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Four First Nations men

Image of four unidentified First Nations men possibly taken in Saskatchewan or Alberta, possibly by R.H. Trueman. Three of the men are standing behind the fourth man, outside with trees in the background. They are all dressed in finery.

Photographs and employment charters relating to Archibald McDonald

Images accumulated and used by Archibald McDonald (1836-1915), the last Chief Factor for the Hudson's Bay Company in Fort Qu'Appelle.

(1): Exterior view of the Hudson's Bay Company store in Fort Qu'Appelle with seven unidentified men, one dog and one child in front of the store.

(2): Portrait of Archibald McDonald seated in a chair with his legs crossed. Photographer: Maull & Company, London, United Kingdom.

(3): Portrait of Archibald McDonald by Gauvin Gentzel & Company of Winnipeg. McDonald's signature is below the portrait.

(4): Exterior view of Fort Garry.

(5): Composite photograph of Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) Commissioned Officers, 1872-1881. Key to picture is included.

(6): Group of unidentified men in room with door in background and furs on floor in front. American Art Gallery, Winnipeg stamped on back.

(7): Group of unidentified men outside the original Fort Garry gate.

(8): Photographic copy of a sketch of Fort Qu'Appelle by Neison, 1877.

GM-DA-6: Watercolour painting of Fort Qu'Appelle by F.W. Lee, October 1899.

TR-205 to TR-206: Charters issued to Archibald McDonald by the Hudson's Bay Company relating to his employment as chief trader and factor dated April 9, 1872 and May 31, 1873.

E.M. Culliton fonds

  • F 14
  • Arquivo
  • 1867, 1901-2002 (predominant: 1930-1959)

This fonds consists of records created; accumulated and used by E.M. Culliton as: Provincial Secretary and as Minister-without-Portfolio in the government of William John Patterson; chair and member of several committees and commissions of inquiry; participant in the Catholic Church; and lawyer practicing in Gravelbourg; Saskatchewan.

Also included are constituency records Culliton created, accumulated, and used as the Liberal Member of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly for Gravelbourg; and as a Liberal caucus member.

A small volume of records created between 1980 and 1984 by John Archer as Secretary of the Saskatchewan Government Insurance Building Sale Inquiry are included.

The types of records included are correspondence; reports; memorandum; transcripts; agendas and minutes; certificates; working papers; reference material; invitations; clippings; speeches; yearbooks; submissions and briefs; commission exhibits; legal opinions and precedent files; photographs; audio reels; videocassettes; map; printing plate; account books and financial statements.

This fonds is missing records Culliton created as minister-in-charge of the King's Printer and Bureau of Publications; as Chancellor of the University of Saskatchewan; and as Chief Justice of Saskatchewan.

No series have been identified in collection R-824.

Collection R-839 has been arranged into three series: Thatcher, Colin - Preliminary Hearing; SGI Building Sale Inquiry; Commission of Inquiry Concerning Activities of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (McDonald Commission).

Collection R-1445 has been arranged into seven series: Canadian Judicial Council Seminars; Culliton Commission - Review of Saskatchewan Power Corporation Rates and Public Participation in the Rate Setting Process; Culliton Inquiry into Conflict of Interest Guidelines - 1986; Miscellaneous; Order of Canada; Precedent Files; Saskatchewan Order of Merit. Collection R-1445 includes two videocassettes (assigned identifiers/ MI-13487 and MI-13488) that contain footage of a tribute to Senator Dave Steuart on November 10, 1990 at the Sheraton Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan. The tribute, with master of ceremonies Ralph Goodale, was filmed by Minds Eye Pictures, Regina.

Collection R-1516 has been arranged into eight series: General Files; Commissions and Panels of Inquiry; Legal Series; Constitution of Canada; Working Papers and Reference Reports; Canadian Judicial Council; Certificates of Recognition and Achievement; Programmes and Invitations; Photographs-Miscellaneous.

R-E2419 contains a thank you letter to E.M. Culliton from C.A. Dunning (Chairman, Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., Limited).

Public, private and court records are contained in this fonds.

Culliton, E.M., 1906-1991

Portrait of William Robert Bell

  • GM-PH-401
  • Item
  • ca. 1872

Item is a cabinet card studio photograph of William Robert Bell.

William Robert Bell and his fellow soldiers

  • GM-PH-402
  • Item
  • ca. 1875

Item is a cabinet card photograph of William Robert Bell seated in centre of image at a writing desk (with desk at oblique angle to camera) and soldiers standing on either side of him. Bell holds a writing instrument in one hand (posed over a piece of paper), and a sword in other other, while his military cap rests on the table. Soldier on proper left stands with one hand to his hip and the other hand resting on the hilt of his sword. Soldier on proper right is leaning one hand on Bell's chair back and the other hand on his sword.

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