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  • FILM R-3981
  • Item
  • 1999 or before

Informational television trailers: Five informational 5 minute trailers about the occupations of policemen, bakers, milkmen, mailmen and bus drivers. 1) The trailer on policemen takes you on a policeman's rounds as he patrols the streets on his beat and helps people in need of assistance. 2) The trailer on bakers takes you on a tour of a bakery as the staff make bread, pasteries and donuts. 3) The trailer on milkmen takes you inside a creamery and demonstrates how butter is made, milk is pasturized and bottled, and ice cream is packaged. We also follow a milkman on his rounds as he delivers milk to households on his route. 4) In the trailer on postmen, a boy drops a letter in a mailbox and it is followed as it is picked up at the mailbox and processed through the mail system and is delivered to the addressie. There are good interior shots of the post office showing how letters are sorted. 5) The trailer on bus drivers looks at the different kinds of bus drivers there are highlighting school bus drivers, city bus drivers and long distance highway bus drivers.


CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). Miscellaneous

  • FILM S-1539
  • Item
  • 19--

Commercials, spots, and reports: (1) Pioneer Days exhibition footage, midway at night, horse-racing, parade, jugglers and dancers (silent). (2) Salmon fishermen and fishing boat (silent). (3) Co-op Centre "Do It Yourself" exhibit (silent). (4) Co-op Centre commercial, camera's and store interiors (silent). (5) Reliance Lumber commercial for "Frontier Ply". (6) Reliance Lumber commercial (silent interiors/exteriors). (7 & 8) Reliance Lumber commercials. (9 to 13) Mid City Motors commercials for 1965 Cadillac, Pontiac, Beaumont, Buick, Parisienne automobiles. (14) Co-op Ice Cream Commercial (silent). (15) Co-op Vico commercial (silent). (16) Children's birthday party (silent). (17) Mardi Gras commercial.

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.)

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 12 July 1974 - 16 July 1974

  • FILM S-320
  • Item
  • 1974-07-12 to 1974-07-16

News: (1) John Messer on subsidies for hog production (colour). (2) Board of Trade-sponsored event for "Pionera Days"; old-time band, a line of high-kicking dancing girls, Mayor Bert Sears; all are dressed in old-time pioneer garb (colour) (silent). (3) Roy Rogers and Dale Evans visit the Saskatchewan Council for Crippled Children and Adults Building (colour) (silent). (4) Roy Rogers at the Saskatoon Grandstand (colour). (5) Fire fighters ascend on a "cherry-picker" crane to a pedway in downtown Saskatoon [news item: "Skywalk accident"] (colour) (silent). (6) Interview with an unidentified woman on tourists who visit the Tourist Information Centre. (7) House fire aftermath (silent). (8) "Moustache Shave-Off"; men are shaved by barbers (colour) (silent). (9) Kinsmen car award ticket booth; prize cars on display (silent). (10) Saskatoon General Radio Club Trailer; interior, a man talks on a radio; exterior, presentation, speeches, and Mayor Bert Sears cutting a ribbon. (11) Elwood Hart on attendance at "Pionera Days". (12) Confederation Park road under construction (silent). (13) Car-motorcycle accident aftermath (silent). (14) Car accident aftermath at Avenue C North and 37th Street West (silent). (15) Owen Buss interviews Alderman Cliff Wright on the delay in provincial funding for Saskatoon's Olympic-sized swimming pool. (16) Owen Buss interviews Alderman Owen Mann on the draining of an unidentified source of water. (17) Milk-dumping at a dairy (colour) (silent). (18) Owen Buss news item on replacing broken windows at Public Schools.

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.)

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 28 Feb. 1966 - 12 Mar. 1966

  • FILM S-1697
  • Item
  • 1966-02-28 to 1966-03-12

News: (1) C.B. MacDonald on government not interfering in youth programs. (2) Saskatchewan Government Insurance Office convention, Bessborough Hotel; workshops, displays (silent). (3) George Agar, Saskatoon Blades coach, on recent and upcoming hockey games. (4) Children receive oral polio vaccine from nurses in a gym (silent). (5) "Little Royal" cattle show, University of Saskatchewan barn; cattle are displayed, a man rides a "bucking" saddle, arm wrestling and milk drinking contests, speech (silent). (6) Mike(?) McCourt news item on J.W. Gardiner's presentation, on renovations at the Legislature, and on provincial government business. (7) Provincial ski meet, Mount Blackstrap; downhill skiiers in action (silent). (8) Milk drinking contest, University of Saskatchewan barn; a man drinks milk (silent). (9) Martin Pederson on his objections to the provincial Liberal government budget. (10) Don Neker on an unidentified provincial high school basketball tournament. (11) Mrs. R.J. Higbee on schools setting up kindergarten classes. (12) Mr. Basken on resolving a strike [news item: "B.A. strike"]. (13) Mr. Davidson on resolving the same strike. (14) C.C.F.-N.D.P. nominating convention; John Brockelbank speaks to a small audience; Roy Romanow speaks (silent). (15) Jazz quintet playing [news item: "Jazz festival"]. (16) Elementary school class in action [news item: "French school opens"] (silent). (17) Oil refinery exteriors (silent). (18) Gordon Grant on road improvements for Highway 11. (19) Wes Robbins on an increase in house insurance rates. (20) Saskatchewan Technical Institute open house; people tour displays, student nurses and dermatologists at work, etc. (silent). (21) Mr. M. Jaeger on reconciling the Western Development Museum with the Pionera Exposition board. (22) Stu Goodings on people joining an unspecified company. (23) Men fill a hopper on a snowmobile with mosquito-killing chemicals (silent). (24) Melting ice sculptures in front of City Hall; children play in a puddle; a man shovels wet snow (silent). (25) Mike(?) McCourt news item on the provincial Liberal government budget. (26) Dr. Orban, University of Saskatchewan, on a socio-economic study on young boys. (27) Rev. Edworthy on a building fund for the Young Men's Christian Association. (28) Rev. Edworthy on the best time of day for a campaign blitz. (29) P.C. Allen on British exports to Canada.

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.)

R. Haight dairy farm at Floral

  • R-B5516 (1)-(19)
  • Item
  • 1961

R. Haight dairy farm at Floral, Sk in 1961. (8), (10), (11) Milking machines on Haight dairy farm. (14), (15) Milk truck making pick-up at farm. (17) R. Haight family seated around kitchen table enjoying milk.

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