Fondo F 3 - Morris and Jacqui Shumiatcher fonds

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Morris and Jacqui Shumiatcher fonds

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F 3

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  • 1889-2016 (Creación)
    Shumiatcher, Morris Cyril, 1917-2004
  • 1889-2016 (Creación)
    Shumiatcher, Jacqueline (Clay), 1923-2021
  • 1889-2016 (Creación)
    Archibald F. Clay Family, 1894-

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ca. 50.600m of textual records
ca. 2500 photographs
1 audio compact disc
34 audio cassettes
2 audio discs
20 videocassettes
17 optical discs : DVD
1 microfilm reel : positive
1 microfilm reel : negative
1 (416.000 MB)computer optical disc (118 items : .jpg, .mpg) : CD-ROM
2 plans
3 objects
230 (721.000 MB)computer files (textual records, photographs, drawings)

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Historia biográfica

Morris Cyril Shumiatcher was born in Calgary, Alberta on September 20, 1917 to Abraham and Luba (Lubinsky) Shumiatcher. He had one sibling: Minuetta. He received his primary and secondary education in Calgary and earned Bachelor of Arts (1940) and Bachelor of Laws (1941) degrees from the University of Alberta. Shumiatcher earned a Master of Laws degree from the University of Toronto in 1942 and obtained his Doctorate of Jurisprudence from that institution in 1945.

Shumiatcher was called to the Bars of Alberta and British Columbia in 1943. After serving with the Royal Canadian Air Force as an air-gunner (1943-1945), he was called to the Bar of Saskatchewan. Shumiatcher moved to Regina, Saskatchewan in 1945 and held numerous positions within the Saskatchewan Government, including legal counsel, policy adviser and personal advisor and assistant to Premier T.C. Douglas. While in these positions, he drafted many laws, including the Farm Security Act and the Trade Union Act, and authored the Saskatchewan Bill of Rights (1947).

In 1948, Shumiatcher was named King's Counsel and in 1949 he was called to the Bars of Manitoba and the North-West Territories. In 1949 he left the Saskatchewan government and entered private practice, specializing in labour, taxation and corporate law.

During his career, Shumiatcher lectured and wrote on a variety of subjects, including literature, the arts, philosophy, law, human rights and obligations, the monarchy, politics and international relations. He appeared regularly on television and radio including a daily radio program on current affairs, a television program entitled The World in Focus, and a national CTV lecture series entitled Civil Liberties and the Law. Shumiatcher was the author of three books: Welfare: The Hidden Backlash (1971); Assault on Freedom (1962) and Man of Law: A Model (1979).

Shumiatcher was a member of many provincial, national and international organizations, including the Canadian Bar Association; the International Bar Association; and the Law Society of Saskatchewan. He was also a patron and supporter of numerous cultural organizations, galleries, theatres and artists. He served on the boards of numerous organizations in Regina, including the Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, the Regina Symphony and Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts. Shumiatcher served as the Honorary Counsul-General for Japan and as Dean of the Consular Corps for Saskatchewan.

Shumiatcher received numerous awards in recognition of his contributions, including the Order of the Sacred Treasure of Japan (1987); the Canadian Bar Association Distinguished Service Award (1995); and the Saskatchewan Award of Merit (1996). He was named an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1981.

Shumiatcher died in Regina on September 23, 2004.

Morris Shumiatcher married Jacqueline Fanchette Clotilde Clay on April 18, 1955.

Nombre del productor


Historia biográfica

Jacqueline Fanchette Clotilde Clay was born in April 1923 in Vendin-le-Vieil, Pas de Calais, France to Archibald Franklin and Rose Jeanne (Souillart) Clay. She moved with her family, including brother, Pierre, to Regina, Saskatchewan in 1927. She attended Kitchener School and Scott Collegiate. In 1940, she was employed as a shorthand and typing teacher at Sacred Heart Academy. She worked at several different jobs before joining the Government of Saskatchewan in 1947 to work in a secretarial position for Morris C. Shumiatcher, legal counsel to Premier T.C. Douglas. Jacqueline Clay married Morris C. Shumiatcher on April 18, 1955 in Toronto, Ontario. She later established Managerial Services Ltd. to support her husband's law office in Regina.

The Shumiatchers both supported numerous cultural organizations in Regina, including the MacKenzie Art Gallery; Regina Symphony Orchestra; and Globe Theatre. Jacqui Shumiatcher has had an extensive involvement with numerous cultural and women's organizations in Regina; she served as president of the Women's Canadian Club of Regina; the Regina Musical Club; the Regina Film Club and Phi Sigma Alpha - Saskatchewan Delta. She was chairman of the Legal Committee, Regina Council of Women; and served as a docent for the MacKenzie Art Gallery, lecturing to Regina school students on French Impressionism and Inuit art.

Shumiatcher has been the recipient of numerous awards, including a YWCA Women of Distinction award (1996); Canadian Women's Mentor Award (1999); the Saskatchewan Order of Merit (2001); an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Regina (2002); Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal (2003); CTV Citizen of the Year (2004); and Order of Canada (2017).

Shumiatcher died in Regina on February 1, 2021.

Nombre del productor


Historia biográfica

Archibald Franklin Clay was born on March 23, 1894 in Nottingham, England. He came to Canada in 1907 and worked on constructing the railway at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. He enlisted in the 28th North-West Battalion and served in France during World War I. Clay married Rose Jeanne Souillart on April 17, 1919 in France. The Clays lived in Paris and northern France, where their two children, Pierre and Jacqueline, were born. In 1927, the Clay family came to Regina, Saskatchewan, where Archibald Clay was employed by the Canadian Bank of Commerce and the Imperial Bank of Commerce. He retired in 1963 and died in Regina on August 11, 1965.

Rose Jeanne Souillart Clay was born on December 16, 1896 in Bethune, France to Paul Alfred F.J. Souillart and Clotilde Souillart. Her siblings were Albertine, Renee, Paulette and Alfred. Rose Clay, a homemaker, enjoyed music and drama and was an active member of many organizations in Regina, including France Canada and L'Alliance Francaise. She died in Regina on August 5, 1986.

Pierre (Pat) Paul Franklin Clay was born on March 28, 1920. He attended Kitchener School in Regina and graduated from Scott Collegiate in 1938. Clay joined the Canadian Army on September 1, 1939 and served in the United Kingdom and Europe during World War II. On February 2, 1946, he married Elsie May Barr, a nurse from Regina, in South Lancing, England. He returned to Regina in April, 1946 and retired from active service. Clay attended the University of Manitoba, where he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Degree in 1950. After graduation, he and Elsie moved to Ottawa, Ontario, where he was employed at the National Research Council as a statistician until his retirement on March 22, 1985. He died in Ottawa on December 23, 2012.

See PA 565 for a complete biographical sketch of Jacqueline Clay Shumiatcher.

Historial de custodia

Jacqui Shumiatcher, wife of Morris Shumiatcher, donated certain records to the Regina office, Saskatchewan Archives in ten accessions between 1999 and 2016: R99-228 (July 6, 1999); R99-294 (October 13, 1999); R2000-074 (April 11, 2000); R2000-417 (November 29, 2000); R2006-252 (August 17, 2006); R2006-262 (September 7, 2006); 2007-132 (March 1, 2007); 2012-195 (July 31, 2012); 2016-093 (June 28, 2016) and 2016-271 (December 5, 2016).
Certain records in this fonds were in poor physical condition at the time of acquisition. These records were photocopied or microfilmed and the original records destroyed in 2000.

Alcance y contenido

This fonds consists of personal and professional records created, accumulated and used by Morris and Jacqui Shumiatcher of Regina, Saskatchewan. The fonds also includes the records of Jacqui Shumiatcher's immediate family.

The types of records included are correspondence; memoranda; published and unpublished articles and books; addresses; speeches; minutes; legal documents and case files; daily journals; newspaper clippings; scrapbooks; greeting cards; certificates; yearbooks; photographs; sound recordings; and moving images.

The fonds consists of five series: Morris Shumiatcher - Activities; Morris Shumiatcher - Personal; Morris and Jacqui Shumiatcher; Jacqui Shumiatcher; and Clay Family.

Área de notas

Condiciones físicas

Records are in good physical condition.

Origen del ingreso

Morris Shumiatcher donated certain records to the Regina office, Saskatchewan Archives, in three accessions between 1984 and 1988: R84-224 (June 25, 1984); R86-612 (December 19, 1986) and R88-172 (June 6, 1988).


Arrangement reflects both original order and archival intervention.

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Instrumentos de descripción

SAFA 122-1 (researcher version) and SAFA 122-2 (restricted version) consist of fonds and series descriptions, file listings of textual records, and item descriptions of photographs, moving images and sound recordings. The old guides (GR 311-1 and GR 311-2) have been incorporated into the SAFA guides.

Materiales asociados

Related material: Records created by Shumiatcher from 1945 to 1949 as counsel to the T.C. Douglas Government are located in the T.C. Douglas fonds (R-33.2).
Tape R-1675: 1978 interview with Shumiatcher for the oral history project, Doctors and the Medicare Crisis - 1962 (The anti-medicare position).
Pamphlet File - Medical Care - Prepaid (2): series of articles written by Shumiatcher regarding the medical care crisis in 1962.
R-234.10: Records created, accumulated and used by Morris Shumiatcher as chairman of the 1946 Royal Commission to Inquire into the Affairs and Administration of the Saskatchewan Mental Hospital at North Battleford.
Records of many of the organizations Morris and Jacqui Shumiatcher were involved with, including the Law Society of Saskatchewan, the Globe Theatre, the Regina Symphony Orchestra, and the Save the Park Committee Inc., are found in the Saskatchewan Archives Board's permanent collection.

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Further accruals are expected.

Nota general

The plans and some of the photographs have been retained in the textual records to preserve context.


Rights Update Feb. 2021:
Conclusion: Restricted
Status of Review: N/A
Basis of Conclusion: Information about fonds
Internal Review #: N/A
Conclusion Note:

Restriction record identifier: 2843

Restriction record created: 2016-10-11 by LCURRIE

Status of records review:
Access to records restricted. Records review conclusion based on information about the accession, fonds, series, or collection. This collection is restricted, but many records may be eligible for an NDA. Some accessions are subject to donor restrictions. Please consult LCAU for further information.

Restrictions information:
Basis: agreement
Determination date: 2016-10-11
Enforcement date: 2016-08-22

Agreement name: Shumiatcher, Jacqueline, Mrs.
Agreement term: 2007-132 accession is restricted until March 1, 2017. Sub series F 8-3 (Cases I Have Tried) is restricted indefinitely.
Agreement notes: 2016 agreement supercedes old agreements. 10 year restriction applies from the date of each accession or until death of donor. Written permission required while under restriction.

Basis: legislation
Determination date: 2016-10-11

Jurisdiction: Saskatchewan
Citation: The Health Information Protection Act

Basis: policy
Determination date: 2016-10-11

Policy title: FOIP

Path to rights/restrictions documentation: J:\Restrict_Rights_Assoc_Doc\Shumiatcher_Jacqui_2016.pdf


Some of these records were exposed to adverse environmental conditions. In instances where photocopying or microfilming was performed the original records were destroyed. Conservation practices in place at the time of arrangement were applied to records in old guides GR 311-1 and GR 311-2. Textual records described in 2007 and 2016 were placed in acid-free file folders. Photographs were placed in mylar sleeves.
Oversize materials have been moved to appropriate oversize storage.

Designaciones alfanuméricas

Textual records: SAFA 122 (old guide GR 311-1 and GR 311-2) (R-802; R-1543; R-1544; R-1728; R-1825); F 3
Microfilm: Micro. R-2.1083a
Photographs: R-A24453; R-A34476 to R-A34539; R-A34550 (1)-(83); R-B11818 (1)-(3); R-B14528 to R-B14547; R-C14641 to R-C14642; R-D2649 to R-D2657; GM-PH-2987 to GM-PH-3014; GM-PH-3111 (1)-(61)
Audio cassettes: R-14885 to R-14904; R-16144 to R-16146; R-16168 to R-16176; SR-640 to SR-651
Phonograph discs: Disc R-474; Disc R-475
Compact disc: ACD R-16177
Video cassettes: VT R-10703 to VT R-10721; VT R-14542
DVDs: DVD R-14588 to DVD R-14604
Drawing: GM-DA-12

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F 3

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Saskatchewan Archives. Archival Description Manual 2004.

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Content of the fonds.

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