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CBC (Saskatoon). News clips. 25 Mar. 1976 - 26 Apr. 1976

  • FILM R-1895
  • Item
  • 1976-03-25 to 1976-04-26

NEWS: (1) Report on the increase in noise level at the public library (report corresponds with Saskatchewan Library Week. (2) Interview with psychiatrist Dr. George Engel about reasons behind malpractise. (3) Scenes from a library. (4) Scientist discusses the federal funding cut for scientific research. (5) Representative of the Department of Northern Saskatchewan discusses the gradual expansion of the department. AD Test Strip reading 1.0 - deterioration has begun. 18/10/00.

CBKST (Television Station : Saskatoon, Sask.)

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 01 Oct. 1966 - 18 Oct. 1966

  • FILM S-1717
  • Item
  • 1966-10-01 to 1966-10-18

News: (1) University of Saskatchewan " Homecoming Parade ". (2) Christchurch 60th anniversary dinner. (3) Mr. Koyl on local election issues. (4) Measles vaccination. (5) Library inquiry meeting. (6) Terry Higgins on robbery in Colonsay. (7) Furniture show. (8) University of Saskatchewan presentation to Westeel. (9) Mr. Godbout and unidentified man discuss mortgages. (10) Kelly Burke of Playboy Magazine at Saskatoon Airport.(11) Mr. Dunlop on Canada Savings Bonds. (12) B. Thompson of the SaskatoonBoard of Trade. (13) Chess tournament. (14) Visually handicapped people making mats. (15) H.M.C.S Unicorn in Vancouver. (16) Traffic accident on Highway #11. (17) Strike at Domtar. (18) Miss C. Pearce on food prices.(19) Mr. Dyson on liquor laws. (20) Don Junor on Pionera financial figures. (21) Saskatchewan Power machinery demonstration. (22) Mr. Jackson Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Asscociation. (23) Mr. Vineberg on Progessive Conservative party. (24) Chartered accountants at unidentified ceremony. (25) United Appeal drive at University of Saskatchewan. (26) Mr. Gray on wheat. (27) Mr. Fusedale on civil defence. (28) Mr. Segales on kidney transplant at University Hospital. (29) Dr. Baltzan on kidney transplants. (30) Cy MacDonald on unknown chemical plant. (31) Mr. Childon the livestock industry. (32) Martin Pederson on political issues. (33) W.H.L. Godsalve on unknown issue. (34) Home economics class at University of Saskatchewan. (35) Trust companys new building? (36) Sid Buckwold on city budget. (37) Ernest Cole on city budget. (38) "Dream Home" contest winner. (39) Steve McEachern on his retirement plans.

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 12 Apr. 1973 - 09 May 1973

  • FILM S-179
  • Item
  • 1973-04-12 to 1973-05-09

News: (1) Otto Lang and Roy Romanow on cattle rustling. (2) Saskatoon Police inspection, Saskatoon Arena; police, pipe and drum choir. (3) Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commissioner W.L. Higgett on training for R.C.M.P. recruits and officers. (4) Boy Scouts canoeing in the South Saskatchewan River, at dusk (silent). (5) Dave Steuart on the "power hunger" of the New Democratic Party. (6) City council session; Wayne(?) Brock on an Olympic-sized swimming pool for Saskatoon. (7) "Participaction for Pets" pet parade; children and their pets out for a run. (8) Twenty- sixth Anglican Synod, Hotel Saskatchewan, Regina; ministers pose in front of the hotel (silent). (9) Bicycle Rodeo; children ride bikes around a test course and are scored by Saskatoon Police (silent). (10) Exchange students depart at the train station (silent). (11) Frances Morrison on buidling a Saskatoon Public Library branch on Circle Drive. (12) Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration Tree Nursery; workers planting and harvesting young trees, wrapping trees on an assembly line (colour) (silent).

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.)


  • FILM R-1515.5
  • Item
  • 197-?

Film report: Scenes of construction workers building onto the Saskatoon Public Library.

CBKST (Television Station : Saskatoon, Sask.)

Local Histories - Saskatoon - Libraries

  • Pamphlet File - Local Histories - Saskatoon - Libraries
  • Item
  • after 1966

Booklet on the central branch of the Saskatoon Public Library. Text by Alice Turner with photographs credited to Classic Studio, Creative Photographers, Gilbson Photos and Lumby Productions.


  • FILM S-1546
  • Item
  • 19--

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CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.)