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Regina - Hotels, motels, etc.

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Regina - Hotels, motels, etc.

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Regina - Hotels, motels, etc.

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1961 annual meeting of the Co-operative Union of Saskatchewan

1961 Annual Meeting of the Co-operative Union of Saskatchewan held April 4 to 5 at the Hotel Saskatchewan in Regina. (1) The speakers table showing from left to right, unknown, L. L. Lloyd, Doug Yonge, and William Hamilton. (2) Speakers table, showing audience and L. L. Lloyd standing behind microphone. (3) Co-operative Union of Saskatchewan representatives seated around table. Included are William Hamilton at front left of table and L. Milford Switzer at the head of the table. (4) Banner with the caption: "1960-70 A Decade for Co-op Development? It Depends on Us!"

Co-operative Union of Saskatchewan, 1944-2003

Buildings in Regina, Saskatchewan

(1): Exterior view of City Hall with trees in foreground.

(2): Exterior view of Grey Nuns Hospital.

(3): Exterior view of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building with flowerbeds in foreground.

(4): Exterior, side view of Government House with trees in foreground.

(5): Flowerbeds on the grounds of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building.

(6): Exterior view of the Regina General Hospital.

(7): Cenotaph in Victoria Park with Hotel Saskatchewan in background.

(8): Victoria Park looking north from the Hotel Saskatchewan. Cenotaph in foreground.

(9): Exterior view of the Regina Public Library.

(10): Exterior view of the Regina Normal School with trees in foreground.

(11): 11th Avenue looking east from Scarth Street. Streetcars and pedestrians in foreground.

(12): 11th Avenue looking east from Cornwall Street.

CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 02 December 1981 - 24 December 1981

  • VT R-7540
  • Item
  • 1981

News Clips: 1) Sheep at Agribition; 2) People from Saskatchewan are willing to spend a lot of money to go on a winter holiday; 3) Los Vegas trip; 4) Lay offs at Eldorado uranium mine; 5) A hereford bull is sold for 100,000; 6) Fire safety for hotels; 7) & 8) A bill is to be introduced to help homeowners suffering from high interest rates; 9) Reaction to the homeowners act; 10) Banks reaction to the homeowners bill; 11) Parkade to be built on to City Hall; 12) Allan Blakeney commenting on the homeowners act; 13) Allan Blakeney commenting on the closure of the Eldorado Nuclear uranium mine; 14) Survival of the Saskatchewan Roughriders football team; 15) CP Air starting a new service in Saskatchewan; 16) & 17) Homeowners protection act; 18) Comments on the Saskatchewan Roughriders camp in Saskatoon; 19) Type of skis and boots to use as a beginner cross country skier; 20) Homeowners protection act; 21) Silver dollar commemorating Regina's 100th anniversary; 22) People are asked about the cost of Christmas; 23) SGEU talks regarding a new contracts; 24) Government's annual economic review for the province; 25) Allan Blakeney commenting on the future of Norcan Air; 26) Heavy oil upgrader proposed for Archdale, near Moose Jaw; 27) Herb Taylor's reaction to the heavy oil upgrader; 28) Income guarantee benefits; 29) Urea formeldahyde insulation; 30) People are asked what their most memorable Christmas was.


CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 24 June 1980 - 03 July 1980

  • VT R-7612
  • Item
  • 1980

News Clips: 1) City Council meeting, a) Wage increase for city hall workers; b) The cities growing computer needs; c) Two grants appoved; d) Student work force proposed; 2) Canadian Pacific has not decided how much they want to sell Union Station for; 3) Moisture conditions are very poor for farming this year; 4) Proposal for the Ramada Inn in Regina; 5) Issues of repatriation of the Canadian Constitution; 6) Rural municipalities; 7) Definition of death; 8) There are limitations of what ambulance attendents can do for victems, so premedic programs are being proposed; 9) Fighting in the street after a house party; 10) Housing starts are way down in Regina and Saskatoon; 11) to 13) Scenes of Canada Day celebration in Wascana Park; 14) Those people who have to work on stat holidays; 15) Problems with the proposed Arts Activity Centre; 16) Federal drought relief program.


CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 30 April 1980 - 16 May 1980

  • VT R-7525
  • Item
  • 1980

News Clips: 1) Saskatchewan Government Employees' Association (SGEA) negotiation for a new contract offer; 2) Price of grain in storage; 3) Development of Western Canada; 4) Shortage of housing for senior citizens; 5) Public money for the Unionist Party? ; 6) Change to the Conflict of Interest act; 7) Zone policing introduced in Regina; 8) Senator Hazen Argue commenting on the lack of western representation in the federal cabinet; 9) Introduction of a bill dealing with municipal by-laws; 10) Bill introduced in order to prevent public money going to the Unionist party; 11) Grant Devine's reaction to the Unionist Party; 12) Unionist Party and the effect of the introduction of a bill stopping public money supporting them; 13) Break down of negotiation for dairy workers; 14) Non-residents owning large tracks of farm land; 15) Highlights of a Memorial Cup hockey game between the Regina Pats and the Peterborough Petes; 16) Cable Regina's telecast of the House of Commons Debates; 17) Alderman Joe McKeown asks that the funding to the North Central Community Society be suspended; 18) Highlights of a Memorial Cup hockey game between the Regina Pats and the Cornwall Royals; 19) The Orion medical centre is dropped; 20) Break down of talks with dairy workers; 21) Memorial Cup hockey final between the Cornwall Royal and the Peterborough Petes; 22) Talks dealing with the drought in the province; 23) Proposal for building a Ramada Inn; 24) Cable Regina's satellite dish; 25) Progressive Conservative motion to urge Quebec to vote no in the referendum was blocked by the government; 26) Bed bugs found in an operating room at the General Hospital; 27) MSGR Mauruce Beaudoux.


CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 30 October 1984 - 11 November 1984

  • VT R-7541
  • Item
  • 1984

News Clips: 1) Farmers affected by high interest rates and rising prices; 2) Snow storm in Saskatchewan; 3) Jeanne Sauve, Govenor General; 4) Reaction of East Indians in Saskatchewan to the assassination of Indura Ghandi; 5) Plan for native housing; 6) High tax rate for property owners; 7) Gas project by Ocelot, in Richmound; 8) Lack of daycares in downtown Regina, and a proposal for one; 9) High number of false alarms received by Regina City Police; 10) Harlem Globetrotters; 11) New Democratic Party (NDP) convention; 12) " Saskatchewan Is Open For Business"; 13) The Regina Food Bank; 14) Gary Lane reaction; 15) Murder of Joanne Wilson by her ex-husband, MLA, Colin Thatcher; 16) Canadian film makers; 17) Farm Credit Corporation foreclosure; 18) Hotel Saskatchewan owes back taxes to the City of Regina; 19) University of Regina students debate priority enrolment; 20) No employment in Saskatchewan despite the low unemployment rate; 21) Progressive Conservative rally; 22) Scenes of a Regina Pats hockey game; 23) P.C convention and a vote on party resolutions; 24) Christmas decorations are up in stores and shoppers are already looking for gifts despite it being early November; 25) Price increase in gas, scenes showing service stations; 26) Bill McKnight speaking at a P.C convention; 27) P.C. convention; 28) Colin Thatcher in jail for the murder of Joanne Wilson; 29) Dog show in Regina; 30) Scenes of Remembrance Day services in Regina.


Colin R. Laughlan articles re: Albert Memorial Bridge, Regina Real Estate Board, Regina Cyclone, and Chateu Qu'Appelle

Newspaper articles, pertaining to the history of Regina, written by research consultant Colin R. Laughlan and published in the July 10, 1987 and August 12, 1988 issues of the Regina Real Estate Review. Includes articles on the history of the Regina Real Estate Board, the 1912 Regina Cyclone, the cancellation of the Chateau Qu'Appelle construction project; and the construction of the Albert Memorial Bridge.

Downtown Regina

View of downtown Regina including 11th and 12th Avenues. Prominent buildings include the post office, city hall, the McCallum Hill Building, and the King's Hotel. Looking north.

Rossie, Edgar Charlotte, 1875-1942

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