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Devil's Lake camp

Item is an image showing a view of Devil's Lake camp, which was set up for one of the William Pearson Co.'s landseekers excursions to Last Mountain Valley.

[Forest Inventory, Department of Natural Resources, Prince Albert]

Images showing the varied activities of the Forest Inventory staff of the Department of Natural Resources in Prince Albert, both in the office and in the forest. D.E. Pryce interprets an aerial photo.

H.J. Paul prepares maps for lithography.

S.F. Tickner drafting a map, as part of the 1956 Forest Inventory.

L.R. Kernaghan pantographing.

D.J. Wyllie checks and corrects blue-line prints. Also in this photo, seated behind him are W.S. Bailey and Dr. Alfred Kabzems.

G.E. Hogg is working on a Dot Area Grid, doing dot counting, and classification of land. Seated behind him is J.G. Gilmour.

J.G. Gilmour and W.S. Bailey are transferring data from aerial photos on to base maps. Seated at the desk behind them, is their boss, Dr. Alfred Kabzems, Forestry Engineer and the Director of Forest Inventory.

C.S. Peacock and D.J. Wyllie are working on the compilation and preparation of statistical data.

R.E. Madden planmetering.

Forest Inventory "in the field" - D.E. Pryce is setting up the orientation of aerial photo at the beginning of cruise line. The Ford pickup truck shown is c. 1955 or 1956.

L.R. Kernaghan and D.E. Pryce are proceeding "in the bush" near their government 1955 or 1956 Ford pickup truck.

Dr. Alfred Kabzems, Director of Forest Inventory, is checking the age and increment of a coniferous tree, as part of the 1956 Forest Inventory field work.

L.R. Kernaghan and D.E. Pryce taking the tally of a sample plot of jack pine.

L.R. Kernaghan and D.E. Pryce taking height measurements of a stand of Jack pine north of Prince Albert.

L.R. Kernaghan taking height measurements of a stand of jack pine.

J.G. Gilmour taking decay measurement of a bucked taper tree, in the course of Forest Inventory.

Forest Inventory tree cull survey - J.G. Gilmour, W.S. Bailey and R.E. Madden are bucking a tree into 8 foot bolts.

H.J. Paul sets the table, while S.F. Tickner cooks in the Forest Inventory camp after a day's work. The vehicle shown is a 1950's era Land Rover 4-wheel drive, one of the earliest vehicles of the SUV (sport-utility vehicle) type. It bears a Saskatchewan plate with a "G" denoting that it is government owned.

In the Forest Inventory camp north of Prince Albert, the open tent flap shows a sleeping cot and 2-way radio transmitter.

Mrs. E.F. Cronk, typing.

Miss C. Hepburn, doing secretarial work.

Mr. W.J Pickering, accounting.

Photographic Services

Summer Camp

Photos of people at a summer camp. Photos F 721-4698 and F 721-4709 shows people in a meeting, photo F 721-4700 is a photo of a lake, photo F 721-4701 shows a cabin, photos F 721-4702 and F 721-4703 show people sitting at a table and photos F 721-4704 to F 721-4707 show people eating food outside.

Des photos des gens à un camp d'été. Les photos F 721-4698 et F 721-4709 montrent les gens à une réunion, la photo F 721-4700 est une photo d’un lac, la photo F 721-4701 montre une cabine, les photos F 721-4702 et F 721-4703 montrent les gens qui s’assoient à une table et les photos F 721-4704 a F 721-4707 montrent les gens qui mangent dehors.

Notes on the back:
Les mots écrits sur le dos des photos :
F 721-4702, F 721-4703, F 721-4709 : Brigit Salvas

Photos F 721-4699 and F 721-4708 are copies of F 721-4698.
Les photos F 721-4699 et F 721-4708 sont les exemplaires de la photo F 721-4698.

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