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Thatcher, Ross and Peggie, 1917-1988
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Liberal politicians and events

(1)-(28): Images of Liberal politician David Gordon (Davey) Steuart, including head and shoulders portraits and images of Steuart in his office, talking on the telephone, and attending various events. Photographers include George Reisenauer, Brigdens, and Government of Saskatchewan Photo Services. ca. 1960-1976.

(29): Image of unidentified man speaking at the podium at the 1968 Liberal convention. A caricature of W. Ross Thatcher is in the background.

(30): Image of four unidentified women and one man in campaign office. Saskatchewan Liberal Youth Day and W. Ross Thatcher posters on the wall in the background. [1967?].

(31): Image of W. Ross Thatcher greeting two women while a group of men and women look on.

(32)-(34): Images of an unidentified reporter interviewing protesters. Date and location unknown.

(35): Image of unidentified children and adults gathered around the rotunda in the Saskatchewan Legislative Building, Regina.

(36): Image of two unidentified men seated in/standing next to a caterpillar in a treed area. Photographer: Morris Studios and Camera Center, Moosomin, Saskatchewan.

(37): Image of Eugene Whelan, Ralph Goodale and two other unidentified men sitting at a table. Photographer: Jean-Marc Carisse, National Liberal Caucus Research Bureau.

(38)-(39): Image of Ralph Goodale and Tony Abbott looking over documents.

(40): Image of four men, including Ralph Goodale and Bryce Mackasey, standing together with a poster of Pierre E. Trudeau and a Canadian flag in the background.

(41): Image of Joseph Clifford (Cliff) McIsaac seated at a desk, holding a telephone in his right hand.

(42): Image of Otto Lang, Donn Walsh, and Ted Malone standing together. Donn Walsh is wearing an Al Zabinsky campaign sticker on his lapel.

(43)-(44): Image of Gordon Burton Grant looking over fishing tackle with two unidentified boys.

(45): Image of unidentified man holding a stick in the water while an unidentified girl seated next to him looks on. Photographer: West's Studio, Regina.

(46): Image of unidentified men and women gathered at a Liberal event at the Kiwanis Club in Uranium City, Saskatchewan. D.G. Steuart is standing above the female guitar player.

(47): Image of young people gathered at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building in Regina listening to an unidentified man. 1972.

(48): Image of the Young Girls' Choir performing at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building in Regina. A large floral centerpiece in foreground. 1972.