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Abram Hoffer fonds

  • F 410
  • Fonds
  • 1907-2009

This fonds consists of records created, accumulated and used by Dr. Abram Hoffer during his professional career in Saskatchewan and British Columbia. The records document Hoffer's psychiatric practice, as well as his extensive research on schizophrenia, orthomolecular medicine, and other alternative therapies over a period of approximately fifty years. Personal records are included in the fonds.

The types of records included are correspondence, clinical and patient case files, appointment and personal diaries, subject files, reports, conference and meeting materials, manuscripts, clippings, publications, photographs, sound recordings, and moving images.

The fonds has been arranged into twenty-one series as follows: Personal/Family; Appointment Diaries; General Correspondence; Miscellaneous Correspondence; 'A' Correspondence With Physicians; American Schizophrenia Association/Foundation; Huxley Institute for Biosocial Research; Saskatchewan Schizophrenia Foundation/Canadian Schizophrenia Foundation/International Schizophrenia Foundation; Papers and Manuscripts of A. Hoffer; Subject Files; Psychiatric Research Unit, Saskatchewan Department of Public Health; Reprints, Papers, etc.; Conference, Meetings, Symposia; Clippings and Publications; Audio-Visual Materials; Bibliographic Reference Cards; Clinical Files; Hoffer-Osmond Correspondence; Laity Correspondence; Senior Physicians Society of British Columbia; and Various.

Hoffer, Abram, 1917-2009

LSD articles

Published medical reports and journal articles pertaining to the use of lysergic acid dithylamide (LSD) and its use in medical and psychotherapy treatments. Includes: a journal article entitled, A Review of LSD Treatment in Alcoholism, written by F.S. Abuzzahab and B.J. Anderson of the Departments of Psychiatry and Pharmacology, University of Minnesota. Published in International Pharmacopsychiatry journal (1971, 13 p.);

Report entitled, Truth About LSD, prepared by Charles G. Costello, a psychologist at the Munroe Psychiatric Wing of the Regina General Hospital, Regina, Saskatchewan. Prepared for the Saskatchewan Government's Bureau on Alcoholism and published in the February 6, 1963 edition of The Leader-Post, Regina (1963, 3 p.);

Report entitled, LSD-25 and Mescaline as Therapeutic Adjuvants: Experience from a seven year study, prepared by J. Ross MacLean, M.D., D.C. MacDonald, M.D., F. Ogden and E. Wilby from studies conducted at the Hollywood Hospital, New Westminster, British Columbia. Presented at the Second International Conference on the Use of LSD in Psychotherapy, Amityville, New York. (1965, 27 p.);

Article entitled, Preparation of Lysergic Acid Amides, published by the United States Patent Office (1956, 11 p.);

Annotated report entitled, Interim Report on the Therapeutic Use of LSD-25, prepared by Duncan Blewett and Dr. Nick Chwelos of the Saskatchewan Department of Public Health, Pyschiatric Services Branch (1958, 73 p.). Annotations likely provided by Humphrey Osmond.

Sports and recreation as medicinal : Saskatchewan Hospital, Weyburn in the 1950s

Item component is an article providing an overview of recreation activities (sports, crafts, etc.) used as therapies for psychiatric patients in institutions and the rationale for employing such approaches (including comparison to other techniques, such as work therapy, shock therapy and drug treatment). Article focuses on practices employed at the Saskatchewan Hospital located in Weyburn.

Article is supplemented by black and white photographs showing: the Saskatchewan Provincial Mental Hospital at Weyburn from around the 1920s; patients participating in bowling; patient making crafts; hospital staff hockey team; and Dr. Humphrey Osmond delivering an address.

Article is found in volume 65, issue 1 of Saskatchewan History, beginning on page 12.

Richert, Lucas