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[Trees, pets, family, and a wedding]

Images of trees, pets, family, and a wedding. (1) Dog. (2)-(3) Trees. (4)-(8) Dog. (9)-(11) Children. (12) Trees. (13)-(16) Children at a party. (17)-(20) Scenes from a wedding. (21) A cat. (22)-(24) Underexposed negatives.

[Pets, trees, family, and dancers]

Images of pets, trees, family, and dancers. (1) Cat. (2)-(6), (10) Trees. (7)-(9) Under exposed images. (11)-(16) Half exposed negatives. (17) Cat and dog. (18)-(20) Family gathered at a table. (21)-(22) Scottish dancers. (23) People gathered around a table.

[Farm scenes, cats, press equipment, cakes, WDM Museum, Saskatoon]

Photo negative images of farm scenes, cats, press equipment, cakes, WDM Museum, Saskatoon. (1)-(5) Farm scenes. (6)-(8) A cat. (9)-(13) Press equipment. (14)-(17) A cake. (18)-(19), (21) Western Development Museum. (20) A parking lot. (22) The University of Saskatchewan. (23)-(31) Photos of men and a cake.

[Anniversary and Saskatchewan Scenes]

Photo negatives of an anniversary and of Saskatchewan scenes. (1)-(12) anniversary celebration in a large hall. (13)-(14) Sterling Hardware storefront. (15)-(16) underexposed negatives. (17)-(18) person with children. (19)-(26) Saskatchewan scenes of a church and roadways.

[Pets, a wedding, and the Canadian Wheat Board]

Photo negative images of pets, a wedding, and the Canadian Wheat Board. (1) Unidentified image. (2)-(7) Pet dogs. (8)-(14) A wedding party. (15)-(16) Bride and groom. (17) Bride. (18) A house on a lakefront. (19)-(20) Three men at a table. (21) A Canadian Wheat Board sign.

[Pets, a Wedding and Children]

Photo negatives images of pets, a wedding couple, and children at a meal and at play. (1),(4)-(7) of a pet dog. (2) people sitting at a table. (8),(10) people dancing. (9) underexpsoed negative. (11)-(14) of a wedding couple and wedding party. (15)-(16) a tree. (17)-(20) children eating a meal at a table. (21)-(23) a young child playing in a pool.

[Pets, trees, and family]

Images of pets, trees, and family. (1) Cat. (2) Cat and dog in kitchen. (3) Dog. (4) Dog at doorway. (5)-(9) Cat and dog. (10), (12)-(13) Dog. (11) under exposed negative. (14)-(18) Trees. (19)-(22) Images of family members.

[Prairie scenes, family scenes, and a wedding]

Photo negative images of prairie scenes, family scenes, and a wedding. (1) A house. (2) A lake. (3) A bridge and river. (4)-(7) Children in a garden. (8) Man with 2 dogs. (9)-(12) A woman with 2 children. (13) Power line in a field. (14)-(15) Child ren with dogs. (16) Two dogs. (17)-(18) Man stands by a swimming pool. (19)-(20) Praire scenes. (21)-(27) Wedding scenes.

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