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Clarence B. Fairbairn fonds Children
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Brandon Fair

Items are photographic slides showing events at the Brandon Fair, including: spectators sitting in bleachers; horse and rider, and horse and wagon competitions; children's rides.

[Anniversary and Saskatchewan Scenes]

Photo negatives of an anniversary and of Saskatchewan scenes. (1)-(12) anniversary celebration in a large hall. (13)-(14) Sterling Hardware storefront. (15)-(16) underexposed negatives. (17)-(18) person with children. (19)-(26) Saskatchewan scenes of a church and roadways.

[Images of Europe, Saskatchewan, and a young man]

Photo negative images of Europe, Saskatchewan, and a young man. (1) people drinking. (2)-(18) images of Europe including a fortress, street scenes, A La Villa De Bruxelles Dinant. (19)-(21) a roadway and children playing a game, probably Saskatchewan. (22) elderly people sitting at a table. (23)-(25) portraits of a young man surrounded with gifts.

[Children camping]

Images of children camping and at play. (1) A child plays with toy soldiers near a brick wall while an adult takes a photograph. (2) Two boys next to a tent, they have spelt out thier names in bottle caps, Clare and Bret.

[Prairie scenes, family scenes, and a wedding]

Photo negative images of prairie scenes, family scenes, and a wedding. (1) A house. (2) A lake. (3) A bridge and river. (4)-(7) Children in a garden. (8) Man with 2 dogs. (9)-(12) A woman with 2 children. (13) Power line in a field. (14)-(15) Child ren with dogs. (16) Two dogs. (17)-(18) Man stands by a swimming pool. (19)-(20) Praire scenes. (21)-(27) Wedding scenes.

[Workers, children, snowman, prints]

Film negative images of workers, children, snowman, and prints. (1) A man works at an elevated table. (2)-(3) A small child with food. (4)-(6) A snowman. (7)-(9) A shower stall design. (10)-(12) Piles of print materials.

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