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Newly-built Indian school; principal Rev. H. Ellis

  • R-A5639 (1)-(2)
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1926

(1): Exterior view of the Anglican Indian Industrial School near Onion Lake, Saskatchewan.

(2): Reverend H. Ellis, principal of the Onion Lake Indian Industrial School, standing next to an automobile parked in a field.


  • VT R-6071
  • Unidad documental simple
  • between 1970 and 1989

Video report: The program explains NORTEP (Northern Teacher Education Program), a program designed to educate Natives in northern Saskatchewan to be teachers to work in northern communities. Includes interviews with NORTEP staff and students. (SASKMEDIA video tapes A 123).



  • VT R-6079.2
  • Unidad documental simple
  • between 1970 and 1989

Cultural documentary: This programme looks at a number of issues that should be adressed to help Indians adapt to lifestyles and situations they find when moving into an urban environment from a reserve. (SASKMEDIA video tape A 133).


Saskatchewan. Department of the Provincial Secretary

  • R-192.4
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1880-1960

Includes correspondence of the Lieutenant Governor.

File nos. 174, 339, 434, 451 and 456 relate to the settlement of estates. File no. 241 relates to electric power. File no. 193 relates to electric power plants. File nos. 308 and 515A relate to Edward VIII, King of Great Britain who abdicated in 1936. File no. 334 relates to Estonians. File no. 340 relates to fire brigades. File nos. 149 and 209 relate to flags. File no. 297 relates to air transportation. File no. 147 relates to proportional representation. File no. 217 relates to public domain. File no. 191 deals with motor vehicle licenses. File no. 178 relates to the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. File nos. 176, 182, 211 and 217 relate to the Hudson Bay Route. File no. 18 relates to labour laws and legislation. File no. 86 relates to the Rhodes Scholarship. File no. 466 relates to relief (public welfare). Files 28 and 34 relate to pharmacists. File no. 467 relates to parks in Saskatchewan. File no. 377 relates to opticians. File no. 170 relates to the penal system. File no. 115 relates to George Robinson. File no. 118 relates to robberies. File no. 234 relates to roads. File nos. 77, 106, 186 and 204 relate to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.File no. 122 relates to Thanksgiving Day. File nos. 22 and 327 relate to tuberculosis. File no. 27B relates to temperance. File no. 35 relates to King's Bounty for Triplets. File nos. 11 and 159 relate to vital statistics. File nos. 188, 253 and 422 relate to vocational education. File no. 277 relates to veterans. File no. 495 relates to weeds. File no. 164: water supply; file nos. 3,4 and 6 to water pollution.

Includes registration of Saskatchewan tartan by the Lord Lyon, King of Arms of Scotland, February 19, 1962 (located in oversize box 25). File 121 relates to Coronation medals.

File nos. 112 and 137 relate to telegraphs. File nos. 37, 75, 287, 416, 432 and 455 relate to taxation. File nos. 198 and 275 relate to tariff. File no. 178 relates to taxation of Canadian Pacific Railway. File 237 relates to Moose Mountain Forest Reserve. Files 27 and 85 relate to education in the North-West Territories. File 97 relates to the franchise in Saskatchewan. File nos. 212 and 430 relate to freight rates. File nos. 469 and 478 relate to gambling laws.

File nos. 258, 269, 368 and 515 relate to censorship. File nos. 36 and 445 relate to juvenile delinquents. File nos. 2, 23, 89, 101, 124, 195, 205 and 302 relate to the administration of justice. File nos. 25 and 428 relate to the Saskatchewan Provincial Police. File no. 272 relates to the Saskatchewan Patriotic Fund. File no. 194 relates to the King's police medal. File 180 relates to the University of Saskatchewan. File 398 relates to workers' compensation. Files 229 and 282 relate to school lands. File 250 relates to World War II, 1939-1945. File 145 relates to Imperial service medals. File no. 15 relates to the Lord's Day Act.

Home on the Hill

Booklet compiled to commemorate the 25th anniversary of St. Charles Scholasticate in Battleford, Saskatchewan. Includes information on Old Government House; the Indian Industrial School; Adventist Academy; the Oblate Cemetery; the Marian Press; the Oblate House of Studies; and St. Thomas College.

A Historical Review of Rosthern Superintendency

History of the school districts and private educational institutions comprising the Rosthern Superintendency from the early settlement of the region to 1965. Published by the Superintendency. Includes biographical sketches of various personalities associated with the superintendency.

First Nations and Métis clippings

Photocopied newspaper clippings relating to First Nations and Métis: individuals; government relations; treaties; education; socio-economic status; cultural practices; social services; and cross-cultural relations with non-aboriginals.

Hodgins family scrapbook, ration books, registration certificate

Scrapbook of clippings and ephemera, compiled by M.E. Rollins (née Hodgins) formerly of Estevan, Saskatchewan and late of Vancouver, British Columbia. Subjects include Indigenous Canadians, Indian residential schools. and passenger train travel.

Ration books (Series 1 and 6) issued by the Canada Wartime Prices and Trade Board to Jos. (or Jas.) I. Hodgins and R. Knowles Hodgins of Estevan, Saskatchewan.

Dominion of Canada Registration Certificate issued on August 19, 1940 to Rebecca K. Hodgins of Cabri, Saskatchewan under the provisions of the National Registration Regulations, 1940.

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