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CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 09 August 1978 - 02 October 1978

  • VT R-7481
  • Item
  • 1978

News Clips:1) to 5) Conference des Premiers Ministers (First Ministers conference), held at the University of Regina; 6) Football highlights of a Saskatchewan Roughriders - Winnipeg Blue Bombers game; 7) Health costs related to uranium mining; 8) Proposed cutbacks to unemployment insurance; 9) Development of uranium mining in the province; 10) Meeting of the Canadian Federation of High School Athletics; 11) People on the street comment on the number of strikes in the province; 12) The City of Regina by-laws regarding dogs; 13) People are asked about what should be done about the number of people drinking and driving; 14) Liberal referendum; 15) Honesty of politicians; 16) Discussion of doctors' income.


CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 30 April 1980 - 16 May 1980

  • VT R-7525
  • Item
  • 1980

News Clips: 1) Saskatchewan Government Employees' Association (SGEA) negotiation for a new contract offer; 2) Price of grain in storage; 3) Development of Western Canada; 4) Shortage of housing for senior citizens; 5) Public money for the Unionist Party? ; 6) Change to the Conflict of Interest act; 7) Zone policing introduced in Regina; 8) Senator Hazen Argue commenting on the lack of western representation in the federal cabinet; 9) Introduction of a bill dealing with municipal by-laws; 10) Bill introduced in order to prevent public money going to the Unionist party; 11) Grant Devine's reaction to the Unionist Party; 12) Unionist Party and the effect of the introduction of a bill stopping public money supporting them; 13) Break down of negotiation for dairy workers; 14) Non-residents owning large tracks of farm land; 15) Highlights of a Memorial Cup hockey game between the Regina Pats and the Peterborough Petes; 16) Cable Regina's telecast of the House of Commons Debates; 17) Alderman Joe McKeown asks that the funding to the North Central Community Society be suspended; 18) Highlights of a Memorial Cup hockey game between the Regina Pats and the Cornwall Royals; 19) The Orion medical centre is dropped; 20) Break down of talks with dairy workers; 21) Memorial Cup hockey final between the Cornwall Royal and the Peterborough Petes; 22) Talks dealing with the drought in the province; 23) Proposal for building a Ramada Inn; 24) Cable Regina's satellite dish; 25) Progressive Conservative motion to urge Quebec to vote no in the referendum was blocked by the government; 26) Bed bugs found in an operating room at the General Hospital; 27) MSGR Mauruce Beaudoux.


CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 20 July 1976 - 27 July 1976

  • FILM S-721
  • Item
  • 1976-07-20 to 1976-07-27

Item is a recording of news clips that concern the Olympic Games in Monteal, a fire in/near Watrous, relations between First Nations People and the government, Iona Campagnolo, Saskatchewan poultry pioneers, Roy Romanow, strikes and lockouts, Saskatoon City Council, and Walter Podiluk.

Portnall, Francis (Frank) Henry

  • R-371
  • File
  • 1900-1973

Architectural plans, drawings and plates; photographs; minutes of the Regina Sketch Club, 1926-1966; pamphlets; scrapbooks, etc. (See also R-OS 17). Includes City of Regina Bylaw No. 1485: Regulating the erection and to provide for the safety of buildings in the City of Regina, Saskatchewan.

File 10 includes a publication relating to the unveiling of the Saskatoon War Memorial commemorating the Great War (1914-1918) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on November 11, 1929. Includes information on the Saskatoon Branch of the Canadian Legion, British Empire Service League.

File 11 includes various publications icluding the Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History Popular Series No. 2 entitled Saskatchewan As Seen Through Museum Habitat Displays which contains information on the creators of the displays (Fred G. Bard; Fred W. Lahrman; and Robert D. Symons), March 1962; The Saskatchewanians, published by the Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee and Canada Centennial Corporation, 1967; a booklet on Arthur Silver Morton, Professor of History and Librarian in the University of Saskatchewan, 1914-1940, issued by the University of Saskatchewan in 1943; a volume of poetry by Ralf L.F. Sheldon-Williams, Canadian Expeditionary Force [1918 or after]; a 1941 article by Walter C. Murray entitled The University of Saskatchewan; an untitled history of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan including narratives by prominent citizens compiled to commemorate the city's 21st anniversary, 1927 [the title page has been torn out]; and booklet pertaining to the Soldier's Cemetery in Regina.

Prince Albert pamphlets, booklet, related addresses, land agreement

Booklet entitled, Prince Albert: 100 Years, 1866-1966, published by the City of Prince Albert to mark the centennial of settlement of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Pamphlet entitled, Prince Albert 1966 Centennial Events, a schedule of events occuring in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan to commemorate the centennial anniversary of its settlement. Published by the Prince Albert Citizens' Centennial Committee.

By-laws Nos. 5 to 8 of the City of Prince Albert Waterworks and Sewerage Systems respecting: the construction of house sewer connections: sanitary condition of buildings and to regulate plumbing; frontage assessment for sewers built as local improvements and to regulate town sewers; and the management and regulation of waterworks (1906).

Text of a CKBI radio broadcasts given on May 21and May 28, 1954 by Richmond Mayson of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan entitled, Hotels of Prince Albert and their owners (fifty years ago) - Parts 1 and 2, respectively.

Photocopy of a statement written by His Royal Highness the Duke of Cornwall and York as he and the Duchess of Cornwall and York visit locations in Saskatchewan as part of their Royal visit to Canada in 1901.

Photocopy of a land agreement between Alexander McBeath and Elisha F. Hutchings, filed in the Registry Office for the District of Prince Albert, North-West Territories, August 6, 1882.

Town of Whitewood fonds

  • F 378
  • Fonds
  • 1893-1930

This fonds consists of records created, accumulated and used from 1893 to 1930 by the town clerk of the Town of Whitewood, Saskatchewan.

The records are contained on four reels of microfilm.

Reel No. 1 contains minutes of Council meetings from July, 1897 to April, 1909.

Reel No.2 contains minutes of Council meetings from April, 1909 to July, 1916; assessment rolls, 1893-1905; collector's roll, 1907-1911; assessment and collector's roll, 1912-1913; assessment and tax roll, 1913-1917; cash books showing receipts and expenditures, 1897-1915; and general ledgers, 1910-1912.

Reel No. 3 contains general ledgers, 1912-1926; a poll book, 1909-1913; minutes of ratepayers' meetings, 1905-1918; town clerk's letter book, 1894-1897; and correspondence and other documents dating from 1893 to 1908 arranged alphabetically by subject. The subjects included on reel no. 3 are Accounts; Assessment - Appeals; Assessment - Town Trustees; Borrowing - Wolesley S.D. No. 57; Building Regulations; By-Laws; Cemetery; Council Chambers; Dominion Government; Elections, 1893-1908; Fines; Fire Protection; Insurance; Licenses; Municipal Affairs - Miscellaneous; Public Works; Public Works - Accounts; Relief; Restraining Animals Running at Large; and Revenues.

Reel No. 4 contains correspondence and other documents relating to school districts and the Territorial Government and by-laws no. 1 to 263, dating from 1893 to 1930.

No series were identified within the fonds.

Whitewood (Sask.), 1892-

Whitewood Town

Reels consists of microfilmed administrative documentation for the Town of Whitewood. Records include assessment and collector rolls and tax rolls from ca. 1893 to 1917; ratepayers minutes from 1905 to 1918; clerks letter book from 1894 to 1897; and minutes from 1897 to 1916.

Whitewood (Sask.), 1892-