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Political parties - Saskatchewan

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Political parties - Saskatchewan

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Political parties - Saskatchewan

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Saskatchewan Liberal politicians

  • R-D1322
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1935-1937

Group photograph of Saskatchewan Liberal politicians. Identified.

W.S. Lloyd fonds

  • F 131
  • Fondo
  • 1938-1972 (predominant: 1944-1964)

This fonds consists of records created, accumulated and used by W.S. Lloyd from 1944 to 1971 during his political career as Minister of Education (1944-1960); Minister in Charge of Libraries and the Saskatchewan Archives Board (1948-1960); Chairman of the Saskatchewan Research Council (1947-1960); Minister in Charge of the Public Service Commission (1952-1961); Minister in Charge of the Board for the Centre for Community Studies (1957-1960); Provincial Treasurer (1960-1961); Minister in Charge of the Highway Traffic Board (1960-1961); Minister in Charge of Taxation Branch (1960-1961); Minister in Charge of Queen's Printer and Saskatchewan Government Printing Office (1960-1961); Minister in Charge of Saskatchewan Government Purchasing Agency (1960-1961); Minister in Charge of Government Finance Office (1960-1961); Premier of Saskatchewan (1961-1964); Leader of the Opposition (1964-1970); and as the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation Member of the Legislative Assembly for Biggar (1944-1967) and the New Democratic Party Member of the Legislative Assembly for Biggar (1967-1971).

This fonds also consists of correspondence written by Lloyd from Bangkok, Thailand to recipients in Saskatchewan in March 1972.

This fonds contains public, political and private records.

Records described in old guide GR 101 were originally arranged into ten collections: Cabinet Secretary Files (R-61.1); Crown Corporations (R-61.2); Personal (Ministerial) Papers - Minister of Education (R-61.3); Premier's Papers (R-61.4); Personal (Ministerial) Papers - Provincial Treasurer (R-61.5); Economic Advisory and Planning Board Files (R-61.6); Miscellaneous Files (R-61.7); Leader of the Opposition Files (R-61.8). Two additional collections were not described in old guide GR 101: Cabinet Documents and Memoranda (R-61.9); and Index Files (R-61.10).

Records created and accumulated by T.K. Shoyama as secretary of the Economic Advisory and Planning Board are included in the fonds.

The types of records included are correspondence; memoranda; briefing notes; itineraries; speeches; minutes and agendas; publications; reports; speaking notes; press releases; newspaper clippings; petitions; legislation; certificates; audio reels; and photographs and negatives.

Lloyd, Woodrow Stanley, 1913-1972

Lynda Haverstock attends Liberal Party events

(1) Jean Chrétien speaks at a podium at a political event. Date and geographical location unknown.

(2) Lynda Haverstock stands with three unidentified women at the federal Liberal convention in Ottawa, Ontario, May 1994.

(3): Lynda Haverstock sits at a table with Marian Maloney standing behind her at the National Women's Liberal Commission on November 30, 1991.

(4)-(5): Lynda Haverstock attends the Saskatchewan-Manitoba Liberal Women's Retreat at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, September 22, 1990.

(6)-(8): Lynda Haverstock, leader of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party and Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chrétien meet in Ottawa, Ontario, 1995.

The Government of Saskatchewan

Thesis written by Evelyn Lucille Eager and submitted in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the University of Toronto. Written under the supervision of Professor R. MacGregor Dawson.

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation: Saskatchewan Section No. 161-175

No. 161: Campaign card for CCF Regina City federal candidate John O. Probe. Authorized by the Regina C.C.F. [1940s].

No. 162: Campaign card for CCF candidate Claude Ellis. Published by the CCF National Office. [1950s].

No. 163: Campaign leaflet for Claude Ellis, a CCF candidate in the 1957 federal election, authorized by Regina CCF.

No. 164: Leaflet for John O. Probe, a CCF candidate in the 1949 federal election. Authorized by the Regina Constituency C.C.F.

No. 165: Campaign card for Claude Ellis, CCF candidate in the 1957 federal election. Authorized by the Regina C.C.F.

No. 166: Leaflet featuring George Bothwell, candidate for the Regina CCF nomination. November 1956. 1 p.

No. 167: Campaign leaflet featuring, CCF Regina West candidates Allan E. Blakeney and Marjorie Cooper. Issued by the CCF (Saskatchewan Section) of the New Democratic Party. 1964.

No. 168 to No. 170: Campaign leaflets for 4 Regina CCF candidates (Allan E. Blakeney; Marjorie Cooper; Ed Whelan; Charles C. Williams) in the 1960 provincial general election. Issued by the Regina CCF Association.

No. 171: Campaign leaflet featuring George R. Bothwell, the CCF candidate for Regina South in the 1964 provincial general election. Issued by the CCF (Saskatchewan Section), New Democratic Party.

No. 172: Leaflet entitled Regina CCF Nominating Convention, April 19, 1960 featuring candidate Allan Blakeney. Published by the supporters of Allan Blakeney.

No. 173: Campaign leaflet featuring Regina West CCF candidates Allan E. Blakeney and Marjorie Cooper. 1964.

No. 174: Campaign booklet for the 1960 provincial general election outlining the CCF Program for 1960. Issued by the CCF (Saskatchewan Section).

No. 175: Campaign leaflet for Allan E. Blakeney and Marjorie Cooper, CCF candidates in the 1964 provincial general election. Issued by the Regina West CCF (Saskatchewan Section) New Democratic Party.

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