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[Golf, farming, exhibitions]

Film negative images of golf, farming, and exhibitions. (1)-(8) Golf greens. (9) Two combines. (10) A man with two pheasants or geese? (11) A hotel room, typewriter on a small table. (12) Woman seasted in a chair. (13) A television. (14)-(16) People at an exhibition.

[Display, buildings, currency, steam train]

Film negative images of a display of currency printing plates, buildings, British currency, and a steam train. (1)-(3) Men look at display of currency printing plates. (4) Man at teller wicket. (5) A printing plate. (6) A man being interviewed. (7) Holiday Inn sign welcoming premiers. (8)-(9) An old railway station. (10) A grain elevator, Tuffnell. (11) A grain elevator, Bulyea. (12)-(13) A church. (14) A train station. (15) A grain elevator, Silton. (16)-(17) A grain elevator in the distance. (18)-(19) A grain elevator, Mile 102. (20) A man speaking at a conference. (21)-(23) A British pound note. (24)-(25) Two men pose in front of a welcome sign for the Hudson Bay Route. (26)-(35) Various views of a steam locomotive and passenger cars.

Square dancing, musical entertainment, parades

Scenes of men and women square dancing, "Blue Garter" girls dancing, Bonnie Bluebells Pipeband of Saskatoon, a group of men performing musical entertainment on a parade float with sign reading, "Saskatoon Western Development Museum Pion-Era Exhibition". (20) Uniformed flag bearers in a parade. They also carry a banner that says, "Celebrate Saskatchewan, 1905-1980". (21) Mayor and Mrs. Buckwold in an antique car, probably in a parade in Saskatoon, 1963 or earlier.

Man and his community

Item is a slide image of the Man and His Community exhibit at Expo 67; showing a (1) view of a large pyramid shaped pavillion.

Brandon Fair

Items are photographic slides showing events at the Brandon Fair, including: spectators sitting in bleachers; horse and rider, and horse and wagon competitions; children's rides.

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