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Swift Current district Inglês
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Swift Current creek valley

  • R-B5208
  • Item
  • 1962

A scene in the Swift Current creek valley north-east of the city of Swift Current.

Murray Smith 3

Interview with Murray Smith, a farmer and director of the Pioneer Credit Union in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

[Weather data collection, design lab, alfalfa, crearals, wild rye and alternative crop segments]

Six segments for Farming Today. Gordon Foth interviewing:
1) and 2) Doug Judisch regarding weather data collection;
3) Mark Stumburg reagding the mechanical design lab at SPARC ( Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre);
4) Les Borson, Paul Getterson and Andy Perrault regarding alfalfa choice;
5) Dr. Grant MacLeod and Barry Campbell regarding wild rye;
6) G. Parker abnd John Ward regarding alternative crops.

New wheat variety

Gordon Foth interviewing Dr. Fred Smith reagarding new varieties of wheat for Farming Today.

[grazing, seed, drought and alfalfa segments]

Seven clips from Farming Today, the first six are hosted by Gordon Parker.

  1. Conway ranch with Dr. Neil Holt researching complentary grazing
  2. Agricultural inspection [duplicate of MI 275]
  3. Cereal program with Dr. Grant McLeod
  4. Drought research with Dr. John Clark
  5. Heinrich variety of alfalfa with Dr. Paul Jefferson
  6. Alfalfa and nitrogen fixing with John Leishen [duplicate of MI 275]
  7. Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association "SOS program" with Pat Flaten and a different interviewer [Gord Bacon?]

F 106 Wildlife

Includes two Hinterland "Who's Who" selections as well as many shots of Canadian wildlife, including birds and mammals. It starts with a minute of bars and black. There is a clippings list available with the tape.

F 30 Ag B-Roll

Video features agriculture-related clips, including harrowing, seeding, irrigation, a canola crop, Duncairn Irrigation Reservoir, combining, and other activities and landscapes. There is a clippings list on the outside of the cassette case.

F 72 [Horses]

Clips of a horse and sleigh in winter, a horse and stage coach in the summer, and bronco busting with a horse with a visibly broken leg. Clippings list available.

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