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Items are images showing:
(1) Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington, Virginia;
(2)-(3) Queen Victoria monument in London, England;
(4) Washington monument in Washington, D.C.;
(5) Samuel de Champlain's monument in Quebec City.

Carson family

Images relating mainly to members of the Carson family of Estlin, Saskatchewan as follows:

1) Edward Thomas Carson and Kathleen Josephine Keogh on their wedding day, March 27, 1943, in Narbon Road, Hove, England. Edward Carson is wearing a military uniform.

2) A man and woman standing in front of a house at 1817 Robinson Street in Regina, Saskatchewan. The man and woman were friends of the Carson family.

3)Group of unidentified men standing outside with barn and automobile in background near Estlin.

4) Mrs. Dynka, Edward Carson, and Eileen Carson standing in front of a doorway. January 1946.

5) Edward Carson and Eileen Carson sitting on chairs outside with a dog on the table between them at the family home near Estlin. 1933.

6)Edward Carson and Eileen Carson standing outside in Estlin with a grain elevator in the background.

7) Edward Carson standing with his father, Isaac Carson, in Estlin, 1938 or 1939.

8) Family friends, Sally and Ike [surname not provided].

9) Edward Carson seated in front of Estlin General Store holding two kittens. 1930.

10) Edward Carson and his step-brother, Harry Sutton, standing on the railway tracks with grain elevators and the Estlin railway station in the background. [1920 or after].

11) Three unidentified men standing in front of an automobile.

12) Unidentified man and woman standing in front of a bush. 1937.

13) Edward Carson standing with his parents, Alice Maud Carson and Isaac Carson, in front of the Post Office sign in Estlin. Isaac Carson served as postmaster of Estlin for approximately 20 years (1920s to 1940s). 1939.

14) -(15) Grain elevator on fire in Estlin, likely on July 22, 1920, with railway station in foreground.

16) Canadian National train plowing snow.

17) Mr. and Mrs. Dynka, Edward Carson, and a woman named Irene [surname unknown] standing in front of a doorway. January 1946.

18)-(19) Unidentified bride and groom and members of the wedding party standing in front of the doors of a church.

20)-(21)Edward Carson standing with other individuals on the steps of a building. Possibly members of a choir. 1938.

22) Edward Carson in military uniform standing in front of a building holding a dog in his arms. ca. 1941.

23)-(24) Members of a wedding party. 1940.

25) Alice Maud Carson sitting outside in front of a bush with a house in the background.

26) Alice Maud Carson standing with her son, Edward Carson, in front of a building. ca. 1939.

27) Isaac Carson with Joan and Sally [surnames unknown] in Brighton, July 1953.

28) Reproduction of panoramic photograph of the members of the Canadian Postal Corps during World War II. Edward Thomas Carson is standing in the top row, 6th from left. Photographer based in Pirbright, Surrey, England, where there was a military base. [1941 or later].

Cities and towns

Images of cities and towns in Canada, the United States of America, England and China.

Stores - Retail

Items are images of stores in Saskatchewan, Alberta, England and the United States of America.


Items are images of various animals, including a lizard, sea lions, ducks, swans, cattle (cows), a butterfly, a yellow-headed blackbird, a hawk, water buffalo, horses, snow geese and black geese.

Universities and Colleges

Images of: the Janss Steps located on the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus; buildings and barns on the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon; the Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute at Outlook; Sir William's College in England; a college in Beijing, China with a statue of Mao Tse-tung (1893-1976); and the Bread Loaf campus at Middlebury College in Vermont.

[Photograph Album]

Album contains images of: various members of the Clay and Shumiatcher families (such as Archibald Franklin Clay; Rose Jeanne Clay; Pierre Clay; Morris Cyril Shumiatcher; Jacqueline Shumiatcher; Luba Shumiatcher; Abraham Isaac Shumiatcher; Minuetta Shumiatcher [later Minuetta Kessler]); the wedding of Jacqui Clay and Morris Shumiatcher in Toronto, Ontario on April 18, 1955; Morris Shumiatcher and seven unidentified men running in the Molson Marathon from Regina, Saskatchewan to Lumsden on September 19, 1970 (51); Morris and Jacqui Shumiatcher's vacations in Hawaii, the Bahamas, Japan and England; the Shumiatcher's pet dogs; various friends and colleagues; and the Shumiatchers in their home at 2520 College Avenue, Regina.

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