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CBC (Saskatoon). News clips. 26 May 1972 - 29 May 1972

  • FILM R-1699
  • Pièce
  • 1972-05-26 to 1972-05-29

NEWS: (1) Interview with Saskatchewan Roughrider Tim [ ] (3) Interview with actress Francis Hyland after receiving an honourary doctorate degree (3) Interview with American Hockey League player, Gary Peters (4) Scenes from a strike at Cominco Potash mine (5) Scenes from University of Saskatchewan convocation (6) Interview with Roy Atkinson about rail transportation (7) Interivew with NDP leader David Lewis about back to work legislation (8) Scenes from amateur boxing matches held in Saskatoon (9) Scenes from an International racing meet in Saskatoon (10) Speaker at the University of Saskatchewan convocation (11) Scenes of people walking into the Union Centre in Saskatoon (12) Report on the Cominco Potash mine strike (13) Interview with PC Leader Robert Stanfield on legalization of marijuana (14) Report on Theatre Canada Festival in Saskatoon (15) Interviews with amateur boxers before their matches.

CBKST (Television Station : Saskatoon, Sask.)


  • FILM R-411.3
  • Pièce
  • 1981 or before

Film Report: Contains footage of Premier Ross Thatcher handing out awards to Saskatchewan Roughrider players at a ceremony held in the Hotel Saskatchewan. By: DSR


CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 28 December 1984 - 11 January 1985

  • VT R-7623
  • Pièce
  • 1984-1985

News Clips: 1) Teachers of the Moose Jaw separate school board strike and a wedge between the Regina school board and natives; 2) C.P air does not fly to Saskatchewan; 3) Job course does not help those involved; 4) Scenes of a house after a fire; 5) New Year celebrations; 6) Shots of a hotel room, a limo, and city buses; 7) House fire on Quebec Street ; 8) Saskatchewan Youth Parliament; 9) Keeping warm in Saskatchewan Winters; 10) Report says social workers are overworked; 11) Canada midget hockey teams playing USSR midget hockey teams; 12) Scenes of United States college football games and the importance to the Canadian Football League (CFL); 13) Taxes on gas, cigarettes, and alcohol; 14) Man who declared bankruptcy trying to save his house; 15) & 16) Oil production in Saskatchewan is way down; 17) Trying to solve family problems, which has lead to child abuse, outside the courts; 18) Rural fires mean people are billed for the service; 19) Elvis records still sell very well and lots of people are still big fans; 20) Water main breaks in Regina; 21) Price comparison of grocery stores; 22) High school newspapers; 23) Dog used to help a physically disabled woman; 24) Child fell through the ice near a storm drain on Wascana creek; 25) Slow sales of potash; 26) Grant Devine announces a trip to Europe; 27) Ladies' curling bonspiel; 28) Farm equipment dealers get a tax rebate due to poor business; 29) Chosing a New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate for the Thunder Creek by-election.


CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 04 June 1985 - 05 July 1985

  • VT R-7625
  • Pièce
  • 1985

News Clips: 1) & 2) French Open tennis tournament; 3) Highlights of a Lakers, Celtics basketball game; 4) Highlights of a Blue Jays, Twins and Oreiles, Angles baseball games; 5) A look at snooker; 6) Nutrition for the Saskatchewan Roughriders; 7) French open tennis tournament; 8) Highlights of Cubs, Pirates baseball game; 9) Highlights of a Blue Jays, Tigers baseball game; 10) Scenes of a boxing match; 11) B.C. Lions training; 12) Highlights of a Blue Jays, Tigers baseball game; 13) French open tennis tournament; 14) Scenes of a boxing match; 15) Track and field; 16) Linebacker Laghyn, playing for the Roughriders; 17) French open tennis tournament; 18) Highlights of a Lakers, Celtics basketball game; 19) Highlights of a Cubs, Pirates baseball game; 20) Highlights of a Expos, Phillies baseball game; 21) Highlights of a Blue Jays, Tigers baseball game; 22) Saskatchewan Roughriders using videos to study games; 23) Forthcoming game between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Edmonton Eskimos; 24) Highlights of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Edmonton Eskimos football game; 25) U.S. Open golf tournament; 26) Women's rowing; 27) Highlights of a Blue Jays, Brewers baseball game; 28) NBA players; 29) Baseball game; 30) Highlights of a Eskimo, B.C. Lions football game; 31) Highlights of the Roughriders, Eskimo and Riders, Calgary football games; 32) North Stars coach; 33) Highlights of an Expos, Pirates baseball game; 34) Young women tennis players; 35) Coach?; 36) Saskatchewan Roughriders coach Jack Gotta; 37) Radio broadcast of a baseball game; 38) Obituary of a former Saskatchewan Roughriders player; 39) Junior national volleyball try out; 40) Rider practice and the selection of the 3rd string quarterback; 41) B.C. Lions practice; 42) Junior national volleyball practice; 43) Explanation of some plays used by the Saskatchewan Roughriders.


CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 02 February 1984 - 08 February 1984

  • VT R-7573
  • Pièce
  • 1984-02

News Clips: 1) Indian lands; 2) Pay tv; 3) Regina Arts Board; 4) Gerry Hart; 5) Key Lake study; 6) Youth program; 7) Garbage robot; 8) Heavy oil; 9) Civil security; 10) Molgat senate; 11) Native schools; 12) Farm fuel; 13) Chronic health; 14) Bowling; 15) Martin daycare; 16) Devine; 17) School trustees meeting; 18) Thiabault manufacture; 19) Gerontology; 20) Fraud proceedings; 21) Unemployment; 22) Horner reaction; 23) Indians; 24) & 25) Key Lake; 26) Indians; 27) Heart fund; 28) Henri Bergeron; 29) Mental health; 30) Cattle breeding; 31) Hong Kong; 32) Alcohol; 33) Sangss. [Note: In French so description taken from tape case]


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