Local Histories Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
LH-6 Further along the Furrow (Volume III) Item 2004
R-E1269 Tales and Trails of Tessier Item 1982
LH-17 Another Glimpse of Quinton and District Item 2013
R-E735 Through the Years Item 1967
R-E720 Pioneer Memories: A History of Courval, Rodgers, Eastleigh, Old Wives Item 1974
R-E896 The Darlingford Saga, 1870-1970 Item 1972
R-E897 They Came to Wood Mountain Item 1969
R-E216 Freedhome Hall Item 1978
LH-18 Milestones and Memories, 1900-1980 Item 1980
R-E4813 Willow Bunch Historical Sites and Buildings - 2005 Item 2004
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