Saskatchewan. Dept. of Natural Resources and Industrial Development

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Saskatchewan. Dept. of Natural Resources and Industrial Development

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  • Department of Natural Resources and Industrial Development

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On November 10, 1944 the Department of Natural Resources was expanded to include an Industrial Development Branch, resulting in the creation of the Department of Natural Resources and Industrial Development.

The department originally consisted of 10 branches, as follows: Forestry, Lands, Mines, Coal Administrator, Fisheries, Game and Fur, Water Rights, Surveys, Parks and Industrial Development.

The Industrial Development Branch was established to promote the general economic utilization of Saskatchewan's natural resources. Provincially-owned and operated industries developed by the Department included: a shoe factory, a tannery, fish filleting plants, a box factory and a fur marketing service.

The Lands Branch at this time was comprised of the Land Patents Division, Cultivated Lands Division, Land Sales Division, and Grazing Lands Division. On May 1, 1945, the Land Utilization Division was established when the function was transferred from the Department of Agriculture.

The following changes occurred in departmental structure between 1947 and 1949:

In the 1946-1947 fiscal year, the Office Administration and Personnel Branch was established within the department. As well, the Construction and Equipment Branch was formed to build roads and fireguards in northern areas. On January 1, 1949 the divisions within this branch became separate branches, the Equipment Branch and the Construction Branch.

Also in 1946-1947, the Parks and Lands Branch was set up to manage provincial parks and lands unsuitable for agricultural or pastoral purposes, including wasteland, forests and lands in the northern mineral belt. In 1948, the administration of agricultural and pastoral lands governed by The Provincial Lands Act and The Land Utilization Act was transferred to the Department of Agriculture.

During the 1947-1948 fiscal year, the Mines Branch reorganized into Mineral Resources Branch with the Coal, Metals, Minerals and Petroleum divisions. These divisions merged in 1950.

Following the creation of Local Improvement District "A" as a vast northern municipal district, the Northern Administration Branch was established in June 1947. While the Department of Health administered health issues, the Branch held responsibility for social aid, old age pensions and child allowances.

A Radio Branch was also formed in 1947.

During 1948-1949 an Office of the Executive Assistant was set up in Prince Albert to provide assistance to the Deputy Minister and Assistant Deputy Minister.

In March 1950, Order-in-Council 503/50 established the Industrial Development Office to promote the development of new industries in Saskatchewan, assist already established industries and publicize the province's resources, opportunities and industrial progress. The old Industrial Development Branch was renamed the Resources Utilization Branch and administered the utilization of industrial minerals.

In 1950, the Department of Natural Resources and Industrial Development reverted to its previous designation as the Department of Natural Resources.


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The primary function of the Department of Natural Resources from 1944 to 1950 was to manage and protect Saskatchewan's natural resources, including lands, forests, minerals, wildlife, fish, and water and to foster the establishment of new industries.
The department administered the disposition of resources; issued permits and licenses for their use; implemented conservation and protection practices, such as fish stocking, forest fire control, park development and road construction; conducted surveys and prepared maps and plans for departmental and public use.

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An Act to Amend The Department of Natural Resources Act (R.S.S. 1944 (2nd Session), c.8)

Order-in-Council 503/50 (March 24, 1950)

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Departmental Annual Reports.
Saskatchewan Executive and Legislative Directory (SELD).
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Administrative Histories Binder, GRB (Saskatchewan Archives Resource Binder).

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