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World War, 1914-1918
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Memoir, photographs of W.D. Roberts

  • TR-283
  • Item
  • 1915-193?, 1981 [digitized 2015]

Digital copies of a memoir, written by William D. Roberts entitled, "From North Wales by Easy Stages via Virginia, Wisconsin and Saskatchewan, to Victoria, Vancouver Island" and accompanying photographs. Roberts details his experiences while homesteading in the Medstead, Saskatchewan district, serving in the First World War, during his career as a railway mail clerk, and other life experiences from 1896 to 1981, shortly before his death. Photographs depict Roberts in 1915, 1928 and in the 1930s.

Cameron Family

Original and photocopied records of the Cameron Family including: educational certificates of Charles Neil Cameron, 1907-1921; "The Sheaf," October 1915 and April 19, 1928; information regarding participation of Charles Neil Cameron in World War I including list of members of 1st University Company, Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1915, summary of war activities, 2 notebook diaries, 3 notebooks of medical notes, mementos, postcards, unidentified photographs, etc., family history, "Early times in the Gainsborough area," by Mrs. Margaret Cameron.

Guillon, Marie Gérard

  • R-500.66
  • Documento
  • ca. 1868 to 1972

Papers of Berthe Gérard, 1917-1970; of Louise Gérard, 1915-1973; of Marie Gérard Guillon, 1924-1976; of Pierre Gérard, 1894-1971; of Pierre Gustav Gérard, 1916-1974; of Emil Guillon, 1914-1961; of Louis Boiron, 1911-1951; newspaper clippings of the First World War, 1914-1917; photographs.

Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History

  • R-1077
  • Coleção
  • 1890-1953?

Various records collected by the Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History including records relating to World War I; War to Peace newspaper article nos. 2-8 from Regina Daily Post, 1918-1919; a City of Regina Municipal Manual, 1915; a brochure entitled Saskatchewan Coal, issued by the Coal Mines Branch, Saskatchewan; an order of service for Decoration Day, 1922; pamphlet entitled Sir Ian Hamilton's Dispatch, 1915?; posters; pamphlet relating to Grant Hall hotel in Moose Jaw, 1928; the first cheque issued by the Government of Saskatchewan in 1905; red and blue pencils used in the 1903 election to the Legislative Assembly of the North-West Territories by candidates Jacob W. Smith and James Benjamin Hawkes along with related correspondence from P.H. Gordon dated 1952; the first flight covers of the Canada Air Mail Service relating to flights to/from Moose Jaw, Saskatoon and Regina, 1930; Women's National Land Service Corps Interim Report, February to September 1916 and Annual Report for October 1, 1917 to September 30, 1918; Fairmede Agricultural Society certificate of ownership of SW 1/4 10-13-1-W2 issued 1894; and publication entitled The Trumpet Call of National Currency, written by W.C. Paynter, secretary of the Canadian Currency and Banking Reform, Tantallon, Saskatchewan, February 1932; the personal journal of Mr. John Alexander Strutt kept during his residence in Fairmede, North-West Territories, 1890-1900; an undated road map entitled Saskatchewan Blazed Trails, issued by The Regina Map Company; programme for the inauguration service for the new organ at Westminster Church, Regina, 1914; photographs and postcards.

Portnall, Francis (Frank) Henry

  • R-371
  • Documento
  • 1900-1973

Architectural plans, drawings and plates; photographs; minutes of the Regina Sketch Club, 1926-1966; pamphlets; scrapbooks, etc. (See also R-OS 17). Includes City of Regina Bylaw No. 1485: Regulating the erection and to provide for the safety of buildings in the City of Regina, Saskatchewan.

File 10 includes a publication relating to the unveiling of the Saskatoon War Memorial commemorating the Great War (1914-1918) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on November 11, 1929. Includes information on the Saskatoon Branch of the Canadian Legion, British Empire Service League.

File 11 includes various publications icluding the Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History Popular Series No. 2 entitled Saskatchewan As Seen Through Museum Habitat Displays which contains information on the creators of the displays (Fred G. Bard; Fred W. Lahrman; and Robert D. Symons), March 1962; The Saskatchewanians, published by the Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee and Canada Centennial Corporation, 1967; a booklet on Arthur Silver Morton, Professor of History and Librarian in the University of Saskatchewan, 1914-1940, issued by the University of Saskatchewan in 1943; a volume of poetry by Ralf L.F. Sheldon-Williams, Canadian Expeditionary Force [1918 or after]; a 1941 article by Walter C. Murray entitled The University of Saskatchewan; an untitled history of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan including narratives by prominent citizens compiled to commemorate the city's 21st anniversary, 1927 [the title page has been torn out]; and booklet pertaining to the Soldier's Cemetery in Regina.

Saskatchewan communities and military scenes in Manitoba

  • S-B9951 to S-B9962
  • Item
  • 19---1927

S-B9951: Rush for Homesteads, September 1, Law Office, Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
S-B9952: Exterior view of the Armoury, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan
S-B9953: Lord Strathcona's Horse, Camp Sewell, Manitoba, 1915. Image taken by Advance Foto Co.
S-B9954: 48th Battalion Lines, Camp Sewell, Manitoba, 1915. Image taken by Advance Foto Co.
S-B9955: Lord Strathcona's Horse, Pass In Review Before Brigadier General J. Hughes, Camp Hughes, Manitoba, August 12, 1916
S-B9956: Bombing. Clearing the Trenches. Camp Hughes, Manitoba, 1916
S-B9957: Trenches, Camp Hughes, Manitoba, 1916
S-B9958: 197th Battalion, C.E.F. Pass In Review Before Brigadier General J. Hughes, Camp Hughes, Manitoba, August 12, 1916
S-B9959: Aerial view of Lintlaw, Saskatchewan, taken from the air by the Red and White storekeeper
S-B9960: Birds eye view of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan with the collegiate on the right, taken by Regina Photo Supply Ltd., 1927
S-B9961: View of hotel and main street in Preeceville, Saskatchewan
S-B9962: Exterior view of post office in Whitewood, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan schools, communities, buildings and agricultural activities

(1): Group photograph of the junior hockey team in Arcola, Saskatchewan, 1918?. Ed Ripley is front row, right. Caption: Junior Champions, Arcola, Sask.

(2): Group photograph of members of boys band, Arcola, Saskatchewan ca. 1907. William Ripley is standing in the back row, centre.

(3): William Ripley standing in his meat market, possibly in Arcola, Saskatchewan, ca. 1916.

(4): Old printing press used by the Arcola Star Standard newspaper in Arcola, Saskatchewan.

(5): View of Main Street in Arcola, Saskatchewan in winter. Late 1940s. Large snowbank in front of hardware store.

(6): Group photograph of the members of the No. 8 Platoon, B Company, 181th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, Brandon, Manitoba. George A. Jones of Arcola, Saskatchewan was a member of the company but was in hospital when the photograph was taken.

(7): View of the Canadian Pacific Railway snow plow in Arcola, Saskatchewan. ca. 1947.

(8): George A. Jones of Arcola, Saskatchewan and his first automobile, 1920.

(9): Lizzie Robinson of Arcola, Saskatchewan standing next to the automobile belonging to her newphew, George A. Jones. 1921.

(10): Exterior view of the W.H. Jones store in Arcola, Saskatchewan. The store sold groceries, clothing, boots and shoes. A notation on the back reads: This was the first building erected in Arcola in 1899.

(11): Exterior view of the Montgomery Blacksmith building in Arcola, Saskatchewan. Three men and a horse are standing in front of the building. 1908?.

(12): Exterior view of the house and barn of Dan McEachen in the Arcola, Saskatchewan district.

(13): Dr. Robert Watkin and his son standing outside of a building. ca. 1925. He practiced medicine in Arcola, Saskatchewan.

(14): View of the west side of Main Street in Arcola, Saskatchewan. A large number of men are walking on the sidewalk. A note attached to the print lists the following: John R. Mear's Hardware; M.M. Hardware; Hallman's Bake Shop; Youngblud Haberdashery; Drug Store; Post Office; Amos' Harness Shop; McFarlane and Warner Implement Dealer; and Livery Barn.

(15): View of an unusual car driven by Chris Leibel in a parade during the Arcola Fair in Arcola, Saskatchewan ca. 1926.

(16): Arcola Military Band marching at the corner of Main Street and Railway Street in Arcola, Saskatchewan. 1930s. Frank Woodbury, Band leader, in front.

(17): Arcola Military Band standing at the corner of Main Street and Souris Street in Arcola, Saskatchewan. 1930s.

(18): Interior view of the W.H. Jones store in Arcola, Saskatchewan.

(19): View of wood pile on the farm of Willard Wyand in the Kisbey, Saskatchewan district. 1924.

(20): Group of unidentified men, women and children at Willard Wyand's farm in the Kisbey, Saskatchewan district. 1934. A telephone mounted to the wall is in the background.

(21)-(22): Interior view of Winlow School with students seated at their desks and standing by the chalkboard.

(23): Donald Wyand holding the reins on a horse belonging to his father.

(24): Exterior view of Collége Thevenet in Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan.

(25): View of three men and a woman and agricultural equipment.

(26): Exterior view of the Canadian Red Cross Hospital at Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan.

(27): W.H. Jones, George Jones and Rolly Clarkson leaving Willmar, Saskatchewan with horses and carts to go to the Moose Mountains to cut hay.

(28): Exterior view of Maidstone Community Hospital in Maidstone, Saskatchewan.

(29): Students of Robinson School standing and sitting on a wagon pulled by a horse in winter.

(30): Students of Robinson School standing on a large buffalo rubbing stone near the school yard. ca. 1922.

(31): Pearl Robinson seated at a piano and Jim Grant standing with a violin.

(32)-(33): Views of the "Caterpillar" Diesel RD4 pulling two 28 run drills with fertilizer attachment at a speed of 51/2 miles per hour on the farm of John J. Bast in the Sedley, Saskatchewan district, May 1937. . The tractor was purchased from the Albert Olson Co. Ltd. in Regina, Saskatchewan.

(34)-(36): Images of the Model 22 "Caterpillar" tractor hauling logs on a snow road near Hudson Bay Junction, Saskatchewan used by the T.W. Fritz Lumber Company ca. 1937. The tractor was purchased from the Albert Olson Co. Ltd. in Regina, Saskatchewan.

(37): Image of the "Caterpillar" Diesel RD4 tractor pulling tiller, packer and 10' drag harrow on the Williamson farm in the Indian Head, Saskatchewan district. ca. 1937.

(38): View of "Caterpillar" Diesel RD4 tractor plowing for summerfallow on Deer Lodge Farms near Standard, Alberta. ca. 1936.

(39): View of the "Caterpillar" RD4 Diesel tractor pulling two plows on C.T. Vaughan's farm in the Estevan, Saskatchewan district. ca. 1936. The tractor was purchased from the Albert Olson Company Ltd., Regina, Saskatchewan.

(40): Interior view of Robinson School with students and teacher, Miss Annie Skelton. ca. 1924. The school was located in the Manor, Saskatchewan district. Names of students on back of photograph. Image taken by Capitol Studio, Regina.

(41): View of street in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. The W.W. Cooper Co. Ltd. Departmental Store; Shaw Menswear and two hotels can be seen. 193-?.

(42): Composite photograph of Regina Normal School, Classroom D, 1919. Miss Mary Skelton and Miss Annie Margaret Skelton are included.

McKay, Joseph Fortescue

  • R-379
  • Documento
  • ca. 1900 to 1977

Files relating chiefly to economic, political and cultural affairs in Regina and Saskatchewan and to the McKay and Fortescue families. File I.2 relates to Armisticians. File I.37 relates to the Law Society of Saskatchewan. Includes various maps, including the following: map of Lac La Ronge Depth Sounding in Feet, prepared by the Saskatchewan Department of Natural Resources, Surveys Branch and published by the Travel Bureau in May 1957 with information on Lac La Ronge showing mine shafts, early trading post sites, outfitter camps and portages, etc. (NT-3); Saskatchewan Official Highway Map, 1964 (NT-6); Saskatchewan Municipal Road Assistance Authority Grid Road Map, 1974 (NT-7); 1967 street index and map of Beautiful Saskatoon presented by the Saskatoon Real Estate Board showing parks, open spaces, transit system, and schools, etc. (NT-9); and Regina Complimentary City map and guide produced by the City of Regina Development and Public Relations Department, 1968 (NT-12).

McKay was a lawyer and civil servant who was born in 1890 and died in 1977.

Photographs relating to James Stevenson Balfour

Images relating mainly to James Stevenson Balfour (1894-1969), a lawyer who resided in Regina, Saskatchewan.

(1): Group photograph of the Regina Collegiate Institute 1914-15 teaching staff. Back row: N. R. McLeod; J. E. Campbell; R. Weir; R. R. Kersey. Middle row: Miss L. Handy; Miss M. Weaver; T. H. Bissonnette; and G. D. Robertson. Front row: A. J. Pyke; W. Ramsay; N. F. Black; N. MacMurchy; Miss E. D. Cathro; and W. G. J. Scrimgeour. Image taken by Rossie, Regina.

(2): Group photograph of N. F. Black, vice-principal, and members of the graduating class, senior form, Regina Collegiate Institute, 1913-14. James Stevenson Balfour is standing in the back row, first on the left; Mabel MacFarlane is seated, third from right. Image taken by Rossie, Regina.

(3): Head and shoulders portrait of Beattie Ramsay in Royal Air Force (RAF) uniform. [between 1914 and 1918].

(4): Threshing outfit at Agnes Balfour's homestead near Lumsden.

(5): Group photograph of University of Saskatchewan rugby team. James Stevenson Balfour is kneeling on the left. [1914 or 1915].

(6): Group photograph of the officers of the Regina Collegiate Institute Cadet Corps, 1913-14. James Stevenson Balfour is seated on the left in the middle row. Image taken by Rossie, Regina.

(7): Group photograph of Regina Collegiate Institute hockey team, including (back row) George Porter; V. Hipwell; Mr. Hector Lang; Mr. Scrimgeour; J. Campbell; J. Balfour; (front row) M. S. Taylor; F. Creswell; G. Wells; W. Hastings; and B. Ramsay. [1911 or 1912]. (2 copies).

(8): Group photograph of members of Regina Collegiate Institute football team. James Stevenson Balfour is standing in the back row, third from the right. Image taken by Rossie, Regina. [ca. 1914].

(9): Group photograph of members of Regina Collegiate Institute 1912-13 hockey team. Top row: R. Weir; P. Traub; W. Hastings; G. Porter; J. Sheppard; G. Robinson; and W. Scrimgeour. Second Row: C. Darke; H. Longworthy; Hector Lang; G. Wells; B. Ramsay. Third row: A. Brown; J. Balfour (captain); and C. Tanner. (3 copies)

(10): Group photograph of players and staff of Regina Collegiate Institute senior hockey team, winners of the City League and holders of the England Cup. Image taken by Rossie, Regina. [1910 or 1911].

(11): Group photograph of Regina Collegiate Institute junior hockey team. James Stevenson Balfour is standing in the back row, second from the left. Hector Lang, teacher, is seated in the chair in the middle row. Image taken by Rossie, Regina. [1910 or 1911].

(12): Composite photograph of University of Saskatchewan, College of Arts and Science, Inter Faculty Hockey Champions, 1914-15. Individuals identified as follows: A. S. Bell; J. S. Balfour; A. G. Adamson; G. F. Porter; Dr. R. D. MacLaurin, donor of cup; R. J. Haney, manager; R. J. Fyfe; D. J. Mitchell; and W. Janzen.

(13): Composite photograph of University of Saskatchewan Rugby Team, Champions of Northern Saskatchewan. Image taken by J. McCarthy Photo, Saskatoon, 1914. Individuals identified as follows: R. L. Shannon; P. G. Makaroff; J. S. Balfour; A. M. Walker; C. F. Porter; W. E. Walker; R. J. Haney; R. S. Turriff; A. G. Adamson; J. C. Scott; W. B. Thompson; J. D. Mitchell; F. J. Freer; R. J. Fyfe; A. L. Silverson; A. S. Bell; and A. L. Silverson. (2 copies).

Regina Rifle Regiment

  • R-647
  • Documento
  • 1907-1975

Personnel records, instructional materials, general administrative files, posters, clippings, war diaries and historical records, routine orders and miscellaneous documents; photographs; and trench maps. See file V.3 for a list of Saskatchewan casualties.

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