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Camera Trails

Nature film: Features the scenery, fauna and flora of Alberta and Saskatchewan. File includes a type-written script for the film. Could include film of Alberta taken between 1940 and 1950. See also FILM R-2420 and BetaCamSP copy VT R-12866. File listed under FILM R-2420.

Bird Films Limited

A Prairie Ramble

Nature film: A young boy (Greg Ellis) sets of on a hike through the prairies. Includes shots of the scenery, fauna and flora found on the prairies. Could include film taken between 1940 and the 1950's. See also FILM R-2421 ans BetaCamSP copy VT R-12867. The file is listed under FILM R-2421.

Bird Films Limited

New Zealand

Travelogue: Visit to New Zealand showing the fauna and flora of the country and natural, historic and tourism sites, plus public events. Includes shots of Dick and Ada Bird touring the islands. See also the original FILM R-2426 and BetaCamSP copy VT R-12868. The file is listed under FILM R-2426.

Bird Films Limited

A Trip to Newfoundland

Travelogue: Visit to Newfoundland showing the fauna and flora of the province and natural, historic and tourisn sites. Also depicted are: fishermen fishing for cod, salmon and squid; the logging of trees; men moving log booms, by river, to a paper mill; and interior and exterior shots of the mill. Includes shots of Dick and Ada Bird touring the island. See also the original FILM R-2434 and BetaCamSP copy VT R-12869. The file is listed under FILM R-2434.

Bird Films Limited

Bird, Dick - Home Movies

Home movies: 1) Scenes of the parade, held on Monday, October 21, 1940, to promote the world premier showing of the movie NORTH WEST MOUNTED POLICE at the Capitol Theatre in Regina. The footage includes shots of Madeleine Carroll riding in the Lieutenant-Governor's carriage with Archibald Peter McNab and Mrs. McNab; shots of Robert Preston riding in a car; shots of floats with the Royal Canadian Mounted police, North Mounted Police and North American Indians being represented. The footage is shot from a location on Albert Street. 2) Scenes of men viewing an oil well pumping oil. 3) Scenes of people skating, and boys playing hockey, on outdoor skating rinks, one of which was located at Central Park. 4) Scenes of a parade, possibly a Victory Bond Parade held in June, 1941. The footage is shot from a location on Victoria Street. Includes shots of high school bands, military bands, floats urging people to buy war bonds, and lines of marching air force, navy and army personel. 5) Scenes of people at an enclosed oil well derrick. 6) Scenes of people at a lake swimming and boating. 7) Exterior shots of an unidentified huse and backyard flower garden. 8) Scenes of a military parade, possibly the Victory Day Parade held on August 2, 1941, consisting air force, army and navy personel. It concludes at the Regina Exhibition race track with speeches and music, from a raised platform, for people sitting in the stands. 9) Scenes of men working at an oil well drilling rig. 10) Scenes of people attending the November 11, 1941, Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Cenotaph in Victoria Park in Regina. See also the original FILM R-4049 and the VHS copy VT R-12871. The file is listed under FILM R-4049.

Bird, Dick and Ada, 1892-2003

Dr. Tilley and His Guinea Pigs

Documentary: A documentary focussing on the Canadian Wing of the Guinea Pig Club. Describes the history of the club from its beginnings on July 20, 1941 to the present. Includes a descripton of Canadian doctor Ross Tilley's work at Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead in England where doctors pioneered reconstructive surgery to repair injured airmen's physical features. Includes interviews with nurses, veterans who received for their wounds, villagers of East Grindstead and and with Prince Phillip, the president of the club. Also included is archival footage of patients undergoing operations, general shots of the hospital, and of East Grindstead.

Ferguson, Ian

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