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CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.)
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Buckwold, S. L.

  • FILM S-2370
  • Item
  • 1959-1965, 1968-1970

News compilation: 1) Sid Buckwold is being interviewed saying that he is optimistic for the City of Saskatoon in 1960. 2) Sid Buckwold discusses the options for safe street crosswalks for school children. 3) Sid Buckwold is optimistic that the Saskatoon City Council will have the mil rate remain the same as in the previous year. 4) Man on the street interviews with various unidentified people concerning Sid Buckwold as the candidate for mayor in the upcoming civic election. 5) Sid Buckwold announces, on Sept. 22, 1962, his candidacy for the office of mayor and stating some of the problems he will address if he is elected. 6) Sid Buckwold discusses the plans for the funding and uses of a civic auditorium. 7) Sid Buckwold announces that the Canada Cement plant will be locating to Saskatoon. 8) Sid Buckwold announces that he will not seek a new term as mayor of Saskatoon, Apr. 4, 1963. 9) Sid Buckwold announces a conference to discuss a federal-provincial fund for municipalities. 10) Sid Buckwold congratulates CFQC Radio on its anniversary. 11) Sid Buckwold discusses his future as a private citizen, stating that he will not seek another term as mayor of Saskatoon, Sept. 9, 1963. 12) Footage of a dinner honouring Sid Buckwold, Jan. 8, 1964. Shots of several gift presentations are included. (silent) 13) Sid Buckwold discussing a pay as you go policy for the city of Saskatoon for the purpose of reducing the amount of money the city would borrow. 14) Sid Buckwold is speaking about the ideas for developing Jubilee Park and Riverside Holiday Centre, Oct. 4, 1959, and asks for suggestions from interested citizens. 15) Sid Buckwold announces that the federal government has approved all of the proposed 25 winter work projects, Nov. 25, 1959. 16) Sid Buckwold discusses the estimated 10% increase in taxes due to the increased budget of the school board. He also says that the provincial government should increase grants to school boards. 17) Sid Buckwold discusses the chance of and the need for building an auditorium as a centennial project for 1967 on Aug 22, 1961. 18) Sid Buckwold and other speakers at the Liberal nominating convention, Feb. 5, 1963. Shots of the delegates voting are included. 19) Sid Buckwold speaks about public initiative in participating in community affairs. 20) Sid Buckwold is shown accepting several presentations and speaking at a podium, Dec. 24, 1963. (silent) 21) Mr. Cameron states that Sid Buckwold will not seek the provincial Liberal seat in the forthcoming election, Feb. 24, 1964. 22) Sid Buckwold speaks about an advisory board concerned with the industrial development of Saskatoon. 23) Sid Buckwold states that the Liberal Prime Minister, Lester Pearson, has indicated that Buckwold will be appointed to the cabinet if he is elected in the upcoming federal election, May 26, 1964. 24) Sid Buckwold dispels rumours of his appointment to the senate and talks about looking forward to going back to personal business. 25) Sid Buckwold states that he will not seek a federal Liberal nomination, Sept. 18, 1965. 26) Sid Buckwold announces on TV8 that a CBC relay station will become operational in the fall of 1969 or the spring of 1970. 27) Sid Buckwold speaks about the process of approving a new CBC TV station for Saskatoon in the spring of 1971. 28) Sid Buckwold is asked about the possibility of speaking with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau about the CBC TV station. 29) Sid Buckwold speaks on TV8 to say that Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is making the provinces accountable for their urban problems. 30) Sid Buckwold delivers the news on TV8 that an industrial expansion is expected due to an industry incentive plan. 31) Sid Buckwold states that he has been advised that the request for the CBC TV station has been put before the Treasury Board in Ottawa. 32) Sid Buckwold states that he is looking forward to his next term as mayor of Saskatoon. 33) Sid Buckwold announces on TV8 that Saskatoon's new recreational mountain is to be called Mount Blackstrap.

CBC. News clips. 1955

  • FILM S-1583
  • Item
  • 1955

News segments: (1) Streets scenes in Moscow, USSR (Russia). (2) Vita, Manitoba aftermath of storm? (3) Unidentified man and woman on murder in Mississippi. (4) Unidentified mass gathering in Buenos Aires. (5) Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip with two of their children in Scotland. (6) Queen Elizabeth II and family at Braemar games in Scotland. (7) Unidentified people arrive in Quebec. (8) Revolution in Argentina. (9) Speed boat racing. Bluebird boat sinks. (10) Unidentified footage in Ontario. (11) Greta Garbo at airport in Paris. (12) Marlene Dietrich performing in Las Vegas.

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.)

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 09 Feb. 1979 - 11 Feb. 1979

  • FILM S-1317
  • Item
  • 1979-02-09 to 1979-02-11

News: (1) Mervyn Leir on fire at King George Hotel. (2) Fireman Bruce Jones on fire at King George Hotel. (3 to 5) King George Hotel fire footage. (6) Bowling for millions. Includes CFQC reporters, Mayor Cliff Wright and Roy Romanow bowling. (7 to 9) Roy Romanow speaks at press conference on constitution amendments, and cable television broadcasting. (10) Proposed site and drawings for new Atrium office complex. (11) Accident at Acklands Body Shop. (12 & 13) Sandi Coleman's intro/extro on North Battleford's new air terminal. (14) North Battleford airport. (15 to 17) Mr. Cameron of North Battleford on taxidermy. Mr. Cameron's wildlife work.

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.)

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 20 July 1976 - 27 July 1976

  • FILM S-721
  • Item
  • 1976-07-20 to 1976-07-27

Item is a recording of news clips that concern the Olympic Games in Monteal, a fire in/near Watrous, relations between First Nations People and the government, Iona Campagnolo, Saskatchewan poultry pioneers, Roy Romanow, strikes and lockouts, Saskatoon City Council, and Walter Podiluk.

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. Nov. 1969

  • FILM S-1811
  • Item
  • 1969-11

News: (1) University of Saskatchewan convocation (with John Diefenbaker). (2) Former Saskatoon Symphony conductor Mr.(David?) Kaplan receives painting from Sid Buckwold. (3) Traffic on Idylwyld Drive. (4) Darrel Heald on Anti glue-sniffing Bill. (5) Heart research at University Hospital. (6) George Taylor on Diamond intersection issue. (7) Sid Buckwold on money bylaw vote. (8) Voters at polling station. (9) George Gillis on United Appeal fundraising. (10) George Taylor and Morris Chernesky after winning election. (11) Terry Higgins reports on parking lot issue. (12) Willie Tosh on Blackstrap Mountain clean up. (13) Exhibition Directors Board meeting. (14) Elwood Hart on Exhibition finance. (15) Mr. Thiessen on cash assistance for farmers. (16) George Gillis on United Appeal fundraising. (17) Mr. Irwin on Vietnam war demonstration. (18) Otto Rogers paintings at Mendel Art Gallery. (19) Darrel Heald on landlord/tenant rights. (20) Unidentified man on recreation issue. (21) Bert Sears on traffic flow problem. (22) Mr. Zacharias on traffic problem. (23) Rememberance Day ceremony at the Saskatoon Arena. (24) Gordon Grant on hospital construction strike in Estevan. (25) Hospital workers picket. (26) Apollo 12 contact airplanes (Color). (27) Ambulance traffic accident at Ave. H. and 22nd St. (28) Ray Johnson on Pionera issue. (29) John Munro speaks on medical care. (30) Hobby Show. (31) George Gillis on United Appeal fundraising. (32) Santa Claus arrives at airport. (33) City traffic in winter. (34) Computer use is introduced at Bank of Montreal (Color). (35) Derrick Carroll on snow removal funds.

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.)


  • FILM S-2213
  • Item
  • 1994 or before

Excerpts: (1) The Mendel Art Gallery and Civic Conservatory; (2) Solar Heat machines; (3) An Indian Art show; (4) A model aircraft show.

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.)


  • FILM S-2309
  • Item
  • 1964-1974

News compilation: (1) H. Nixon talks about the preparations planned for the wrestling Olympic trails to be held at the University of Saskatchewan, some of the wrestlers and the facilities being prepared for both the competitors and the spectators;
(2) and (3) Footage of wrestling matches at the Olympic trials held at the University of Saskatchewan (silent);
(4) Footage of an unidentified high school wrestling tournament (silent);
(5) and (6) Portions of an interview with former wrestler Whipper Billy Watson (1915-1990) about the upcoming Easter Seal campaign and how the money raised helps handicapped children;
(7) Interview with Evan Hardy Collegiate's wrestling coach Blaine Knowles about coach wrestling at the high school level;
(8) Footage of a wrestling tournament sponsored by the Saskatoon Amateur Wrestling Club, with coach Jim Semans providing commentary.