Kathleen M.A. Laubach collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
GM-PH-1582 Regina College Item 1915
GM-PH-1583 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lamb Item 192-?
GM-PH-1584 Automobiles at Saskatoon Sanatorium Item ca. 1925
GM-PH-1586 Sousa's Band at the Sanitorium in Saskatoon Item 19--?
GM-PH-1587 Wagons and tents near hay pile Item 19--?
GM-PH-1617 Four Indian men on horseback Item 1993 or before
R-933.1 Laubach, Kathleen M.A.: Collector File 1918-1933
GM-PH-1591 Henry Kinaquan and Pip Item 19--?
GM-PH-1592 Teepee and wagons Item 19--?
GM-PH-1605 Jim Matchechuk, Day Star Reserve Item 19-??
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