Coleção F 471 - Lloyd G. Warkentin collection

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Lloyd G. Warkentin collection

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F 471

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  • 1876-2019 (Produção)

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ca. 1100 photographs : prints, postcards, negatives, slides, transparencies, b&w, col.
1.04 m of textual records
4 maps

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História biográfica

Lloyd George Warkentin was born on December 15, 1929 in Langham, Saskatchewan to Jacob and Aganetha (Thiessen) Warkentin. He grew up in Dalmeny, Saskatchewan, where he received his elementary and high school education. Warkentin attended the Tabor Bible School in Dalmeny and received a Diploma in Administration (Accounting) from the University of Regina in 1978. He was named a Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers in 1953.

In 1953, Warkentin married Lena (Lee) Kowalko of the Erwood, Saskatchewan district.

During his professional career, Warkentin was employed by the Bank of Nova Scotia (1948-1971); Saskatchewan Department of Co-operation and Co-operative Development (1972-1986); Saskatchewan Department of Economic Diversification and Trade (1986-1989 and 1990-1992); and Triple C School in Grand Cayman (1989-1990 and 1992 to 1994). Warkentin is currently (2021) retired and resides in Sidney, British Columbia.

Warkentin has been active in local churches throughout his life, and has been involved with Gideons International for over 50 years.

História custodial

Âmbito e conteúdo

This collection consists of records created, accumulated and used by former Saskatchewan resident Lloyd G. Warkentin. The records relate to his personal and family life; his interest in religion; his early life in Dalmeny, Saskatchewan; his work as a bank manager and as an employee of the Saskatchewan Department of Co-operation and Co-operative Development. Many of the items reflect Warkentin's general interest in Saskatchewan and its history.

The types of records included are photographs, yearbooks, telephone directories, family histories, correspondence, notes, reports, publications, postcards, maps, and memorabilia.

The graphic materials in this collection focus mainly on the Warkentin, Thiessen and Kowalko families; the town of Dalmeny; and various representations of Saskatchewan, including agricultural scenes, abandoned farms and machinery, elevators, towns (including hotels and other businesses), bridges, ferries, landmarks, Taylor Field and the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and the RCMP Musical Ride.

All of the records in the collection have been described at the file or item level, except for S-G906.6, which includes a publication entitled The Western Teacher: Modern Classroom Magazine, Volume 3, No. 2, published by Western Extension College, 1932.

No series assignment has been applied to the records in this collection.

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Records are in good physical condition.

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Lloyd G. Warkentin donated these records to Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan in sixteen accessions between 2000 and 2020: S2000-49 (September 15, 2000); S2000-65 (November 16, 2000); S2001-9 (March 7, 2001); S2001-28 (June 11, 2001); S2001-44 (June 11, 2001); S2001-70 (December 13, 2001); S2002-34 (June 13, 2002); S2003-86 (December 1, 2003); S2005-60 (November 18, 2005); S2006-15 (May 1, 2006); 2009-628 (June 22, 2009); 2009-743 (November 19, 2009); 2011-136 (July 13, 2011); 2014-042 (April 30, 2014); 2015-163 (November 18, 2015); and 2020-028 (April 7, 2020).


Arrangement reflects original order and archival intervention.

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Records are open for research use.

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Use, publication and/or reproduction of records may be subject to terms and conditions of the Copyright Act and/or a donor agreement.

Instrumentos de descrição

SAFA 315 consists of a collection description and file listings of the textual records, the photographs, and a map.
Detailed listings compiled by Lloyd G. Warkentin for the records in accession numbers 2009-628, 2014-042 and 2015-163 are located in F 471, Box 1. Detailed listings compiled by Lloyd G. Warkentin for the records in accession number 2020-028 are located in F 471, Box 6. Information in the listings can be located using the accession number written on the file folder or back of photograph and the original item number assigned by Lloyd G. Warkentin.

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Further accruals are expected.

Nota geral

Some of the maps and photographs were retained in the textual records to preserve context.

Nota geral

Locations: 9194.06 (Boxes 1 to 5); 8528.03 (Box 6)
9194.07 (GM-PH-3156 to GM-PH-3167)
8528.03 (GM-PH-5271 to GM-PH-5273)


Restriction record identifier: 906

Restriction record created: 2015-06-18 by KMAJOR

Status of records review:
Access to records open. Records review conclusion based on information about the accession, fonds, series, or collection.


Conservation practices in place at the time of processing were applied to the records in this collection.

Designações alfanuméricas

Textual records: S-A993; S-A1090; S-G906.6; S-Q78; S-Q129; S-Q148; S-Q160; S-Q212; S-Q263; Gov. Pub. LA 4.7; F 471 (Files 1 to 91)

Photographs: S-B 11726 to S-B11744; S-B 11759 to S-B11783; S-B12207 to S-B12215; S-B12508 to S-B12532; S-B13554; S-B13600 to S-B13682; S-B13684; S-B13686 to S-B13693; S-B 13695 to S-B13709; S-B13711 to S-B13744; S-B13832 to S-B13894; S-B13896; S-B13898 to S-B13910; S-B13917 to S-B13957; S-D58 to S-D60; S-E277 to S-E291; S-F1161 to S-F1248; GM-PH-3156 to GM-PH-3167; GM-PH-5271 (1)-(21); GM-PH-5272 (1)-(17); GM-PH-5273 (1)-(33)

Map: A20.113 (S)

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F 471

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F 471

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Saskatchewan Archives. Archival Description Manual 2004.



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Content of the collection.

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