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Land use

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Land use

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Land use

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To the Golden West, 1903 : Part I

  • PI-81-7.3 (3)
  • Component
  • 1954

Item component is an article by Ray Coates that appears in volume 7, issue 3 of Saskatchewan History from page 104 to 109.

Coates, Ray

Saskatchewan Homestead Records

  • PI-81-18.1 (2)
  • Component
  • 1965

Item component is an article by Lloyd Rodwell that appears in volume 18, issue 1 of Saskatchewan History from page 10 to 29.

Rodwell, Lloyd W.

Pioneering on the Soo Line

  • PI-81-3.3 (2)
  • Component
  • 1950

Item component is an article by Shirley I. Paustian that appears in volume 3, issue 3 of Saskatchewan History from page 99 to 103.

Paustian, Shirley

National Farmers' Union, Local 601

  • R-528
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1980

Resource manual prepared by Local 601 to provide information on basic issues in agriculture: transportation, orderly marketing, economics of farming, plant breeders' rights, land use policy, environmental issues, matrimonial property, children's rights, country women of the world and National Farmers' Union structure.

CBC (Saskatoon). News clips. 22 Apr. 1975 - 23 Apr. 1975

  • FILM R-2152
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1975-04-22 to 1975-04-23

News: (1) Boychuk Construction plan to build houses in wooded area of Sutherland (2) Psychologist discusses why people have problems communicating (3) Students plan the land development of River Heights in Saskatoon.


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