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Local Histories - Moose Jaw

  • Clippings File - Local Histories - Moose Jaw
  • Bestanddeel
  • 1905-1968

Document titled City of Moose Jaw Water Supply, by P.B. Peacock, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., D.I.H., Regional Medical Health Officer, Health Region No. 6, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The document discusses the sources, treatment, quality, and recommendations for Moose Jaw's water supply. [1953 or 1954].

Document titled Talk to Moose Jaw Rotary Club Monday, September 19, 1966. (13 p.) Talk on the history of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan given by W.G. Davies.

Homestead Entries in Vicinity of Moose Jaw (Detailed list), creator unknown, [19--]. List includues the section, date of entry, name of entrant, and date patent issued for Townships 16 and 17, Range 26, West of the 2nd Meridian, and Townships 16 and 17, Range 27, West of the 2nd Meridian.

Correspondence between Saskatchewan Archives Board staff and Miss Ida Cooke, Assistant to the Chief Librarian, Moose Jaw Public Library, Moose Jaw, dated October 29 to November 7, 1968, regarding information on John Connors, convicted of murder in Moose Jaw in 1885.

Correspondence between Lewis H. Lewry, Mayor, City of Moose Jaw, and Allan R. Turner, Provincial Archivist, Regina, dated November 23 to December 7, 1967, regarding identifying the history of Mike Oka and Bear Ghost who appear on carved plaques on the 4th Avenue Viaduct in Moose Jaw.

Letter from Ochankugàhe (Dan Kennedy), Assiniboine Reserve, Montmartre, to Mr. Thomas, dated November 21, 1951, regarding possible Indian names to be used to designate brigdes, etc. in Moose Jaw. A typed copy of a portion of the letter is also included.

Correspondence between Ida R. Cooke, Acting Chief Librarian, Moose Jaw Public Library, Moose Jaw, and Allan R. Turner, Provincial Archivist, Regina, dated April 29 to May 3, 1968, regarding the activities of Sitting Bull in the Moose Jaw area.

Copy of letter from Allan R. Turner, Archival Assistant, Regina, to Mr. Jack Meikle [sp?], Moose Jaw, dated April 25, 1961, regarding the activities of Sitting Bull in the Moose Jaw area. Copy produced on the same date as the original.

Letter from Dr. Fred B. Cooper, Dentist, Moose Jaw, to Mrs. M. Kamen-Kaye, Regina, dated September 1, 1952, regarding appreciation for having been sent a copy of an editorial written by Mrs. Kamen-Kaye, as well as relating several stories from old-timers about the Jones Gang, Louis Riel, and the family of Sitting Bull.

Articles from various sources providing a history and description of Moose Jaw, 1905-1967. The article titled Farmers History - Moose Jaw District, by David Watson, Moose Jaw Times-Herald, May 24, 1937, is photocopied, copy produced July 16, 2014.

Zonta Club of Regina fonds

  • F 617
  • Archief
  • 1976-1987 (predominant: 1976-1987)

This fonds consists of records created, accumulated and used by members of the Zonta Club of Regina from 1976 through its dissolution in 1987. The records are mainly essay submissions from senior citizens that relate their experiences as pioneers, which were entered into a contest the Zonta Club of Regina sponsored and promoted annually during Canada Week from 1976 through 1981. Most of the entrants were women, and the submissions were subsequently donated to Saskatchewan Archives, providing a valuable contribution to the history of the nation, and to women's history. Two of the entries are recounted by audiotape. The fonds also includes administrative material related to: the delegation of executive sent to the Zonta International Convention in 1986; the dissolution of the Zonta Club of Regina in 1987; and the launch of the X-Z (ex-Zontians) service club in 1987.

R-E94 consists of essays on pioneer days in Saskatchewan written in 1977 by Ernest Gardner, George A. Riches, Mrs. Louise Steif, Mrs. P. Knight, Myrtle G. Moorhouse, Sylvia Mitchell, Harold S. Jones, George Francis, Harold C. Wilson, Mrs. Mary E. Monckton, Nancy W. Powell, Lars Larson, Winnie E. Hutton, and one unidentified author. Includes newsclipping re Winnie Hutton, Leader-Post, September 2, 1977, p. 32.

R-E321 includes 37 pioneer reminiscences and 2 cassettes with 4 interviews and transcripts submitted to Zonta's 1978 essay contest.

R-E514 consists of twenty-nine essays submitted by senior citizens in the Zonta Club of Regina's 1979 Canada Day essay contest.

R-E695 consists of fifteen essays submitted in Zonta's 1980 Canada Week Essay Contest.

Zonta Club of Regina, 1954-1987

Saskatchewan Historical Society fonds

  • F 635
  • Archief
  • 1845-1945

This fonds consists of records created, accumulated and used mainly by the secretary of the Saskatchewan Historical Society during its operation in Regina, Saskatchewan. The fonds contains the administrative records of the Society along with the records relating to the history of the province from the mid 19th century to 1945 compiled and collected by the Society in fulfillment of its mandate.

The types of records included are secretary's annual reports; correspondence; minutes; financial statements; a constitution; an annual meeting programme; newspaper clippings; personal narratives; essays; obituaries; biographical sketches; articles and speeches.

No series assignment was applied to the records in this fonds.

See SHS 97 for a letter regarding the massacre of Blackfoot and Blood Indians by Crees (Red Ochre Hills massacre) and an article by C. Wetton regarding Fine Day, Cree warrior. See SHS 94 for a letter and note regarding a table in the Saskatchewan Legislative Library known as the confederation table. See SHS 129 for correspondence regarding Indians serving in World War II and an Indian gathering on Assiniboin Reserve, September 9, 1941, to dedicate themselves to war services, enfranchisement of Indians, etc. See SHS 159 for document written by Neil Brodie entitled Twelve Days with the Indians, May 14 to May 26, 1885, regarding his experiences in Poundmaker's camp during the rebellion of 1885. See SHS 150 for the 1935 report of the Royal Commission on the Natural Resources of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Historical Society, 1936-1951


  • FILM R-972
  • Stuk
  • 19--

Promotional Film: Designed to promote public awareness of the city of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, this film uses humourous devices to introduce the viewer to the history of Moose Jaw and a look at the city of today. The film begins with some of the specululative stories on how the city acquired its name. By: ML


Moose Jaw - The Home for the Canadian Hen

  • PI-81-53.1 (3)
  • Component
  • 2001

Item component is an article by Gordon C. Church that appears in volume 53, issue 1 of Saskatchewan History beginning on page 19.

Church, Gordon C. (Gordon Cameron), 1930-2009

Local Histories - Moose Jaw

  • Pamphlet File - Local Histories - Moose Jaw (1)
  • Bestanddeel
  • 1908-2000

Prize list for the Moose Jaw Agricultural Fair, July 25 to 28, 1911. 58 p.

Pamphlet promoting the Tunnels of Moose Jaw. [after 2000].

Notes on the history of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan compiled by Saskatchewan Archives staff, 1963.

Booklet compiled to commemorate the 71st anniversary of Moose Jaw School District No. 1 on December 5, 1955. Includes history of education in Moose Jaw , information on Dr. J.W. Sifton and list of principals of Victoria School. [ca. 1955].

Pamphlet on Moose Jaw Art Museum in Crescent Park [after 1966].

Illustrated booklet entitled Views of Moose Jaw, 1908.

Two promotional booklets and one pamphlet on Moose Jaw issued by the Moose Jaw Board of Trade [ca. 1911], 1913, 1931.

Booklet commemorating Moose Jaw's Golden Jubilee in 1953. Compiled by Moose Jaw's Golden Jubilee Committee. 50 p. (3 copies)

24th Annual Report of the Moose Jaw Board of Trade, 1912. 48 p.

Booklet for Moose Jaw School District No. 1 Semi-Centennial, 1884-1934. Includes programme for celebration held on December 5, 1934 at the Technical High School. (2 copies).

City of Moose Jaw Audit of Accounts and City Commissioners' Report for the Period Ending 31st October 1919. 19 p.

Promotional items on Moose Jaw issued by the Moose Jaw Chamber of Commerce [19-?].

Pamphlet on Saskatchewan College, a residential college for boys in Moose Jaw. [ca. 1913].

Short history of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Creator unknown. [after 1968] (2 copies).

Booklet on Moose Jaw. creator unknown. [after 1966].

Local Histories - Moose Jaw

  • Pamphlet File - Local Histories - Moose Jaw (2)
  • Bestanddeel
  • 1914-1963

Booklet commemorating the 30th anniversary of St. Michael and All Angels Parish in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in 1935. [ca. 1935]. 36 p.

Souvenir of the Consecration of St. Barnabas Church in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan on May 29, 1935. 24 p.

Booklet commemorating 50th anniversary of St. John's Anglican Church in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Compiled by Allen Blenkinsop Stroud. 1933. 24 p.

Booklet for dedication services for St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan held from March 29 to April 12, 1914.

75th anniversay historical brochure for St. John's Anglican Church in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, 1883-1958. Compiled by Reginald N. Wright (?).

Brochure for the Moose Jaw Natatorium, a swimming pool with natural mineral water [after 1932].

Booklet commemorating the 50th anniversary of St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Moose Jaw in 1963.

Booklet commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Sisters of Providence in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and the establishment of the Providence Hospital. 1962. 54 p.

Student Essays

  • R-1348
  • Bestanddeel
  • 1966-1978

Collection of student essays from University of Regina classes regarding North-West Territories and Saskatchewan history.


  • VT R-260.1
  • Stuk
  • 1979-03-13

Documentary: Television program Harry Brown visits Moose Jaw and talks to long-time resident "Moon" Mullins. Contemporary film clippings and photographs illustrate Moose Jaw's history: street cars; Moose Jaw Standard automobile; and the annual Moose Jaw Parade. Next Year Country follows. Digital Recording (SX Video Cassette) transferred from 3/4" U'Matic Video Cassette. (Feb. 2002)

CBC Toronto


  • VT R-752
  • Stuk
  • 19--

Television Interviews: Ken Mitchell interviews Moose Jaw residents about the history of that city. Material is unedited footage used in preparation of the program. Transcripts in file. Tape contains: Al Bonesky about tunnels under the Royal Hotel; Bill Davies about Moose Jaw's reputation in the early days; Erold Jones about Moose Jaw in the 1920's and 1930's. Digital Recording (SX Video Cassette) transferred from VHS Video Cassette. (Feb. 2002) By: ??

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