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Provincial flowers

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Provincial flowers

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Provincial flowers

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CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. July 1967

  • FILM S-1745.2
  • Item
  • 1967

News: (1) Cowboy and horse at Pionera. (2) Mr. Grant on agriculture. (3) Fireworks. (4) Fastball game. (5) New born baby at City Hospital. (6) Canada Day? celebrations at Gordie Howe Bowl in Saskatoon. (7) Chariot racing at Pionera. (8) Pionera "Chuckwagon Breakfast" on 2nd Ave. (9) Unidentified(Wilf Carter?) country singer on Pionera. (10) Pionera awards ceremony? (11) Pionera. (12) Pionera Blue Garter Saloon. (13) Pionera grandstand parade. (14) Unidentified baptism(adults) ceremony? (15) Unidentified woman on Miss Dominion beauty contest. (16) Unidentified man on Y.M.C.A. fundraising. (17) Unidentified man on Pionera. (18) Pionera; Railroad track laying contest. (19) Unidentified dinner(banquet). (20) Phantom tourist vists woman in fabric store. (21) Unidentified man on road construction. (22) ? (23) Traffic accident at Circle Drive. (24) Parade in Humbolt. (25) Flowers; prairie lilys. (26) Will Hutchins(Actor) on unidentified play. (27) J. Gray on wheat transportation through Port Churchill. (28) Traffic accident at 23rd st. and Ave. J. (29) Phantom tourist at shoe store. (30) Traffic accidents on highway #5 and #11. (31) Boy scouts leave for? (32) Bert Sears on industrial development. (33) Evelyn Edwards on Saskatoon Arena renovations. (34) Unidentified man on new reservation system at the Sheraton Cavilier Hotel. (35) Terry Higgins reports on the demolition of the Bank of Commerce. (36) Sutherland School interior/exterior. (37) Traffic accident at 3rd Ave and Queen St. (38) Doug Grant on grain. (39) Parade in Outlook. (40) Terry Higgins reports on water supply/waterworks.

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

Plaque on cairn erected beside the Llewelyn Bethel United Church (built 1910), near Bangor

  • S-E101
  • Item
  • 1972

Item is an image showing the plaque on a cairn erected beside the Llewelyn Bethel United Church in the Llewelyn colony of Welsh immigrants located near Bangor, Saskatchewan. The plaque claims that the church was built in 1910, and that the cairn was erected by members of the Church and the J. Evans Memorial Fund Committee in co-operation with the Department of Natural Resources in 1971. It also indicates that the cairn was placed in honour of the Welsh pioneers from Patagonia and Wales who settled in the area in the early 1900s. The plaque depicts the Saskatchewan coat of arms in the middle of the top edge with a tiger lily blossom on each side and shows a single wheat stalk on each side that run the length of the plaque.