILM S-90
  • Item
  • 1972-02-08 to 1972-02-12

News: (1) Dr. Peter Matthews on medical steam research. (2) A man adjusts a steam valve in a boiler room (silent). (3) Saskatoon Airport, tower exterior; interior radar room and air traffic control (silent). (4) C.N.I.B. spokesman presents an award to Earl Dick, University Hospital, for employing the visually impaired (silent). (5) City Council session on unknown matters (silent). (6) Peter Jennings on a trade mission to Europe.(7) Evelyn Edwards on hospital emergency departments. (8) Queen Elizabeth Power Station; receiving a new transformer (silent). (9) Con Romuld onarbitration for teachers in a dispute. (10) Children tobogganing down ahill (silent). (11) Unidentified people sitting a room, listening to speakers at a head table [news item: "P.C. Workshop"] (silent).

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 22 Oct. 1971 - 16 Dec. 1971

  • FILM S-85
  • Item
  • 1971-10-22 to 1971-12-16

News: (1) Larry Young on teacher dismissals. (2) Unidentified man resigns at city council. (3) Joe Zeman on a S.J.H.L. clinic. (4) Bikeathon cheque presentation to the United Appeal. (5) Scotty Munro on hockey. (6) Bill Hunter on hockey. (7) Opening of the Saskatoon Hospital Laundry (silent). (8) Garbage on fire at the dump (silent). (9) Board of Trade dinner for the U. of S. (silent). (10) Judge E.N. Hughes speaks on non-prescription drug use. (11) Audience and head table guests watching Hughes (silent). (12) Taxation seminar (silent). (13) B'nai B'rith awards presentation. (14) Frank Hammond thanks United Appeal volunteers. (15) Gib Potter on his election platform. (16) Mr. Haggerty on the health care system. (17) A model train (silent). (18) Two R.C.M.P. officers bring in a murder suspect (silent). (19) Fire damange at Carmet (silent). (20) People putting money in Salvation Army kettles (silent). (21) George Taylor on his mayoral candidacy. (22) Govenor General's Awards presentation (silent). (23) Otto Lang on beef exports. (24) The Railway Commission meets in council (silent). (25) Alf Gleave on tax legislation. (26) Gus Bell on the United Appeal. (27) Stuart Fawcett on building an industrial plant. (28) Linton Smith on the Legal Aid Society. (29) Mrs. A. Smallman celebrates her 100th birthday in a nursing home (silent). (30) Native foster children's Christmas party (silent). (31) David Lewis on the federal government (optical sound). (32) N.D.P. meeting; audience watches David Lewis speak (silent). (33) Hoar frost on trees and fences; winter Saskatoon skyline (silent). (34) Howard Brown on his campaign for mayor. (35) Post office letter sorters (silent). (36) Cy MacDonald rally; a crowd watches speeches. (37) CFQC Christmas party (silent). (38) YWCA tree-decorating party (silent). (39) Snow plows removing snow from 2nd Avenue (silent). (40) Evelyn Edwards' campaign office (silent). (41) Catholic carol festival, Centennial Auditorium; choir, pagent, jazz band (silent). (42) Unidentified women talking on phones (silent). (43) Frank Hammond on the United Appeal. (44) Marking "100% Goal" on United Apeal sign (silent).

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

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