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CBC. News clips. 1955

  • FILM S-1583
  • Item
  • 1955

News segments: (1) Streets scenes in Moscow, USSR (Russia). (2) Vita, Manitoba aftermath of storm? (3) Unidentified man and woman on murder in Mississippi. (4) Unidentified mass gathering in Buenos Aires. (5) Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip with two of their children in Scotland. (6) Queen Elizabeth II and family at Braemar games in Scotland. (7) Unidentified people arrive in Quebec. (8) Revolution in Argentina. (9) Speed boat racing. Bluebird boat sinks. (10) Unidentified footage in Ontario. (11) Greta Garbo at airport in Paris. (12) Marlene Dietrich performing in Las Vegas.

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. Aug. 1968

  • FILM S-1779
  • Item
  • 1968-08

News: (1) Sid Buckwold on storm sewers. (2) David Boldt on new highway construction. (3) Ron Shorvoyce and Cliff McIssac on education (optical). (4) Saskatoon to Dundurn highway opening ceremonies. (5) Roy Atkinson on farmers unions. (6) Bert Salloum on air service to the United States. (7) Rene Marleau on swimming pool hours. (8) L.C. Duddridge on education finances. (9) Mr. Dorgan on University of Saskatchewan enrollment figures. (10) Gladiolus flower show. (11) University of Saskatchewan nurses graduation. (12) Don Sommers on air transportation service. (13) Phantom tourist award to Dorothy Autridge. (14) British robot salesman (optical). (15) Horticultural show. (16) Bill Milne on sewer problems. (17) Bert Sears on bus service. (18) K. Hodgson on fire fighters strike. (19) Trap shooting (Color). (20) James Gray on shipping at Port Churchill. (21) First day of school at Evan Hardy Collegiate. (22) Sgt. Hugh Campbell on traffic safety. (23) D. Hicks on teenage employment agency. (24) Korean Ambassador visits Saskatoon. (25) Stu Fawcett on new industries for Saskatoon. (26) Dr. Madelene Hunter on education issue. (27) Gus Bell on United Appeal fundraising. (28) Clarence Estey on Winter Works program. (29) Sid Buckwold on unknown issue. (30) Alf Gleave unknown issue. (31) Phantom tourist award to Jean Christie of Hewgills Drug Store. (32) Wakaw exhibition. (33) Rosthern exhibition. (34) George Reed on football. (35) Horse-race. (36) Horse-race. (37) Horse-race. (38) Elwood Hart on horse racing for 1969.

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

Common Border Facility

Items are drawings for Canadian residences at common border facility for Climax, Saskatchewan and Turner, Montana.

E.K.T. As It Happens July 28, 1986

Item is a recording of a portion of the CBC programs The World at 6 (6:00 pm news) and "As It Happens" from July 28, 1986.

Recording begins on B side by joining in progress The World at 6. News reports on this program concern: British Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe's visit to the South African township of Soweto and his meeting with Zulu Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi; car bombing in Lebanon that killed 32 (thirty-two) people; riots/strike by Hindus in New Delhi to protest recent Indian government action in the state of Punjab; sales of heavily subsidized US wheat to China and the USSR (Russia) and how this is perceived as a threat by Canadian and Australian farmers; an arrest of a father [Glenn Roach] in Ontario for killing his 27 month old daughter [Melissa Roach]; search for the killer of 11 year old Alison Parrott; search for 2-1/2 year old Lynn Marie Hellier near the community of Parksville on Vancouver Island; firing of the CN Rail conductor [Wayne Smith] involved in the head-on-collision with a passenger train near Hinton, Alberta that occurred on February 8, 1986; developments in the Sinclair Stevens Conflict of Interest Inquiry, with a focus on the testimony of Shirley Walker (aide to Stevens) and her diaries; attempts by the Nova Scotia government to attract the Linton Company to build a radar components factory in the province; the United States and the USSR preparations for an arms-reduction summit; rematches between chess champion Garry Kasparov and former champion Anatoly Karpov to raise money for Chernobyl nuclear accident victims; results of a general election in Thailand; efforts to have Canada play a larger role in Central America; shooting of grey seals by hunters in Newfoundland to publicize the effect seals have on fish stocks; efforts by the United States' Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban asbestos; the campaign for a new leader of the Social Credit Party of British Columbia; and comments by United States Attorney General Edwin Meese on American efforts in the war on drugs.

As It Happens, hosted by Alan Maitland and Susan Reisler, has the following segments: interview with Janet Jessup (whose daughter Christine Jessup was murdered two years earlier) about the feelings likely being experienced by the parents of murdered 11-year old Alison Parrott; interview with Dr. John Bradford (of the Royal Ottawa Hospital) on efforts to street proof children and how to deal with the criminals who target children; interview with Steven Bindman (of the Ottawa Citizen) on Sinclair Steven Inquiry testimony provided by Shirley Walker (special assistant to Sinclair Stevens while he was industry minister and worked for Stevens' York Centre Corp. for twenty years), in particularly on the testimony about entries in her diaries that appeared to indicate she was informing Mr. Stevens of business dealings that were supposed to be held in a blind trust while he was in elected office. Next is an interview with Wayne Smith, a railway conductor that was fired by CN after his freight train ran into a passenger train near Hinton, Alberta; discussion with Selig Harrison (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) to discuss the implications for relations between the United States and the USSR (Russia) as a result of the proposed pull out of some Soviet troops from Afghanistan; interview with John Hughes, the first Canadian to participate in the BOC (British Oxygen Company) around-the-world solo yacht race; interview with Allan Billard (executive director of the Eastern Fishermen's Federation) who organized a publicity event to illustrate the effects that fisherman see grey seals have on fish stocks and to reinforce the need to reintroduce a cull of the seals; interview with Paul Ajas on how recent floods in Alberta revealed (primarily) flour gold in gravel beds as the floodwaters recede; and interview with E.K. Turner (President, Saskatchewan Wheat Pool) on the effects new American subsidies on wheat will have on Canadian grain sales to China and the USSR.

F. Y. I.

  • FILM R-1659
  • Item
  • 1973

TELEVISION SERIES: (1) Political activist from Argentina speaks on political prisoners and the struggles in his country (2) Scenes of computers at the University of Saskatchewan (3) Scenes from a career opportunity exhibition (4) Interview with Dr. Jerry Steinke on computing career opportunities for young adults titled CAREER EXPOSITION.



  • Clippings File - Ghana
  • Item
  • 1957

Correspondence between Mr. A.G. Kuziak, Minister of Natural Resources, Government of Saskatchewan and Mr. Kwame Nkrumah, the Prime Minister of Ghana, Africa, regarding permission to name a Saskatchewan island, Ghana, 1957. 4 p.

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