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France. Canada. Army. Canadian Expeditionary Force
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Terrible in the telling : Excerpts from J. S. Wood's World War I log

Item component is a description of the experiences of James Stuart Wood as expressed in his daily journal during World War One, in particular in Egypt during 1915, France and Belgium in 1916 and 1917. Included are the battles of the Somme, Ancrea, Vimy Ridge, and his travel back to Canada. Also included a brief description of controversy that rose as chief of the Saskatoon Public Library concerning the acquisition of German books. Component appears on pages 40 to 47.

Article supplemented by a photograph of James Stuart Wood as a young man in England; an excerpt from the diary showing a handdrawn map of the Suez Canel defence areas; and a handdrawn map of a trench configuation where he was stationed in France.

Williams, Myrna

Canadian War Memorial prints at SAB

Item component is a description of how a series of prints that depict destruction on the Western Front during World War One (Canadian War Memorial Prints), that were purchased by Saskatchewan's Department of Public Works for a proposed Provincial War Museum came to be in the possesion of the Provincial Archives. Component appears on pages 14 to 17.

Article includes a list of the prints in the holdings of the Provincial Archives; and is supplmeented by reproductions of five of these prints ("Berthonval Farm"; "St. Jacques, Ypres", "Evening at Ypres", "Entering Ypres at Dawn"; and "La Grand Place, Arras").

Article is supplemented by photographs that depict: Gladys Crim, some colleagues and convalescent soldiers - Crim is shown holding bagpipes; unidentified nurse working on the ankle area of an unidentified solder; rows of soldiers laid out on stretchers with one nurse; from the funeral service for nurse Margaret Lowe, soldiers standing at attention with a small group holding a flag-draped coffin; an unidentified soldier (missing one leg) with a crutch under one arm and holding a fish in the opposite hand; and, "Queen Mary Tea Room at Woodcote Park Convalescent Hospital" with armed forces personnel at tables and at left someone at the piano.

Article is supplemented by drawings showing: the surrender of three German soldiers (captioned "Merci Komrad"); a single grave marker ("To an unknown British soldier killed in action at Ypres 29 April 1915") that was drawn by Corporal R. Gordon-Cumming; a man and woman (from behind) accompanied by two poems; German soldier as a "proposed design for the stained glass window of the future" accompanied by a poem by Corporal R. Gordon Cumming; a figure holding on to a post through which a shell has passed through (caption "The Last Post"); and a soldier smoking a cigarette whose smoke transforms into the image of a nurse (accompanied by note from C. R. Alexander).

Article includes coloured drawings (paintings?) showing: trees stripped of foliage and bomb bursts in air (captioned "Land marks of Ypres"); and a damaged building that has a path leading from foreground to background with an orange / red sky.

Williams, Myrna