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Pear Grow Seeding

Host Gordon Bacon [Gordon Foth?] interviews Dr. Fernando Selles of the Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre (SPARC) in Swift Current, Saskatchewan about new pear grow seeding systems research for Farming Today.

[Fertilizer use and winter cereals segments]

Host Gordon Bacon interviews 1) Dr. Fernando Selles about fertilizer use and micronutrient requirements for crops; and 2) Dr. Grant McLeod about winter cereals, including weed control and fertilizer use. Both interviews take place at the Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre (SPARC) and are for Farming Today.

This cassette includes a log sheet.

[Crop rotation, winterkill, wind study and nitrogen fixation segments]

Four segments for Farming Today: Gordon Foth interviews 1) Dr. Bob Zettner about crop rotation; 2) Dr. Grant MacLeod about winterkill of fall rye; host Gordon Bacon interviews 3) Dr. Doug Cambell about a verticl axis wind turbine and 4) Dr. Bix Bidereck about nitrogen fixation in legumes.

More Nitrogen Fixation

Gordon Foth interviews Dr. Wendal Rice, a microbiologist from the Beaver Lodge Research Station in Alberta about legume inoculations and nitrogen fixation for Farming Today.

Wheat Breeding

Gordon Foth interviewing Dr. Fred Smith of Winnipeg Research Station about wheat breeding for Farming Today.

[Old harvest, durum wheat breeding, World Food Day, barrier strip use, rye breeding, spraying equipment safety and tree shelter belt segments]

Seven segments for Farming Today. Gordon Foth interviewing:
1) Peter Meyer and Jacob Jenssen (?) regarding an old time harvest;
2) Dr. John Clark about durum wheat and durum wheat breeding;
3) Dr. Myriam Fernandez and Captain Bob Ford regarding World Food Day;
4) Ben Dyck regarding the winter use of barrier strips;
5) Dr. Grant MacLeod regarding rye breeding research;
6) unknown subjects regarding spraying equipment safety and
7) tree shelter belts.

[Weather data collection, design lab, alfalfa, crearals, wild rye and alternative crop segments]

Six segments for Farming Today. Gordon Foth interviewing:
1) and 2) Doug Judisch regarding weather data collection;
3) Mark Stumburg reagding the mechanical design lab at SPARC ( Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre);
4) Les Borson, Paul Getterson and Andy Perrault regarding alfalfa choice;
5) Dr. Grant MacLeod and Barry Campbell regarding wild rye;
6) G. Parker abnd John Ward regarding alternative crops.

[weather, rye, equipment, wheat, seeding, and alternative crop segments]

Seven segments for Farming Today. Gordon Foth interviewing individuals :
1) regarding bad weather problems.
2) Andrew Kylie.
3) Dr. Grant MacLeod regarding rye research.
4) new auomated drafting software in the design lab at the SPARC.
5) Ron Depan regardign prairie spring wheat.
6) Moose Jaw direct seeding say; and
7) John Waddington regarding alternative crops.

New wheat variety

Gordon Foth interviewing Dr. Fred Smith reagarding new varieties of wheat for Farming Today.

[Forage, irrigation, watershed and hay segments]

Six segments for Farming Today:
1) Host John Waddington interviewing Dr. Paul Jefferson about the winter hardiness of alfalfa.
2) Host Les Bohrson interviewing Morris and Linda Metke of Treasure Valley Farms about drip irrigation and fruit orchards in Sasaktchewan.
3) Gordon Foth interviewing Dr. Brian McConkey about watershed management.
4) Gordon Foth interviewing Dr. Myriam Fernandez regarding disease control in cereal crops.
5) Host Bob Springer interviewing Jim Graham about farm feed and hay testing.
6) Host Les Bohrson interviewing Vince and Gerald Bolton (?) and Bord Hazen (?) about snow water management.

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