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CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 01 February 1982 - 09 February 1982

  • VT R-7597
  • Item
  • 1982-02

News Clips: 1) Cattle dying from malnutrition; 2) Clifford Olson wants to be sent to the Prince Albert peniteniary; 3) Shipping of dangerous goods by rail and accidents; 4) SUMA convention and a new urban act; 5) No one living outside of Saskatchewan can own more then 10 acres of land; 6) Transportation and storage of hazardous substances; 7) Power bills go up and so conservation is important; 8) People on the street are asked how the government is dealing with the economy; 9) Nuclear power discussed at the SUMA convention; 10) SUMA resolutions discussed at the convention; 11) Possiblity of a police strike in Regina at any time; 12) Documentary film about two native foster children; 13) SUMA resolution to ban strikes of essential services; 14) People on the street are asked about at possible police strike; 15) SUMA bearpit session; 16) Task force on the use of UPC and scaners; 17) Blakeney making a speech at the premiers conference; 18) Police negotiations over a new contract; 19) Preservation of heritage sites in Regina and Pierre Berton's comments on it; 20) Grain transportation rates and the crow; 21) Reaction to changes in the crow.


CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 19 Jan. 1979 - 21 Jan. 1979

  • FILM S-1298
  • Item
  • 1979-01-19 to 1979-01-21

News: (1) Janice Aubrey on Alberta investors buying up land in Saskatoon. (3) Leon Brin reports on the outcome of Gregory Fischer's murder trial (for the death of RCMP Constable [Thomas] Brian King) outside the Moose Jaw Court House (sound out of sync). (4) Interiors and exteriors of Moose Jaw Court House. Mr. Fischer leaves with R.C.M.P. (5) Mr. Jones on fire at King Edward School. (6) King Edward School fire. School board meeting (silent). (7) Lloyd Robertson on news reporting. (8 to 10) Mr. Conn on gun safety. Gun club opening. People target shooting indoors. (11) Fire at 417 Ave. E South in Saskatoon. (12 & 13) Otto Lang on grain transportation. (14) Sandi Coleman on Battleford. (15) Ms. Barry on Battleford redevelopment.

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

Historical Ownership Mapping Endeavour (HOME) Maps collection

  • A1393
  • Collection
  • 2005

Collection of maps containing Dominion Land Grant information, including the names, dates and legal land locations of the original land grants issued by the federal Department of the Interior, Dominion Lands Branch from 1871 to 1930 and by the Government of Saskatchewan, Lands Branch since 1930.

Each map includes an alphabetical index by surname.

Not all rural municipalities in Saskatchewan are included in this collection.

Indians of North America

  • R-834
  • File
  • 1880-1982

Compilation of former pamphlet and clipping collections in the Regina office of the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan.

File 6 includes an article by Thomas F. Kehoe entitled Indian Boulder Effigies, 1965. (Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History Popular Series No. 12).

File 13 (b) includes the first report of the Saskatchewan Committee on Indian Affairs dated November 19, 1956.

File 13 (c) includes the proceedings of a conference between the Province of Saskatchewan and the people of Indian ancestry held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1964.

File 17 (a) includes copies of Tawow (Canadian Indian cultural magazine). Includes an article on Canon H.E. Hives by Mrs. A.N. Wetton entitled 26 Years Studying Cree, priest publishes grammar (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, June 7, 1948).

File 20 includes a publication issued by the federal Department of Citizenship and Immigration. Indian Affairs Branch entitled The Canadian Indian: A Reference Paper (1957, 15 p.).

File 21 (a) contains records relating to Anglican Church of Canada missions.

File 26 includes the publication entitled Catalogue of the Morris Collection of Indian Portraits at the Gallery of the Canadian Art Club, ca. 1909.

File 34 relates to the Cree rebellion of '84.

File 35 (a) relates to Crowstand mission.

File 35 (e) includes notes on the history of the Shoal Lake School and Shoal Lake Band with particular reference to the work of the Anglican Church of Canada there. Includes material from the Conference on the Indian in the Community held in Calgary, Alberta on May 19, 1957.

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