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  • FILM R-1630.1
  • Item
  • 1978?

Film report: Various scenes of Saskatoon streets, restaurants and parks.

CBKST (Television Station : Saskatoon, Sask.)

Progress of Saskatchewan (Year Book)

  • Pamphlet File - Saskatchewan - Yearbooks
  • Item
  • ca. 1932

Souvenir book published by A.R. Ellis of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to stimulate tourism and disseminate information on Saskatchewan's parks and business centres. Includes directories listing hotels, dentists, beauty parlors, physicians and surgeons, and barristers and solicitors in Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon and Prince Albert.

Local Histories - Saskatoon (2)

  • Pamphlet File - Local Histories - Saskatoon (2)
  • Documento
  • 19-?-1978

Retracing the Old Trail, by Gerald Willoughby. Recollections of Gerald Willoughby, one of the first residents of Saskatoon. Foreword written by Edmund H. Oliver, principal of St. Andrews' College, Saskatoon. [19-?] (2 copies).

Visitor's Guide to Saskatoon issued by the Saskatoon Visitor and Convention Bureau.

Illustrated brochure on Saskatoon issued by the Saskatoon Board of Trade. Includes map showing the locations of churches, schools, hospitals, hotels, parks and other places of interest. [19-?].

Booklet on the Saskatoon Boys' Choir submitted by the Choir to Russ Brown, minister responsible for the Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee and Canada Centennial Corporation on January 23, 1964. Includes history of Choir, concert reviews and one black and white photograph.

Two White Oxen: A Perspective of Early Saskatoon, 1874-1905, compiled and edited by George W. Anderson and Robert N. Anderson from the memoirs of Barbara (Hunter) Anderson. [ca. 1972]. 205 p. Includes Barbara Anderson's recollections of her journey and subsequent settlement in Saskatoon, including details on winter, Halloween and Christmas in 1883, the Riel Rebellion in 1885, a prairie fire, school days in Saskatoon, pioneer life and oxen. Includes a biographical sketch of James Hood (pgs. 184-188); Thomas Copland (pgs. 178-183) and George W. Grant (pgs. 189-191).

Folder with information regarding South Saskatchewan River development plan (Saskatoon River Edge Project) in Saskatoon and immediate area, including March 10, 1978 Government of Saskatchewan news release; background notes on the Saskatoon River Edge Authority; and information on the planner, Raymond Moriyama.

Local Histories - Saskatoon (1)

  • Pamphlet File - Local Histories - Saskatoon (1)
  • Documento
  • 19-? to 1972

Saskatoon: The Serenity and the Surge, written and compiled by Sally Potter Clubb with assistance from George Shepherd. Published by the City of Saskatoon in commemoration of Saskatoon's sixtieth year as a city, 1906-1966. 51 p. 1966.

Some Rambling Historical Notes and Reminiscences of the Early Days in Saskatoon with Prelude Regarding the Formation of the Dominion of Canada, by Adam Turner, 1932. 28 p.

Pamphlet on historic landmarks in Saskatoon written and compiled by Sally Clubb with assistance from the Saskatoon Operation Landmark Committee. Published with the support of the Saskatoon Homecoming Committee and Saskatoon Environmental Society. [19-?].

Souvenir of Saskatoon, Sask. published by the Valentine & Sons' United Publishing Company, Limited. Contains colour illustrations of various streets, bridges and buildings in Saskatoon. [19-?]

The City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: A Story of Civic Service. Booklet outlining the organization, duties, and objectives of the municipal services provided by the City of Saskatoon, including public works, social aid, public health, fire prevention, mass transit, police, public library, recreation, parks and cemeteries. 1952. 28 p. (2 copies).

Booklet on the Saskatoon Cosmopolitan Senior Citizens' Recreation Centre issued by the Saskatoon Senior Citizens' Service Association, 1965. 8 p.

Promotional pamphlets and illustrated booklets on Saskatoon dating from 1912 to 1972 issued by the Saskatoon Board of Trade. Includes booklet for Saskatchewan Homecoming '71 and registration form for Hub City Industrial Days, 1972.

The Saskatoon Story: Up the Years from the Temperance Colony, 1882-1952 by Bruce Peel and Eric Knowles. Copyright by Melville A. East, 1952. 86 p.

CBC (Saskatoon). News clips. 14 Nov. 1972

  • FILM R-1651
  • Item
  • 1972-11-14

NEWS: (1) Delegation from China visits potash mine (2) Otto Lang talks about trade with China (3) Representative from the National Farmers Union talks about Chinese agriculture (4) Unidentified person talks about trade with China (5) Professor W. H. James speaks about modern alientation (6) Joe Schleshinger reports on China (7) Scenes of a display of Canadian made heavy machinery in Beijing (8) Astronomer announces upcoming ceremonies honouring Nicolas Copernicus (9) Scenes from a bottle plant, and street scenes in Saskatoon.

CBKST (Television Station : Saskatoon, Sask.)


  • FILM R-1458.4
  • Item
  • 197-?

Film report: High angle overview of Saskatoon's downtown area.

CBKST (Television Station : Saskatoon, Sask.)


  • FILM R-1616.1
  • Item
  • 1977?

Film report: Exterior winter scene in and around Saskatoon.

CBKST (Television Station : Saskatoon, Sask.)


  • FILM R-1588.2
  • Item
  • 197-?

Film report: Variety of scenes of Saskatoon.

CBKST (Television Station : Saskatoon, Sask.)

Local Histories - Saskatoon (3)

  • Pamphlet File - Local Histories - Saskatoon (3)
  • Documento
  • 19-?-1982

Directory Containing Correct Value Listings of Saskatoon Real Estate December Issue copyrighted by the Aldrich-Smith Co., Ltd. 174 p. [19-?].

Illustrated booklet compiled for the official opening of the Saskatoon Court House on Wednesday, October 8, 1958. Includes programme and list of contractors and sub-contractors who participated in construction of building.

Souvenir programme for Saskatoon's 70th anniversary celebrations, September 14 to 20, 1952. Issued by the 70th Anniversary Celebration Committee. (3 copies). 103 p. [ca. 1952].

Programme for "Portrait of a City", a musical production on the history of Saskatoon produced by Neil Harris in honor of Saskatoon's 70th anniversary in 1952. Performed at the Arena Rink on September 17, 18 and 19, 1952.

Narratives of Saskatoon, 1882-1912 by Men of the City. Prepared by a Committee of the Historical Association of Saskatoon. [ca. 1927]. 96 p. Includes list of outstanding events in the history of Saskatoon, list of pioneers of Saskatoon and narratives by various individuals, including James Clinkskill and James R. Wilson.

Article on industrial development in Saskatoon reprinted from the August, 1970 issue of Trade and Commerce Magazine.

Saskatoon: The Growth of A City Part I: The Formative Years, 1882-1960, by William P. Delainey and William A.S. Sarjeant. Part 2 of the Saskatoon Past, Present and Potential Series published by the Saskatoon Environmental Society. 1974. 88 p.

Publication entitled Qwik Guide to Saskatoon, 1976-77, issued by CJWW 1370. Publication includes business advertisements and a directory of hospitals, schools, colleges and institutes, transportation, clubs and organizations, and churches in Saskatoon.

Speech by the Honourable Mr. Justice Willard Z. Estey, Supreme Court of Canada, at the Century Saskatoon Award of Appreciation Banquet, Saskatoon Centennial Auditorium, December 10, 1982. Estey's speech was introduced by Senator Sidney (Sid) L. Buckwold. Estey was born and raised in Saskatoon and his speech includes his reminiscences of growing up in Saskatoon in the 1930s, along with his recollections of CFQC Radio, Broadway Bridge, Dean McKenzie, Dr. Edmund H. Oliver, On to the Bay Association, Emmett M. Hall, Dr. J.W.T. Spinks, Lyell Gustin and Sid Buckwold.

Programme for the official opening ceremonies of Shepherd Apartments in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on July 26, 1978. The apartments, named after Dr. George Shepherd, was a housing program administered by the Saskatoon Housing Authority and a joint program by the Government of Canada, Government of Saskatchewan and City of Saskatoon. Programme includes biographical sketch of Dr. Shepherd.

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