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CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 22 Aug. 1974 - 27 Aug. 1974

  • Film S-338
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  • 1974-08-22 to 1974-08-27

News: (1) Owen Buss interviews Mr. Rae and an unidentified woman on alternate school classroom space for the Separate School Board. (2) Bill Burgen on oil production, gas production, and exports (colour). (3) The Bessborough Hotel, Board of Trade office (silent). (4) University of Saskatchewan Student Union President Keith Hanson on MacEwan Park (a proposed student apartment project), and on low-cost housing. (5) Ms. Finlayson on "Back to Batoche" days in Batoche, Saskatchewan, and on the Metis heritage. (9) Jim Sinclair on split voting within the Indian and Metis council. (10) Fire aftermath at a farm; a gutted building (silent). (11) Ed Kelly interviews John and Jean Paleman on an increase in funding from city council to provide an unspecified service. (12) Circus at the Saskatoon Grandstand; a man puts his head in a lion's mouth; gorilla; trained dog; acrobats; jugglers (colour). (13) Mr. Colburn on even distribution of chickens on farms, and on an egg shortage; cover footage of chickens (colour).

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 17 Sept. 1971 - 22 Sept. 1971

  • FILM S-78
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  • 1971-09-17 to 1971-09-22

News: (1) YWCA and YMCA bike challenge announcement. (2) YWCA representatives with placards for the bike challenge. (3) Alderman Evelyn Edwards on coordinating city health groups. (4) Saskatoon City Hospital, exteriors (silent). (5) Mayor Sid Buckwold on city tax increases. (6) Saskatchewan Motor Club presentation of a safety award to Mayor Buckwold. (7) Frank Hammond, United Appeal president, on contributions from City Hall. (8) Dr. John Egnatoff on education staff increases. (9) Premier Allan Blakeney on the upcoming provincial election. (10) Alderman Cliff Wright on city council's participation in the Bikeathon. (11) Don Koyl on city tax increases. (12) Bill Milne on the United Appeal and Bikeathon. (13) Teachers and students on tour at the School for the Deaf (silent). (12) Frank Zombathy on the Bikeathon. (13) Otto Lang on the decline of immigration to Canada.

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 18 Mar. 1974 - 21 Mar. 1974

  • FILM S-270
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  • 1974-03-18 to 1974-03-21

News: (1) Ed Kelly interviews Alderman T.J. Quigley on setting up a city tourism office through the Board of Trade. (2) Unidentified woman on problems with the elementary school class program. (3) City council session; Alderman Cliff Wright on snow removal. (4) Mr. MacIntosh on a union agreement for wage increases. (5) Saskatchewan Government Insurance Office building exteriors; cars lined up in front of the claim adjustor's garage door; Wayne Rorke interviews people waiting in line; Wilfred Buschmann on hiring more adjustors, and on the time required for damage inspection. (6) John Brockelbank on the possibility of the provincial government running cable broadcasting through SaskTel. (7) Saskatoon Boiler Manufacturing Company Limited Lodge 600 International Brotherhood of Boiler Makers employees on strike; picketing in front of the building (silent). (8) Western Stockyards Limited, exteriors; cattle in trucks; interior, Ed Kelly interviews Garry Craig on a tarrif on American cattle, and on changes to the price structure for cattle. (9) Mr. Eichenberger on valuable deposits found at Cuff Lake by Makta Mines. (10) United Fund dinner at the Sheraton-Cavalier Hotel; people eating, head table speakers, awards presentations (silent). (11) Ed Kelly interviews Garry Craig on beef prices and on an inflated cattle market.

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

Dr. F. J. Gathercole

  • FILM S-2372
  • Item
  • 2006 or before

News compilation: 1) Dr. Frederick James Gathercole, speaking on TV8 at the Mount Royal Collegiate opening, about giving students the opportunity to express their ideas to the school board and to their teachers. 2) Dr. F. J. Gathercole, speaking on TV8 at the Walter Murray Collegiate opening, states that education should be more than textbooks and exams. 3) Dr. F. J. Gathercole speaks on TV8 about an extended school week for Evan Hardy Collegiate. 4) Dr. F. J. Gathercole speaks on TV8 about students' concerns with the high school board's decision to cancel a TV information program. 5) Dr. F. J. Gathercole announces that he will accept the invitation to stay with the Board of Education to work with the co ordination of the elementary and secondary school systems. 6) Dr. F. J. Gathercole's retirement function, Dec. 9, 1973. Footage of people in attendance is included. (silent) 7) Footage of Dr. F. J. Gathercole and Mrs. Dorothy Gathercole at his retirement dinner. (colour, silent) 8) Dr. F. J. Gathercole speaks about the opening of John Dolan School for children with special needs and his thoughts about school curricula in general. 9) Dr. F. J. Gathercole is being interviewed about his reaction to being nominated for Citizen of the Year, Jan. 2, 1974.


CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. Jan. 1971

  • FILM S-1839
  • Item
  • 1971-01

News: (1) Mr. Hammond on United Appeal fundraising. United Appeal workers. (2) Reverend Ian McRury's farewell luncheon. (3) Mr. Apps on unemployment statistics. (4) George Taylor on reduced parking on Spadina Cres. (5) Air Canada "Sports Dinner". (6) Douglas McFarlane on economic forecast for agriculture in 1971. (7) Saskatoon School Board dinner. (8) Allan Blakeney on postponement of the opening of Legislative session. (9) Mr. German on inflation rate issue. (10) Provincial Livestock convention. (11) Saskatoon Board of Trade dinner. (12) Western Canadian Exhibition Association meeting. (13) Wildlife artist Mr. Tillenius. (14) Mr. Wentz on provincial election issues. (15) High school students visit University physics class. (16) Fire at the Pollocak family farm house. (17) Synthetic wig display. (18) Mr. Nasser on "wheatkey" hamburgers. (19) Perdue meteorite. (20) Poor people picket outside Telephone Building. (21) Don Koyl on parking lot issue. (22) Owen Mann on bus purchase issue. (23) Bert Wellman on recreational facilities issue. (24) Fire at Gagne home on Simpson Crescent. (25) Mr. Graf on provincial election issues. (26) Real Estate Board dinner. (27) Mr. Erickson on student loan issue. (28) University of Saskatchewan law students strike. (29) College of Engineering awards ceremony. (30) Sid Buckwold accepts safe driving week award from Mr. Erb. (31) Mr. Ristau on residential real estate sales. (32) Mr. Nelson at unidentified ceremony (Citizen of the Year?). (33) "Sing-Out"jamboree at City Hall. (34) Wally Stambuck and Denny Carr on Groundhog Day. (35) Fire at Hector Steel Plant. (36) Don Brinton on Yellowhead Highway Association issues. (37) Dog show.

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. Dec. 1970

  • FILM S-1837
  • Item
  • 1970-12

News: (1) Skating rink at City Hall. (2) Nancy Greene arrives at Saskatoon Airport. Nancy Greene on vists Saskatoon, and skis Blackstrap Mountain. (3) Mr. Gardiner on Homecoming '71 attendance expectations. (4) Don Somers on Saskatoon Airport expansion. (5) Mr. Lovell on University of Saskatchewan expansion fund. (6) Neal Heald on litter/pollution legislation. (7) Mr. Milliken on Christmas train service. (8) Christmas light display. (9) Mr. Barwell on Greyhound bus service during Christmas. (10) Mr. Cairns on Greyhound bus service during Christmas. (11) Christmas shoppers. (12) Otto Lang visits veterans home. (13) Postal workers. (14) CFQC staff Christmas party. (15) Coin and note exhibition. (16) Boy Scouts Christmas party for needy children. (17) Mr. McHale on Air Canada Christmas service. (18) Winter. (19) School Board meeting. (20) Mr. Leir on Sheraton Cavalier expansion. (21) Santa Claus visits John Dolan School.(22) Christmas light displays. (23) Mr. Favelle on Christmas weather forecast. (24) Christmas shoppers. (25) Robert Kinzel on traffic safety.(26) Vernon Marsland on Salavation Army fundraising. (27) Traffic accident on Victoria Ave. (28) Telephone operators. (29) Sid Buckwold's Christmas message. (30) Christmas church service. (31) Santa Claus visits the Dobrovalsky family. (32) Otto Lang on unemployment. (33) Skiing, skating and tobogganing. (34) Poinsetta flowers. (35) IPCO chemical plant exteriors. (36) Wildlife paintings at Centennial Auditorium. (37) Owen Mann on purchase of new buses. (38) Cliff Wright on Mount. Blackstrap name change issue. (39) George Ward retires from city council. (40) Dundurn military base. (41) Clarence Estey on closure of IPCO chemical plant. (42)Roy Romanow on the IPCO plant closure. (43) Gevolot ammunition factory(exteriors). (44) Robert KInzel on New Years traffic safety. (45) SidBuckwolds New Years message.

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 1969

  • FILM S-1808
  • Item
  • 1969

News: (1) Backflood irrigation system. Farmers working. (2) Sod turning ceremony for new Royal Canadian Legion building. (3) Mr. MacMillan on Saskatoon City Hospital finance issue. (4) Public School Board meeting. (5) Mr. Dunlop on Canada Savings Bonds. (6) L.C. Duddridge on teachers salary issue. (7) Don Brinton on Yellowhead Highway issue. (8) Saskatoon Merchants win fastball championship? (9) Fastball; College Lads vs Burnells. (10) Stock car racing. (11) Al Ledingham on the University of Saskatchewan Huskies. (12) High school football; Walter Murray Collegiate vs Evan Hardy Collegiate. (13) Dean Dickson on the Saskatoon Hilltops. (14) Golf. (15) Saskatoon Blades hockey practice. (16) Football; Saskatoon Hilltops vs Regina Rams.

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 10 Oct. 1979 - 12 Oct. 1979

  • FILM S-1493
  • Item
  • 1979-10-10 to 1979-10-12

Newsclips: (1) Eiler Humbert on football. (2) Reporter Ed Kelly. Civic election candidates registar. (3) Boat people (refugees) arrive at Saskatoon Airport. (4) Traffic accidents. (5) Exteriors of separate schools and Separate School Board. (6 & 7) Morris Chernesky on election issues. (8 & 9) Walter Podiluk on education. (10 & 11) John Chyzyk on election issues. (12 & 13) Donna Birkmaier on election issues.

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

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