Arquivo F 536 - Partners in Motion fonds

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Partners in Motion fonds

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F 536

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  • [198-?]-2009 (predominant: 1993-2006) (Produção)
    Partners in Motion Pictures Inc., 1993-

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722 film reels; 16 mm (ca. 265 hr.)
10 film reels; 35 mm (ca. 1 hr.)
19 video reels; 25 mm (6 hr. 35 min. 58 sec.)
7 videocassettes : VHS (3 hr. 40 min. 30 sec.)
5 videocassettes : Beta SP (2 hr. 3 min. 21 sec.)
1 audio reel : 9.5 cm/sec (10 min. 44 sec.)
4 audio reels : 19 cm/sec (1 hr. 26 min. 55 sec.)
2 audio reels : 38 cm/sec (14 min. 48 sec.)
0.260m of textual records

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História administrativa

Partners in Motion Pictures Inc. was incorporated with Corporations Branch, Saskatchewan Justice on July 6, 1993, as a film and video production company in Regina, Saskatchewan. Its original partners were Christopher Triffo and Yves Noblet. As of September 10, 1999, the corporation's directors were Ronald Goetz, General Manager and Christopher Triffo, President. Linda Goetz and Pamela Triffo were shareholders. Partners in Motion Pictures Inc. amalgamated with Harmony Entertainment Management Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary that was established in 1997. The amalgamated body was incorporated as Partners in Motion Pictures Inc. on January 1, 2008. Current (2011) affiliated companies include: Harmony Entertainment Inc. (incorporated January 11, 2008); Partners in Motion Corporate Productions Inc. (incorporated April 3, 2008); Gyro Productions Inc. (incorporated May 12, 2009); and Pocket Media Inc. (incorporated August 3, 2010). The current executive of Partners in Motion Pictures Inc. is comprised of Christopher Triffo, President; Ronald Goetz, Executive Vice-President; Jeff Stecyk, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer; Steve Balkwill, Vice-President of Operations; and Linda Goetz, Chief Financial Officer. Partners in Motion Pictures Inc. and its affiliated companies operate from its business office at 2704-10th Avenue in Regina.

Throughout its history, Partners in Motion has focused on three primary areas of visual entertainment production: television programs and series; commercial and corporate production; and multimedia and animation production. Programs produced by Partners in Motion have aired on North American television channels such as History Television, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Global Television, CBC Television, Saskatchewan Communications Network, W Network and Home Box Office. Internationally, its programs have aired in more than 150 countries. The company has also offered services such as graphic design, tradeshow event management, corporate training videos, multimedia presentations, and financing to independent film and video projects through its IGNITE Development Initiative.

Awards and recognitions that Partners in Motion has received between 1993 and 2010 for its productions include a News and Documentary Emmy Award; numerous Gemini Awards, Saskatchewan Showcase Awards, CSC Awards, Golden Sheaf Awards from the Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival; recognitions from the Houston International Film Festival and New York Film Festival; and the City of Regina Municipal Heritage Award. The company has also been recognized for its business operations with several Regina Chamber of Commerce Paragon Awards and Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce ABEX Awards.

Partners in Motion has been an active contributor to the Regina and district community by sponsoring events involving arts and culture, sports, and education, and by participating in charity events held by volunteer community organizations.

História custodial

Âmbito e conteúdo

This fonds consists of records created, accumulated and used by Partners in Motion, a film and video production company based in Regina, Saskatchewan, between 1993 and 2006. It primarily consists of original camera negatives, but also includes master dubs, master copies, and audio voice-overs for various productions created by Partners in Motion.

The fonds also consists of film and video productions from the mid-1980s to 1993 that current employees of Partners in Motion were involved in creating. These films and videos were produced by CKCK Creative Services, Sunspirit Productions, and Halfbreed Inc.

Two series have been identified in the fonds: Crime Stories, and Disasters of the Century. These series were created due to the large volume of records belonging to these two television series produced by Partners in Motion. The numerous other productions have been described at the item level.

The types of records included are: film reels; video reels; video cassettes; audio cassettes; negative and processing reports; print advertisements for productions; and a product catalogue.

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Records are in good physical condition.

Fonte imediata de aquisição

Nova Herman, Producer for Partners in Motion, donated some of these records to the Regina office, Saskatchewan Archives in one accession in 2001: R2001-062 (April 11, 2001).
Ellen Bumphrey, Production Accountant for Partners in Motion, donated some of these records to the Regina office, Saskatchewan Archives in two accessions in 2003: R2003-271 (September 22, 2003); and R2003-315 (December 5, 2003).
Steven Balkwill, Vice-President of Operations for Partners in Motion, donated some of these records to the Regina office, Saskatchewan Archives in one accession in 2009: 2009-458 (June 10, 2009).


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Records are subject to access restrictions.

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Use, publication and/or reproduction of records may be subject to terms of an agreement with the donor and the conditions of The Copyright Act. Please consult reference archivist for assistance.

To consult the records, visit or contact the Regina office.

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SAFA 429 consists of a fonds description and item descriptions for audio reels, film reels, video reels and videocassettes. The paper guide consists of higher level descriptions only.

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Related material: CKCK-TV and CKTV - Various television productions, located in Threshold.

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Further accruals are expected.

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Location for retrieval: Regina - Hillsdale, Regina - Henderson


Restriction record identifier: 2043

Restriction record created: 2015-08-25 by KMAJOR

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Access to records restricted. Records review conclusion based on information about the accession, fonds, series, or collection.

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Policy title: FOIP


Certain films and videos have been placed in polypropylene containers. Textual records have been placed in acid-free file folders.

Designações alfanuméricas

Audio reels: SR-7 to SR-13.
Video reels: MI-570 to MI-573; MI-577 to MI-579; MI-582 to MI-583; MI-585; MI-590 to MI-598.
Videocassettes: MI 569; MI 574 to MI 576; MI 580 to MI 581; MI 584; MI 586 to MI 589; MI-599.
Film reels: MI-733 to MI-1464.

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F 536

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Saskatchewan Archives. Archival Description Manual 2004.



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