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Nursing homes - Regina

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Nursing homes - Regina

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CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 17 July 1983 - 26 July 1983

  • VT R-7538
  • Item
  • 1983

News Clips: 1) Forest fires near La Loche seem to have been set; 2) Scenes of Wascana Park; 3) Historic table moved by crane; 4) Cattle quarantined due to a blood disease; 5) Schoenhats water money; 6) Tomatoes grown in Saskatchewan; 7) Saskatchewan Association of Motion Picture Producers Inc. angry that they were not allowed to bid on a government production being shot in the province; 8) Newffield scholars are elite of the farming industry, they are sent to seminars; 9) Proposal to use a private home as a nursing home is voted down by city council; 10) IPSCO would like the Diefenbaker pipeline to go ahead; 11) Cattle tested to see how far the blood disease has spread; 12) Organic Producer marketing co-op stated by 29 farmers; 13) Scenes of Regina; 14) Update on the testing of cattle for a blood disease; 15) to 17) Tornado in the town of Pennant; 18) & 19) Reaction to the federal government's decision to study the Diefenbaker pipeline preposal; 20) Craven Big Valley Jamboree; 21) Wheat in north eastern Saskatchewan affected with Glumb Blotch; 22) Scenes of the Big Valley Jamboree; 23) Dr. Cullimore commenting on Regina's drinking water; 24) Basic mortorcycle safety course; 25) Fastball finals; 26) Workers at the co-op stores on strike; 27) Union Hospital in Moose Jaw stops abortions; 28) Medicare fees; 29) Abortion in Moose Jaw; 30) Farm Credit Corporation wants to borrow money.


[Project 410 - Martha House, Regina]

Exterior and interior views of Martha House, located at 1855-2nd Avenue North, Regina. Views of renovations done to the interior of the building. Photographs taken by William F. Kelly, architect for the renovation project.

[Regina - Provincial Geriatric & Rehabilitation Centre]

01 - Two unidentified residents of the Provincial Geriatric & Rehabilitation Centre participate in a handicraft with the help of an unidentified nurse.

02 - Unidentified residents relax in the lounge.

03 - Unidentified residents watching television.

04 - Five unidentified residents playing cards.

05 - Two unidentified residents in the hallway.

06 - Nurses station with two unidentified nurses working.

07 - Unidentified residents at the canteen operated by the Canadian Institute for the Blind.

08 - Unidentified resident pushed down an exterior wheelchair ramp.

09 and 16 - Unidentified residents play a game of pool.

11 to 15 - Photos of staff operating laundry machines.

Photographic Services

[Regina Nursing Home]

01 - Main entrance at new nursing home.

02 to 03 - Solarium in old folks home, Legislative Grounds, Regina.

04 - Patients sitting in olds folks home.

05 - Cafeteria at old folks home.

06 - View of "four bed" room at old folks home.

07 - A sixteen bed ward at new nursing home.

08 - Beauty Salon in old folks home

09 - Bath for invalids at old folks home.

10 - Bath for more ambulate patients at old folks home, Regina.

11 - Patients sitting room in old folks home.

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