Photographic Services Still Photography Records series Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
R-A2876 (1)-(2) Loading boxes of fish onto Saskatchewan Government Airways (SGA) airplane Item ca. 1948
R-A2881 (1)-(2) Cabinet members at Matador Co-operative Farm Item 1955 or before
R-A2882 Hudson's Bay Company post at Camsell Portage Item ca. 1950
R-A2885 (1)-(2) Isidore Nollet, Minister of Agriculture, sitting at his desk Item ca. 1950
R-A2886 (1)-(3) Charles Cromwell Williams Item ca. 1950
R-A2888 (1)-(2) Henry Janzen, Director of Curricula, Department of Education Item 1950
R-A2895 John Fisher, W. J. Patterson and T. C. Douglas Item ca. 1948
R-A2897 Deputy Minister of Education Item ca. 1948
R-A2900 (1)-(2) Paul Byers of the Budget Bureau with Clarence M. Fines Item 1948
R-A2902 (1)-(2) Louis Jacobs, Director of Municipal Auditing and Accounting Item 1948
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