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Cummins Map Company

  • A0003.10 (S)
  • Item
  • 19--

Cummins Rural Directory. Townships 11 to 14, Ranges 1 to 3, West of 3rd Meridian.

The Cummins Map Company, 1917-1940

Cummins Rural Directory Map

  • A0003.21 (S)
  • Item
  • 19--

Map No. 195; depicting townships 35 to 38, ranges 16 to 18, W of 2nd Meridian, including communities of Spalding, Beauchamp, Watson, Quill Lake, Westasta Valley, St. Front, Scrip, Buchanan.

The Cummins Map Company, 1917-1940

Plan of the city of North Battleford

  • A0020.030 (S)
  • Item
  • 1952

Full title reads: Plan of the city of North Battleford in the rural municipality of North Battleford No. 437, province of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan. Community Planning Branch

Last Mountain Valley

  • A0938
  • Item
  • 1925 or before

Wm. Pearson Co., Ltd., 1906-1925

Historical Ownership Mapping Endeavour (HOME) Maps collection

  • A1393
  • Coleção
  • 2005

Collection of maps containing Dominion Land Grant information, including the names, dates and legal land locations of the original land grants issued by the federal Department of the Interior, Dominion Lands Branch from 1871 to 1930 and by the Government of Saskatchewan, Lands Branch since 1930.

Each map includes an alphabetical index by surname.

Not all rural municipalities in Saskatchewan are included in this collection.

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