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[Opening of the Trans-Canada Highway.]

155 - Flyover of Air Force planes at the opening of the Trans-Canada Highway.

156 to 160 - Sections of the head table at the Saskatchewan Hotel banquet after the opening of the Tran-Canada Highway.

161 - Banquet guests seated at the table, featuring Mr. and Mrs. Clare[?] Thacker.

162 - View of the crowd during the ribbon cutting ceremony.

163 - Official party at luncheon on lawn of the Legislative Building.

164 - Group at the luncheon, left to right: Wilf Gardiner, Alvin Hamilton and Ken More with two unidentified men.

165 - Group of unidentified highway engineers at the luncheon.

166 - Guests at the luncheon, left to right: Thomas Clement Douglas, John Hewgill Brockelbank, Donald MacKay and Clarence Melvin Fines.

167 - General view of the luncheon.

168 - Group photo of the Rosetown delegation, left to right: M. Dickey, Rosetown highways engineer, Mrs Dickey, Mayor H. Greenwood, Mrs. Walter Aseltine, John Taylor Douglas, Pat Yuers, Senator Walter Aseltine, Mrs. A. Yuers and R. Reilly.

169 - Opening luncheon; left to right: John Hewgill Brockelbank, Alvin Hamilton, and Lachlan Fraser McIntosh.

170 - Mayor J.D. McAskill of Saskatoon and John Douglas.

171 - Lloyd Holmes and group during the opening of the Trans-Canada.

172 - A group for Weyburn with Thomas Clement Douglas, Alvin Hamilton and Alderman L. Zabel.

173 - Left to right: Saskatoon Mayor J.D. McAskill, John Taylor Douglas and Estevan Mayor Harry Nicholson.

174 - Left to right: Mayor H. Greenwood of Rosetown, John Taylor Douglas, John Hewgill Brockelbank, Lachlan Fraser McIntosh.

175 - Mayor H. Greenwood of Rosetown and John Taylor Douglas.

176 - Isidore Charles Nollet, Mayor Harry Veiner of Medicine Hat and A.J. Wigmore, Swift Current merchant.

177 - Russ Brown, Mrs. Russ Brown and Cliff Thurston.

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